Cards of the Week July 31 – 7, 2016


Card of the Week: The Body

Psy Cards of the week:  Never, Prison and No

Cat’s Eye Tarot Cards of the Week: Nine of Wands, Four of Pentacles, Five of Wands

Runes of the Week: Thurisaz (Thorn), Isa (Ice), Radio (riding/travel/communication)

OK before I even start out, I’m going to say that I have seldom seen a reading with so much negative and “stuck” energy for either an individual client or a Current Events Reading like this one.

Like all card and rune readings, this wasn’t isn’t all bad; but it does suggest another difficult week for both individuals and the greater world at large. 

I will now try to break things down and explain them as best I can and speculate on how they may affect things this week – as always if the blog itself is too long for easy reading at work or school – skip down to the summary and save the rest for later.

Card of the Week – The Body


This week’s Card of the Week is from the psy card deck and is sometimes called by my clients “The Creepy Card,” however my husband who is medical school recognizes it for what it is; a picture of a body similar to the sort found in old-fashioned medical text books.

This card can be about health, the human body and/or the material world; it suggest that this week will be a week when health and illness may be in the headlines a good deal (Zika Virus anyone) also things of a physical nature (The Olympics).

Also it suggests that the biggest concerns of this week for people/tribes/nations are going to be in the material and physical world; rather than that of the spiritual or mental realms.

The man in the illustration is also holding up his hands in a gesture usually seen as trying to stop something or saying “no.”  While the card is not in itself negative, it can signify an attempt to block or stall something; this card often comes up in personal reading when a client very much wants to stop a potential situation from occurring in the physical realm (preventing a romantic break up for example).

In a Current Events reading this suggest there will be a strong drive on the part of People/Tribes/Nations to try to block things rather than push things towards going forward – a desire to stop rather than to start.

This energy being the Energy of the Week will affected every situation and everyone in some way but it will also color the other cards are runes in the reading.

It is also why I am declaring this week a week of blocking rather than active energy – there is still the potential for a lot to happen but that “rushed” feeling of the last two weeks may become more of a stagnated or unresolved one during this one.

This becomes more clear as we look at the rest of the cards and runes; as well as some potential sources for the blockage.

Psy Cards of the Week


The Never Card is our first hint of the rather negative and blocking energy that I mentioned in the introduction to this week’s reading.  Without it I wouldn’t have been nearly so focused on the “blocking” energy of the raised hand in the Body card.

When it shows up in a reading this card suggests that either something will “never” happen or is going to take so long to occur that it seems like it will never happen.  It also contains the Raven who is one of Odin’s messengers in traditional Germanic Lore and I often see this card as the message that something is very-very unlikely to occur or that the energy around something is very negative.

It can also signify that the next card will “never” happen; I am not sure that is the case here but I have to mention it because it is possible.  However the rest of the energy of this reading lends itself more to the second psy card energy being active than inactive; so I think it is more likely that the Never Card is more of a statement on the generally negative and blocking energies at play this week.

The Prison Card


This card shows a human shackled and handcuffed in a jail cell, the person is so depressed and trapped they have their back turned to the only light that is coming into the cell via the barred window.

This card usually suggests in a personal reading that a person is stuck or trapped in a situation so bad that it seems hopeless.  Like the Never Card it may not really be hopeless but it feels that way at the time.

In a Current Events reading, in addition to suggesting there will be stories about prisoners, the law, jails and perhaps hostages in the news this week; it also suggests again that something is trapped or stuck. 

It is something that can’t get out, lose or see any way forward; this is not a good energy to have loose in the world especially with the Never Card and the Body Card at play.

There is the potential (and individuals can sure use this in their own lives) to combine the Never Card with the Prison card to make it “NEVER THE PRISON” in other words a refusal to give in to trapped energy.

Nations and other groups (public and private players) can also choose to use this information to refuse to be trapped; but to do so they will have to be aware and willing to take the steps to do so.

Finally we have the third card in the Psy Card trio..

The No Card


This Card is pretty much what it looks like – A big Red Flag that says NO!

It was designed to use in “Yes/No” readings but I always leave it in the deck because it can also work in general readings to suggest that something is not likely or that a negative/blocking energy is present.

This is also why I suspect the Never/Prison combination is not actually the more positive Never will there be Prison; but more likely the more negative energy blocking of the Never/Prison/No energies all taken together.

