Cards of the Week July 24-31, 2016

Popprunecat4Card of the Week:  Death

Psy Cards: Death, The Sun

Cat’s Eye Tarot:  The Hermit, Seven of Pentacles, Strength

Runes: Gebo, Othala, Eiwaz

Well, we made it through last week; and the energies for “The Father,” “Pride” and “Homeland” all played out pretty obviously both in the US and aboard in places like Turkey and Germany. 

Sadly, a lot of those manifestations were negative, but not all of them. All cards or runes and the energies they represent have the potential for dark or light aspects; it is just that in current events readings, especially during difficult times, it is often easier to spot the negative than the positive.  The exact opposite is, thankfully, often true in personal readings. 

So what about this week’s cards and runes?  Well first off, I have to say that I once again see an overall pattern that is likely to make for another rather dramatic week; a week of final endings and potential new situations; a week where many issues may be in the spotlight; where money and fortunes are on the table; and once again “The Homeland” is a major theme. 

But before going any further, let’s look at each of the card and rune sets as individuals and then bring them together for the Summary at the end.  If you’re in a hurry, you can just skip to the Summary at the bottom of the article; everyone else, just keep on reading.


The Card of the Week is DEATH

The Death Card doesn’t always mean physical death, though in a Current Events reading that is much more likely than in a reading for an individual.

Most often the Death Card means the sudden, permanent and radical change or death of Something or Someone.

That can be the ending of a person/household/corporation/nation/idea/situation etc…

Pretty much this is a week when there may be the final act of a lot of things: the potential for actual physical deaths of people and/or situations; and a lot of radical change is going to be in the air. 

There is also a concept of rebirth in this card, especially in this deck, suggesting that what ends is either reborn or replaced with something new.  No matter how upsetting or uprooting the Death Card energy may be in the short term, the positive side is that old things often need to make way in order for new concepts, and thus ideas or situations are able to be conceived and born. 

Another positive aspect of this rebirth energy is that sometimes a situation/idea/person/nation/symbol etc may appear to be “dead” but actually is reborn in a new way.

However, because – as we will see – this card repeats twice in this week’s reading, I think this will be a week when the concepts of radical change and sudden (often surprise) endings as well as physical deaths of individuals/groups of people/animals/corporations/ideas/etc. is likely to be a strong theme.

The Card of the Week always is the prevailing energy and acts on all the other energies to color them to a degree; so think of the next cards and runes in the context of the potentials they have for both sudden endings or transformations, and their meanings will be clearer.

OK, let’s move on to the Psy Cards – even though I used a Psy Card this week for Card of the Week (I plan on switching decks around for it) I put it back in the deck for doing the Psy Cards so they would all be there.  Now I used a brand new deck, never used before for this reading, so there is no way the cards were “stuck” (either physically bent or with certain energies).

DeathIn a very unusual but always potential outcome the very first psycard is also the Death Card again – all of the energies I mentioned above, only magnified.

Basically the reading is telling us the serious and most important energy of this week is that DEATH/ENDING/TRANSFORMATION/MASSIVE CHANGE/FINAL ENDINGS energy.

This will once again be a week of very active energies but some of the situations/people/tribes/nations/etc. affected may come to a sudden halt, sudden change, or radical transformation almost overnight.

This Death-Death energy is not a cause for panic but it should be one for concern and being watchful. This is also a week to be prepared for anything to change on a dime both in the personal and the current events, political, or even geological realms.


Now the second Psy Card is The Sun and this gives us some relief from the dark and gloom of the death card.  Instead of the only color being the red flowers of mourning; the sun shows what is growing in the fields and happy people dancing around the May Pole; and in this deck represents a strong, masculine, and brighter energy.

So in this card we have some balance to our “Double D” Death duo of the Card of the Week and the first Psy Card.

The Sun suggests there will be some wildly positive active energies that may help “light” the way even in the midst of some of the potentially dramatic changes that take place.  The entire world is not going to be shoved into darkness, there will be points of joy and celebration and there will be chances for many people to enjoy themselves and the Season (if they live North of the Equator).

The Months of late Summer are also indicated on this card, and so could provide a time marker of sorts for some of the other energies in this reading.

I’ve mentioned before that even though I’m reading for a specific day/week/month/year etc the energies don’t quite work on human time scales and may bleed over a bit into the time period before and the time period after.

That’s one reason I try to both end and begin on the same day of the week (Sunday) because the energies are likely to be a bit mixed during that time period.

Anyway, I have a strong sense that this card is partly a time marker not just for this week but for the month of August as well.

Overall, this card also suggests that many things may “come to light” this week and have the sun shine on them; expect more exposure of previously hidden material or the recognition of older material to be seen in a new light.

There is a potential here for changes and discoveries that are “game changes” and that can be extremely positive if it is an advance in science, technology, medicine, or even politics.

