Cards for the Week – July 17 -24, 2016

Basic cards and runes for July 17-24, 2016

Card of the Week: Father

Psy Cards of the Week: Never and Tree

Cat’s Eye Tarot of the week: The Hanged Cat and the Six of Wands

Runes of the week Thurisaz (Thorn), Othalla(Homeland) Jera (Harvest)


Welcome to the first post in our new series “Cards for the Week” which I’ll be doing for a while with occasional “Card of the Day” updates during particularly difficult times.

Doing the cards once a week will give everyone and overview and still allow for more frequent check ups when needed; also it will allow me to some blog posts on other topics once or twice a week as well.

So after a really really crazy last couple of weeks, how do next week’s cards and runes look?

I’m going to do things a bit differently for a while as an experiment and first I am going to pick a: Card of the Week.

The Card of the Week sets the general tone and energy for the week, pretty much for everything, everywhere.  All the other cards and runes will somehow be affected by it but not always in the same way each time.

I want to give this a few weeks and see how it works, things can always be changed again later.

So what is this week’s, Card of the Week?


This week’s Card is The Father – this card makes perfect sense in the light of this coming week’s known events and some of the spill over from last week.

The Father Card is about actual fathers, authority figures, masculine energy, power, instruction, direction and leadership.

The Card shows a man teaching his son to shoot a bow an arrow and showing him the direction to shoot; when positive this card is all about mentoring, teaching and providing for the future.

When the energy is negative it can be all about despotism, misuse of authority, miss-direction or even incitement to violence.

Right now the US, the West and even the Middle East are having all sorts of authority and father issues this week.  From the failed military take over in Turkey where the nation’s “Father” now takes his revenge on his enemies to the US Republican conventions where a new candidate will be chosen as the potential “Father” of the US for the next four years; to planned protests both in the US and Europe (as well as other places) that are “rebellions” against the “Father Energy;” this week has Father and Son struggles written all over it.

On the good side; a great week for actual fathers to connect with their families; good people in places of spiritual, mental or physical “fathering” (male or female) such as clergy, social workers, judges, serving military, teachers etc; provided the energy is focused in a particular way.

There is a great danger I think this week towards things tipping either into “over use” of the Father’s authority and direction or for the “son” energy to fly off on his own arrows.

A week to be alert because Big Brother may be Watching…

OK so we have the main over all card, lets pick a few more cards and runs to see what other energies are out there modifying things and pushing the behavior of people and the likely hood of various types events.

First our psy cards for the rest of the reading are NEVER (or The Raven Card) and The Tree (firm foundations, well rooted and grounded energy).

If we just had the Tree card by itself it would suggest that this is a week when all that Father Energy is channeled into forming the foundation for strong and well founded new situations, ideas that produces healthy fruit.

However, we have the NEVER card in front of this which modifies and totally changes the following card.  I don’t usually read “reverse cards” rather I try to sense out if an energy is “reversed” but in this case I don’t have to as the first card does it for me.

The meaning becomes instead this week there will never (or seems like there will never) be the planting of strong trees; in fact it looks like the energy of this week will be working hard to insure that all well rooted, grounded and even traditional ideas, persons, institutions are essentially under siege.

Combined with the over-all power of authority card, this suggests perhaps a week when the Powers that Be (or individuals, institutions, corporations, political parties etc) will TRY to assert their authority; often with the goal of getting well and truly stuck in where they wish to be; but the “message” of Odin’s raven on the Never Card is that it is unlikely they will be able to achieve this fully.

If anything these three cards suggest an attempt at crack downs in all sorts of ways (including those who wish to establish a new authority, not just those already in control); attempts that are just not likely to go very well.

Teachers beware, if you are teaching Summer Classes, this is a better week to listen to your students if they become “uprooted” rather than trying to assert order by “cracking down” that applies to world leaders and office managers as well.

OK now we can add a couple of Cat’s Eye Tarot Cards to the mix..

Looks like we have The Hanged Kitty (potential sacrifice) and the Six of Wands (Triumph, Pride, Acclaim, Respect).

