Cards of the Week Aug 14 – 21, 2016

Crystal Ball

Card of the Week: The Libido

Psy Cards: The Tree, The Warrior and The Home

Cat’s Eye Tarot: Five of Cups, King of Swords, Four of Wands

Runes: Ehwaz, Raido, Elhaz

Card of the Week – The Libido


This card can actually be a rather wonderful card for the Card of the Week, like all cards Libido can have its downsides; but over all it suggests that while this week will still be more emotionally driven than is good for it; still we are moving away from the raging and angry emotions of The Beast to the more pleasurable although still fiery passions of sexuality and life force creation.

In a week full of Libido energy, expect news stories about sex in all forms from celebrity gossip and political scandals; to medical studies about sperm counts and of course genetics (including bio engineering and other reproductive or genetic technologies).

The other thing about the Libido card is that it also suggests a time period when there may be a lot of “Display Combat” aka Warfare (real or symbolic) that is mostly for show; the Peacock males strut about and display for the Peahen offstage whom we can’t see.

All is well as long as it all stays within the rules of the ritual combat for the right to procreate but hidden in the grass is a threat that none of the birds can see.  That is a snake in the grass that could jump in the middle of the mating battle and simply kill one or all three birds (including the pea hen herself) if the snake chooses to do so.

In this context this card also suggests a week when the attempts at distraction and distracting the public and/or other groups from seeing something that could be sneaking up on them; or poses a danger, are going to be going into over-drive.

Given the nature of the Libido Card, it is likely that some of this distraction will be provided in varies stories, memes, ideas and situations that either involve sex directly or indirectly imply it.

This also fits in with the End of Summer “Silly Season” in terms of the news cycle which makes it even easier to play up the “fluff” and hammer down on the stuff that sounds impo9rtant (and it may be important but still a distraction).

However, over-all for individuals and families the Libido Card is primarily a great energy to have as the over-all one; as it focuses on fun, pleasure, creativity, regeneration, color, beauty and the natural world.

Psy Cards

The Tree, The Warrior and The Home


I am taking all three of the Psycards reading them together this week because they fit together perfectly as a group and I think their combined meaning is the real message for this week.

The Tree Card is about putting down roots, or getting “to the root” of a matter and/or situation; while the Warrior Card is about defensive warrior energies.  The Home is about the physical or spiritual place we make our homes or our homeland itself.

So the positive reading of these three cards is pretty much that this week there will be a focus on the Defense of the Home and the Roots of our Trees – again I think in both physical and symbolic ways.

Look for a certain amount of “US FIRST, then THEM” energy when it comes to international and personal relations.

Some of this is going to be a positive taking care of yourself/your family/your nation; but some of this energy is likely to turn negative as well.

The Warrior who protects can also become the warrior who destroys or is over-defensive; that is very easy to do when we are defending that most basic of human needs, which is a home or home base.

I think their is a high potential this week to see both the positive aspects of defending the Tree of Life/Existence/Regeneration/Growth etc; especially in terms of science and discovery.

But I’m also feeling a strong pull towards a certain amount of social, political and potentially even battlefield type responses to the darker side of this energy that gets out of hand.

I keep hearing “beware of good intentions…”

I am not sure exactly what it means but I’m posting it anyway, just passing it on and if it applies heed the advice; which again is much easier for individuals to do than to try to convince a crowd, tribe or nation to do.

The Cat’s Eye Tarot

Five of Cups

Five of Cups

This card is one of the reasons I speculated above that some of the Tree/Warrior/Home energy this week is likely to be negative sort.

The Keywords for this card are: Loss, Bereavement, Regret which suggests a week when there is likely to be some fairly bad news; these may be caused by either natural or man made situations and sometimes they may be difficult to sort out even their direct cause.

The hint that some of the issues this week may have a murky origin (at least to those who experience them) is the Mother Cat on the Card.  She is in deep grief because a human women has just come and taken her kittens away.

She has no idea if the kittens are going to a new home, as spectators we can hope that they are; but it doesn’t matter to the feral Mother Cat.  She has LOST her babies forever and is in great emotional turmoil over it.

Now in the cat world, in reality such a situation would result in the Libido Card (yep our energy of the week) taking over and sending her back into heat in an attempt to replace the lost babies.

In a couple of months, the Momma Cat will once again have kittens and her life seem to be back in balance for her; so her time of sorrow does eventually come back to a time of joy.

But there is no way for her to escape the sorry she feels for the moment, the message is to work through grief but not to allow it shipwreck you either.

King of Swords

King of Swords

Like last week, Our Sword card provides a much needed dash of common sense, straight thinking and mental resources to balance out the heavy weight of the emotional cards.

Last week it was The Beast that needed taming with a few licks of good sense; this week it is the mega-powerful and not-to-be-underestimated power of Sex, Lust, Creativity and Procreation that needs some careful handling.

The King Tom Cat of Swords isn’t just bright, he’s a paragon of Intellectual Wisdom, he’s analytical, articulate and above all he is ETHICAL.

