Cards of the Week Aug 8-14, 2016


Card of the week: The Beast

Psycards of the Week: Prison, The Sun, The Stranger

Cat’s Eye Tarot Cards of the Week – Knight of Pentacles, Ace of Swords, The World

Runes of the Week – Ehwaz (horses), Fehu (Cattle/Money), Mannaz (Partnerships)

This week’s reading is slightly late, one way the breaking energies expressed themselves here in Ireland was by having some really crazy, out of the ordinary wide and crazy winds that were closer to the weather we usually see in January than August.

These winds lasted pretty much from Friday until late last night (Sunday evening/Monday morning); all is “blown away” today, so it is now time to look at what the stuck and muddy energies of last week are now morphing into for this week.

Speaking of last week’s reading, a number of readers contacted me about several other prognosticators using various methods who all seem to be “seeing” or “feeling” a really big  and/or explosive event for this month.

Obviously we didn’t have a giant explosion or huge event this past week but the cards are runes are not always accurate when it comes to human time scales – I’ve mentioned that before – so while I can’t say for certain that something large/explosive will happen this month, given the number of people using different methods of divination who have seen this potential, I think everyone should keep it in mind.

Remembering that not all explosions are physical and not all large events are necessarily bad but they are likely to be disruptive.

Well that’s the big potential waiting out there but what about this week…


The Beast is our primary card for this week and that suggests this will not be an easy week nor a quiet one; especially not emotionally.

The Beast Card is all about those deep, dark and powerful inner feelings we all have but that humans generally learn to control (or at least control their expressions of) by the time they reach adulthood.

They include anger, rage, jealousy, desire, lust, hate, emotional overload and extreme emotions of every kind.

When this card appears in a relationship reading for a client, it almost always means that someone in a relationship is very angry, jealous or both.

As the Card of the Week for  an international reading, it suggest that this weekend there is a high chance of emotional explosions, reactions, angry words, beastly behaviors and a whole lot of reacting without thinking on the part of Individuals/Peoples/Tribes/Nations.

While no card is totally bad or totally good; this is not really a card I like to see as the over-all energy for any reading, much less one for the entire world.

Because this energy will be coloring all the rest and affecting everyone to some degree, realize this is a week when it will be extremely important NOT to go with your “gut” emotional reactions but instead take a moment and think before speaking or acting on anything.

The Beast has to acknowledged or he tends to sneak up us and take over anyway, but he also needs to be restrained and handled properly or as a dragon he can get lose and burn anything he touches with his fire.

This doesn’t mean “we’re all gonna die” (most of us didn’t last week and boy did that week have over-all bad energies ) but it does mean this is a week when literally burning bridges are more likely than not; unless steps are taken to seriously avoid them.

The Psycards of the Week are:


The Prison – once again this means a trapped energy, something being held in prison; this can also be about actual prisoners or actual jail time and I think this week there will be some of that in the news.

Look for both things and situations being stuck and actual people ending up in or facing jail – probably because new information or something comes to “light.”


The Sun Card is our next Psy card and it is all about the light shining on situations, as well as the potential for continued hot (perhaps unusually hot) weather.  The Sun card also provides us with some good news in that it is the appropriate card for this Season (in the North) and the card itself shows happy people dancing and a good harvest coming in.

But I think the exposure element of this card will be important this week, as well as a sense of “there is no place to hide” also new and interesting situations and/or people are likely to float to the surface this week.

While last week was very stuck and like “moving through mud” this week has elements of the strange and unusual.


The final Psycard is The Stranger: This card is about a new Person/Energy/Situation coming onto the world stage.  On the good side it could signal a new invention or discovery that changes things in medicine, science or the arts.

On the flip side with all the Prison, Sun and Beast energies acting on it; it could be that something and/or someone who is new, strange or unusual suddenly takes center stage either though the “back door,” or perhaps because some new information that comes to “light” by the sun.

There is also a feeling of the Beast Potential to use “rage” or other uncomfortable emotions to bring this person or situation out into the open.

They/person or this/situation may be part of what is bursting last week’s bubble that gets things really moving again.  If so, it feels like a rather wild ride, again it may or may not be all bad in the long run; but it sure feels disruptive! So hang onto your hats!

So that’s the psycards what do the Kitty Cat’s have to tell us?

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles:

This is a young tom cat utterly focused on hunting and bringing down his prey, he will be a successful barn cat because he takes his job very seriously and he expects nothing to be easy.

Keywords for this card are Unwavering/stubborn/cautious but can also be pessimistic as well as hard working.

I a nut shell this card is about working hard to obtain prosperity but not to be totally obsessive in your attempts to obtain security.

The kitty expects to be in charge and if forced will fight rather than give up his attempts to maintain security, wealth and safety.

For human beings, Pentacle cards are more about human types of wealth such as gold, money, finances, commodities, property, salaries etc; than mice or small birds.  But the message is still pretty much the same.

This is a week when some of the main issues that Beast is likely to affect (and perhaps make people a bit crazy over) is MONEY/WEALTH/FINANCE aka economics and related topics.