There is also the potential for “Take No Prisoners” in this reading, which could play out ina  number of ways.

If this is the case, this week will be one of those times when individuals as well as ideas, famous people, corporations, economics, governmental bodies, politicians, health and science discoveries – you name it; whatever it is, is likely to experience a sense of negative, stranded, blocked, trapped and pretty much “no” energy.

That’s the psy cards that tend to read the general energies for a bit more information lets look at the Cat’s Eye Tarot for the most likely areas we will see them manifest..

The Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands

Two cats try to negotiate their territorial rights which are in dispute, a situation that must be resolved if a fight is to be prevented.

Key words for this card are Defensiveness, Perseverance and Stamina – in a reading this card almost always indicates the presence of NEGATIVE ENERGY.

It suggest bracing for another challenge, that being on the defensive may not be such a good idea and that flexibility and respect may be the best way out of the situation.

So my hunch is that part of all this negative situation is likely to express itself in Current Events in disputes of human “territories” both physical (like borders) and non-physical (like ideas, treaties, patents, theories, etc).

All sorts of human “Kingdoms” real (as in National States) and Theoretical (Established Concepts) are likely to be disputed or tested this week.

While the Economic isn’t really a direct part of this reading, my hunch is that the “kingdoms” of finance may also have their realms of influence disputed this week.

Finally in terms of the US elections or other types of political interchange – this is a week when there are likely to be a whole field full of disputes and political “land-minds” to negotiate; sometimes these will be resolved diplomatically but other times a hair-trigger could result in some unpleasant results.

The Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Knowing this card was coming was one reason I mentioned the potential for problems with banking and finance this week as well as the more obvious sorts of blockages and disputes.

This card shows a young female cat who has caught too many mice and she can’t carry them all – she is so worried about losing all of her “wealth” and hanging on to it that she isn’t able to actually make use of the one mouse she already has (and is really all she needs).

The Keywords for this card are Possessiveness, Control and Blocked Change

There we have the blocked energy/blocked change again and that is directly from the booklet description that comes with the cards!

This card is all about grabbing control of as much as a person/tribe/institution/nation etc can get; no matter if it is useful to them or not.

The resulting fears of losing these items and the control over them; makes it impossible for the individual or affected entity to enjoy or even really properly use what they already have.

There is also a hint in this card that REAL security and wealth/fortune comes from basic knowledge and skill rather than material wealth which can be taken away at any time.

This card, when combined with everything else we have seen so far suggests the perfect set up for a week when fights for the Control of Wealth, Material Goods (physical world things) and human Greed may pay a large role.

Again these energies can play out at all levels, so this is not a good week for individuals to make investments or emotional based financial decisions.  If you must enter this realm, as with last week do it from a position of careful mental thought and proper planning.

This weeks emotions are about as negative as I have ever seen, this is not a time to rely on them without clear thinking and common sense used to examine them first.

Finally in these cards we have:

The Five of Wands

Five of Wands

Five little kittens practice their play fighting skills and learn the rule of combat and negotiation they will need to survive when they are grown.

Their play fighting is mostly friendly but is already starting to have an edge to it as seen in the eyes of the two middle kittens who get caught up in the conflict.

The Keywords for this card are: Disagreement, Competition and Confrontation

Taken with all the other cards and energies in their reading so far; it suggests there is a very high likelihood this week for all forms of competition. 

On the positive side this can be expressed in terms of sports like the Olympic games but honestly I am being more drawn (because of all the other energies) towards the potentials of actual confrontation that might even lead to combat/war/battles.

There is a huge potential for these to be in the real or physical world with the body card being the over-all energy for the week; human Bodies are also likely to be affected.

Again this feels most likely to be about human physical conflict; but it can also be about conflicting ideas or a situation of conflict over public health or disease.

It is a time when if negotiations over “territory” fails; then actual combat or conflict has a good change of actually threatening or breaking out.

That is true of both real-world physical conflicts that involve fighting among human beings and it also a potential in the world of ideas, concepts or world views.

In the US I think this will be a week when there is a chance for even greater polarization in politics or even just groups of people than already exists; I also feel a really strong hint that something in the world of science or medicine may also be disrupted by some sort of dispute that is likely to end up in the headlines.