To be blunt, he is the total opposite of the majority of the Current Events energy that has been floating around out there for the last month or so; especially in the election cycle of the United States but not limited to it.

This card suggest that People/Tribes/Nations this week are going to face situations this week that require “ETHICAL JUDGMENT.”

This situations and/or large situation will DEMAND the use of the mind as well as a direct emotional response; if the proper energies of the Kind of Swords are not allowed to hold sway then The Sorrow of the Five of Cups is likely to play out to the full.

My hunch is that something is going to happen anyway that first establishes the Five of Cups energy – it could be a natural or man-made disaster; probably man made or man effected.  It will cause some grief and sorrow all by itself but it is the RESPONSE to the original situation that determines if the result is Yet More Pain or:

The Four of Wands (Celebration, Freedom, Excitement)

Four of Wands

This card (along with an upcoming rune) give me hope that while something in the world may reach a crises point this week – there is a huge potential of energy out there pushing things away from the brink and at least a temporary truce in terms of the more destructive aspects of the energy.

This card is all about young cats, daring to leave their yard for the first time, finding joy in play and new experiences.

They have joy in the moment, and also realize they share a bond; this card can be about a new friendship or cementing an existing one.

My hunch again is that if the forces of reason are able to prevail over the next week to ten days (in the face of even dire provocations to react emotionally) then there is the potential for a new, unexpected or renewed international alliance of some sort.

Long lasting or not is hard to say; the attention span of young cats is always debatable but serious confrontation CAN be avoided IF the King of Swords energy for sane and critical thinking comes into play.

Finally the Runes


Our runes this week are ehwaz (horses), radio (riding) and algiz/elhaz (Moose/North American Elk)

We saw ehwaz last week and I think that same energy of unequal partnerships is strongly at play this week.  Ehwaz is about teams that work together but also about teams that may be directed or led by others; such as a team of horses drawing a cart and directed by the driver.

This rune can be a very positive rune for putting a project together and making it work, but in a Current Events reading I think this week it suggests that some of the issues affecting the Home/Tree/Warrior and even Libido (sex/procreation/creation) energy is being affected by Unequal Partnerships and issues of POWER Over/POWER under.

Those issues may even involve real time Power Grids or at least communications because the next rune is RIDING. 

First of all this is about RIDING A Horse so you have the rune of horse and rider/human guides horse (ehwaz) followed by the rune of The Rider or To Ride.

While this rune is often seen as physical, mental or spiritual travel; it is also about communications and our modern word radio comes from the same root word.

It is highly likely that some of the really messy this week has for that five of cups sorrowful even may occur partly due to either miss communications and/or something involving travel (people traveling or things traveling) or related topics like shipping, NASA, or even e-mail/mobile communications (and yep that includes e-mails).

In fact further horrors or the unexpected information coming out from all those hacked e-mails that seem to be jumping out of the woodwork would indeed fit the bill in terms of a lot of this week’s energy – again I don’t think it is the only way it will work out but it is a highly likely source.

The final rune is one of the most complex of the Elder Furthark and provides both a good deal of comfort as well as another warning if it is ignored.

The over-all runestave itself is about the Power and Protection of one of the largest land animals most people ever saw in their life times during the Viking Age; that would be the Elk or the Moose when found in North America.

These huge and impressive animals had few natural predators as health adults, and to this day are a danger simply because they don’t recognize cars as a threat because evolution has told them that they are too big for most threats.

Hence after generations of observations the elk came to be seen as a source of strength, power and protection.

So in that sense, the over-all power of this rune combines with the King of Swords energy for the more likely out come of this week to be walking passed the knife’s edge, using reason, strength and protection to get past an otherwise dangerous time period.

However, (and yeah sadly there is a however here) while the Elk/Moose is one of the most protective signs in the runes; it also has the potential to go wild and get out of hand if either spooked or threatened.

Once a heard of elk/moose panic and start running, they will stampede and absolutely nothing is going to stop them until they decide to stop and/or the run off a cliff.

That potential is also here in this reading; once again the cards and runes are worst when it comes to predicting time and because we keep seeing this repeated pattern of “something” building up and needing “something” to set it off (or in this case repair the damage/head it off) I think this is an over-all energy pattern for larger time period than just a week.

In fact it has been on-going for at least the month now that I’ve been reading, and will probably continue on for awhile yet.

Still I think this week to ten days WILL have something occur that risks a tipping point, one that hopefully will NOT tip over into something more deadly/sorrowing/grieving than the initial problem but the potential is there that it COULD.

Again, my hunch is there is no escaping whatever the smaller “trigger” event is; the real horror is the potential for something much worse that comes about as a “response” if the energy for clear, just and ETHICAL thinking isn’t employed right away and carries the day.

Thankfully, there is a greater potential for positive outcome this week than negative; but it isn’t totally clear sailing either.

Fortunately as individuals we can put all that positive energy to work for us; if enough people do that there will be even more positive energy out there for those making the larger decisions to draw on.



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