Look for people getting very defensive and making emotionally based or even angry/fear/terror driven decisions over both money/wealth and their personal/national security.

Because these choices are influenced by or grow out of the Beast Emotions rather than those of the heart or the head; expect many of these decisions to be rather extreme and ultimately perhaps unwise or at least ultimately unhelpful.

Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords card thankfully is a balancing energy that provides a strong push-back to the Beast Card.

It is what will let some Individuals/Peoples/Tribes/Nations make the RIGHT decisions; this card is about using mental force, Truth, Justice and Fortitude to USE YOUR HEAD.

The write up in the booklet even says “Use Your Head. Do Not Just React!” it is very important this week to think things through and thankfully this energy will be there to assist those who are aware enough to latch on to it and do just that!

I was very-very happy to see this card and it greatly improves the energy – though the message pretty much is – in any field, but especially with anything to do with personal or public finance – THINK before taking action this week!

The World.jpg

Finally we have another really positive card that will also help offset The Beast energy which is The World.

The World is all about things coming together, being involved, integration and accomplishment.

The suggestion here is that IF the Beast energy can be sublimated properly and put back in his cage and if people do manage to think with their heads rather than their inner monsters; then a lot can still get accomplished this week.

Which is fantastic news for individuals because it gives us all a lot of positive, personal and forward leaning energies to balance out the negative tendencies that are flying around out there.

So what of the Runes for this potentially rather wild and unsettled week ahead?

First we have Ehwaz ehwaz2

This rune literally means horses (2 horses together) and while it is about partnerships; it is not always about equal ones.  It is more like the partnership between horse and rider and/or a carriage driver and his team.

Also, this partnership is not always just about people but can be between animals, objects or people and animals/objects etc.

I think this week I’m drawn to the concept of unequal partnerships at play, especially when The Beast card energy collides with this rune.

I get a sense of people/tribes/nations feeling unequal or unhappy with distributions of power or alliances and those could be affected or modified this week.

We  also have the powerful rune Fehu Fehu2

Fehu literally means Cattle or Wealth; my husband has described the entire Ring Cycle as an example of the negative aspects of Fehu “fights over Sex and Money” Fehu is also about fertility and sexuality; the Goddess Freya and the vital forces of life.

Given the context of this reading, while Fehu can be extremely positive (who doesn’t like wealth and properly expressed sexuality) mixed with The Beast energy this has the potential to be really explosive.

Look for Individuals/Peoples/Tribes/Nations (and corporations, political parties, Stock Markets, Banks etc) to make some really emotionally based; probably fearful, angry or even very greedy moves when it comes to economics and finances this week.

While there is always a lot of emotion involved in the stock market and Big Finance/Big Banking/Big Investment/Big Money; this is again week when extreme emotions are likely and most of them will not be the sort that push for rational or even positive outcomes.

I’m not quite feeling a sense of outright “panic” as in “financial panic” but the potential for some of that is there; or at least the growing seeds of something that explodes later.

This is NOT a good week for new investments or big financial decisions if they can be avoided; if as an individual family or business you have to make them latch onto that Ace of Swords positive energy and do things with clear thinking and avoid doing anything while emotionally charged or upset.

Finally we have the Mannaz rune Manaaz2

 This rune is also partnerships but partnerships between Human Beings.  The Rune poem is “Man is the Joy of Man” with man being all genders in Old Norse so really “Human is the Joy of Human.”

A generally positive rune, this is all about human alliances/treaties/partnerships/business/relationships etc.  Anything where two or more people (or human institution) come together to form a bond.

Given the rest of the runes my hunch is this again is partly partnerships (positive and negative) over money/wealth/finance.

It is also about treaties, power sharing and there’s a lot of potential out there for any of these to become either one side (Ehwaz); trapped (Prison Card) or revised/changed (Stranger Card) or face new situations (Stranger Card again).

Some of this is likely to be positive as well as negative; but look for news stories about human relationships; and even international relationships to play more of a role this week rather than natural disasters.

Which does not mean nothing “Earth Based” or “natural” will happen this week; it just means that over-all the news cycle focus is more likely to be more on human caused events than otherwise.

If there are any “natural” disasters or issues they will probably be related to the Sun Card (hot weather, fire, electricity, solar flares etc) with some potential for the Strange and Unexpected to show up (The Stranger Card) from any where (including the natural world, for example an unexpected Earthquake or Volcano going off; Strange Weather etc).


A much better week over-all than last week; but one still to be concerned about because where as we are moving from a stuck energy period to a faster moving one – the over-all energy is that of a raging beast that is hard to control and likely to have people acting in extreme and overly-emotional ways.

Still thankfully there is balancing energy towards using the mind to control the emotional energies if people are willing to take a moment to think and take advantage of it.

Some of the most likely themes this week are likely to be emotional outbursts, disputes over power, new discoveries, partnerships changing, matters of Security or Safety, and disputes/panic/worries over money/finance/economics.

So it may be a bumpy ride this week, but at least things seem to be moving again!


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