However, this energy of conflict is modified somewhat by the over-all negative and blocking energy which in this case could be a GOOD THING.

Remember no energies on its own is totally negative and that includes No and Never (or even Prison).

In this case even if there is a lot of energy trying to break out into conflict the other energies may ensure that for this week at least; it is more likely to stay at an impasse rather than an explosion.

The runes also hold a clue here, so lets look at them before we wrap things up


Regular readers will recognize this rune because it has shown up once already this past month and here it is again.

To review this rune means Thorn, Prick or sometimes Torch; it suggest that something is about to be “pricked” into happening.

Think of a balloon encountering a pin and you’ve got a pretty good idea of the energy in this rune; such a blow up can bring chaos or move things along that need to go forward – again neither bad or good, but a good kick to get things started either way.

Taken with all the other energies; this suggests that countering the stuck/prison/no energy will be a powerful undercurrent of energies working towards blowing the blockage wide open with a sudden blast of energy, force or change.

It may or may not happen quickly but as always the energies don’t like to stay at any extreme very long; so the energies to block are going to be shattered at some point.

And we see this reflected in the runes (which in some ways mirror the cards) in that our next rune is

Isa which means Ice/frozen/trapped; in other words we are right back to almost the same energy as the Prison card.  Only this time instead of just modified by Never and No energies; we have the Thorn rune hitting and shattering the Ice.

This is why I think that while the majority of the week’s energies, especially in the first part of the week are likely to seem dark, negative, trapped and unable to move; that at some point (probably near the end of the week) the ice will crack open and the energy start rushing forward again.

That’s because our last rune is:


Raido literally means “Riding” think of a horse and riding galloping across the landscape and you get the mood of this “whooshing” energy.

It is almost the exact opposite of Isa and is as moving as Isa is stuck.

This rune can also be about travel in general and communications (it is related to our English word for radio).

So it is entirely possible that one aspect of this week (though not the main focus I don’t think) will be disruptions of “freezing” of travel; perhaps caused by problems with communications (breakdowns of computers, radar or bad news).

On the other side though, taken as the last rune in the reading; it suggests that after a week of mostly stuck and stagnant energies; that something happens to break the ice and a big situation (or situations) suddenly rushes forward.

Again this can affect everything but I will be keeping my eyes on both the worlds of finance and the situation in Turkey; terrorist related activity is also possible and I’ve already mentioned the tendency towards further polarization in the US.

A banking “freeze” is not beyond the pale with this reading; nor is something “going hot” in the world due to a failure of diplomacy. 


A week with a greater than usual share of negative, dark and stuck energies that is likely to color everyone’s view of the week, especially for the first five days or so.

In Current Events terms, a week when a lot of things may seem stuck or stagnated; greed and control may make attempts at serious negotiations difficult and a time when disputes over territory and resources are highly likely.

Towards the end of the week there may be a sudden or even rather dramatic energy shift away from the stuck and frozen energy when something suddenly is revealed, occurs or changes; that results in a sudden breaking of the ice and creating a rushing forward of fast-moving energy.

That energy could affect actual physical travel and communications; or it could simply mean that events suddenly break out and start moving very quickly.

This is one of those rare weeks that involves both passive (in this case stuck/frozen) energy and active (rushing, active, moving) energy during the same time period.

The last two weeks have been highly active energy wise so it makes prefect sense that things would swing back to being a bit quieter or stuck for a while.  But it is unusual for things to snap back like a rubber band quite so quickly to active energies.

The week as a whole may seem like it goes on forever towards the start and then seem to end in the blink of an eye.

As always remember that as an individual you can use even the “negative” energies in a reading like this to your positive benefit.

No, negative periods are simply times when it is better not to strike out with new ideas but concentrate on the familiar; remember to enjoy the bounty you already have rather than trying to reach out to grab too much (especially this week); use the diplomacy and the playful competition in the Kitty Cards towards resolving conflicts and sports rather than disputes and arguing. 

Enjoy the slower pace at the start of the week by spending time focused on quiet things you enjoy and see it as the potential calm before things get hectic again.

That’s it for this week, everyone take care and if anything really intense comes up I will try to do a quickie reading later in the week.

Meanwhile I will be cooing over our newest family members born today to Pishi the teenage rescue kitty.

No matter what the rest of the week brings, here there are kittens!

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