So the radical change and things having the “Sun Shine” on them isn’t all negative, but be prepared for a bit of dust to show up and the need for some house cleaning to be revealed just in case.

I’ll have a bit more to say about this in the summary because these two cards also interplay with the runestaves. But before we get there, let’s look at the Cat’s Eye Tarot.

The Hermit

Our first Cat’s Eye Card is the Hermit, which is an old street cat waiting to meet his human friend who feeds him in the back alley each night.  This cat walks by himself for the most part, but he also will share his wisdom and experience with those he chooses.

In a personal reading he may signify a teacher or mentor who guides a person into greater knowledge. It can also signify that the client has a need for some deeper meaning in his or her life than what they are experiencing in the day to day world.

Finally it can also suggest the person themselves is becoming a leader, mentor, or adviser; though not always of the public sort.

In this current events reading, it suggests that in spite of all the Death/Radical Change/Harvest energies now, there is also a strong undercurrent of energies for guidance, mentoring, and understanding what really is underneath it all for those willing to take the effort to look for them.

This will likely involve being willing to look beyond the news that will keep coming fast and furious this week to the deeper and more uncharted waters underneath.

Take time to feed the cats, smell the roses, play with the kids, walk in the woods, and take time for meditation, reading, and music.

For world leaders and others who actively make “big decisions”, it would be wise to look at situations in depth rather than simply reacting to what is happening on the surface if they really want to understand what is happening and guide things in a positive direction.

Seven of Pentacles

This is a young tabby cat deciding if is wise to reenter the house after a day spent outside. He knows the nice lady will usually feed him, but he is still wild at heart enough to be wary about such expectations.  Will he have to give something up in order to be a pet cat, and if he does, will it be worth it?

This card is also about stepping back, thinking about a situation, and looking at the progress made so far. Is it time to establish if a situation or goal is going the way it was expected to, or is it time to change course in light of careful reexamination?

This card suggests that this week is a time in Current Events when issues may reach a crossroads (or tipping point) where decisions have to made in order to go forward.

Careful consideration should be given before making those choices based on the success or failure of the steps/situation taken so far.

If change is needed, this week of transformation is the time to initiate it, but to actually work it needs reflection and consideration of the options. Rushing into things and using emotions rather than thought, may not produce the best outcome.


A young kitten greets his friend the giant dog. There is no fear and the two animals understand and enjoy each other’s company.

Keywords for this card are Strength, Patience, Compassion, and Soft Control; this card is all about using gentler means of persuasion to achieve a goal or victory, rather than the use of brute force or blunt instruments.

It suggests for Current Events that this week’s goals are more likely to be achieved by being patient and working via careful diplomacy, rather than a take-charge and more aggressive attitude.

This goes along very well with the other two Cat’s Eye Cards and suggest that the understanding of the deeper currents of a situation, combined with the use of careful thought and concentration, will have greater traction this week than hands-on confrontation.

It will also be important for those involved in confrontations not to show fear either; rather simply act in a respectful and indirect manner to achieve a desired goal this week.

There are times to be direct and times to be indirect. This week the energy is more likely to reward the indirect, both in our personal lives and in that of the greater world.

So that is the cards, let’s finish up with the runestaves and a quick summary.


Our last three items to read are the runes:

Gebo (marriage/Partnership)

Othala (Homeland/ancestors/communication)

Eihwaz (Yew Tree)

Together they strengthen the harvest/cycles/death and rebirth theme seen in the earlier cards at the start of the reading.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time of “The First Harvest” when the first grain is cut. While the living plant dies, it is reborn as edible grain or even ale, as seen in the traditional song John Barleycorn.

The marriage runestave (also means gift) taken with the Othala rune can be read as “The Gift of the Land” or the Good Harvest.

Last week’s final rune was also the “harvest rune” or the Summer/ Winter rune Jera; so that harvest or Death/Birth energy continues on into this week.

Eihwaz is the Yew Tree which is often planted in graveyards and can also sometimes have an energy similar to the Death Card in terms of change and transformation. But it is also about the ancestors and the connection between our world and the other worlds.

Coming together with Gebo and Othala, it can be read that the “Gifts of the ancestors will/can manifest in the homeland” or be “communicated.”

So in the midst of all the chaos of this past week and some potentially spilling over into this week, we have the promise of a very strong undercurrent of the wisdom and gifts of the ancestors being available to those who seek them out and wait patiently for them.

In many ways, even with the “Death-Death” energies that start out this reading; the overall sense of guidance and potential for positive change if wisdom is heeded make this a much more positive week in terms of POTENTIAL energies then the last one.

I’m going to leave everyone with a recording of an old folksong about John Barleycorn to use as a focus and to get us all in a good harvest mood to start things out.

Opps, can’t post video but click on this link – this is a really great version but being a folk song it has many variations

Have a great week and remember, ending times are also beginning times!

Fire Festival Circle crop fade

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