Again a mixed bag but fits in pretty well with the reading so far, the Hanged kitty shows a Main Coon cat who is laying contented by the fire with his tummy exposed making him open to attacks if he were in the wild.  Because he is a much-loved house cat he knows he is safe; however he’s going to roll over and go flat in a heart beat if he feels a sudden threat.

The card is about the fact that sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to obtain what an individual/tribe/nation really wants; but there should also be an element of Trust but Verify when it comes to both information coming in and situational awareness; being relaxed when appropriate but being will to switch on a dime to defensive mode if required.

Also there are hints here of serious choices which may need to be made if things are to be allowed to go forward; things perhaps like the UK realizing that in order to go through with the Brexit they may have to sacrifice some things in order to move forward with other things.

Again this energy works on individuals too and needs to be taken together with the Six of Wands who is a slightly older, rather cocky but still young kitten who is proud of himself (perhaps he just caught a mouse?) and is feeling the assurance that he IS the GREATEST!

He fails to notice the cat in the background looking peeved at him or his Mom Cat in the background looking a bit worried about him.

This card is all about the reaching of goals or obtaining a high position; but not perhaps having the full wisdom to understand the dangers of jealousy, spite and the envy of others.

It strongly hints that some individuals/groups/nations or even ideas that seem to be on-top and a roaring success this week; may become the targets of those that feel cheated or left behind.

The card suggests that a dose of humility is strongly recommended for anyone who manages to really achieve something this week (perhaps battling through that negative energy to do so).

If hubris is embraced instead, it is well to remember that the Father-Never-Tree energy is putting out a lot of energies towards toppling preexisting authority or preventing attempts at taking control from taking “root.”

I will attempt to take no political sides in this blog in partisan politics but I’m being “drawn” towards the Republican convention very strongly in terms of these energies and perhaps not just on the convention floor.

It doesn’t take a card reader to predict things will be stressful there (both inside and outside) but the energies are there for great heights and potentially great falls; if egos and emotions take over from properly measured and directed “Father” authority (which guides rather than demands).

OK everyone still with me?  I know this is a longer post but I figure that reading once a week we can pack more into one reading – you can always just glance at the cards and glance at the Summery if the blog itself is too long to read when your checking in here.

So just one more stop before the Summery, lets pick a couple of runes – runic energy tends to be more primal and dramatic than the modern cards and they also tend to be more fluid with each rune having quite a number of potential meanings. 

Which is why I choose to read them last, to get the primal forces as seen in context with the other energies.

So what are our runes this week?

Well, I wanted two runes this week but the runes laughed at me and gave me three in one pick stuck together – there was a reason for this, they suggest that the previous parts of the reading are spot on energy wise.

We have Thurisaz which is torch, boil, thorn or prick; think of a balloon that is pricked and exploded.  That’s the first runic/primal energy we have this week – basically dynamite ready to go off if the fuse it lit.

Then we have Othala – or HOMELAND; this is all about legacy, inheritance, the Clan Holdings, the ancient Ground etc.  It is all about property/tribes/nations (or your own home) and in the past has been associated both with “Greater Germany” (now the EU) and also the God Odin (Wisdom, Poetry, Diplomacy, Intelligence, Deception and WAR).

Jera is the harvest rune of Summer/Winter; the wheel of the year, cycles of history, things turning over and/or repeating.  This can also mark “harvest time” or the Fall for most of Europe and North America (and Asia).

So basically the runic energy is a great big thorn about to prick something explosive into being that concerns the homeland (or people in their homes, either physically or emotionally) combined with historical cycles (suggesting history repeating or being made) or at least suggesting a bit of upheaval as one Season/situation/existing energy flips over into another one.


To sum up – it will come as no surprise to anyone not living under a rock that this current time period (starting a couple of weeks ago) is what I call a “high energy period” when energies are running fast and furious and events current and person tend to run by so quickly we can even kick up.

The nature of this weeks events will be largely taken up with issues of authority, paternalism and guidance (or miss-guidance). 

There are forces working to assure that there will be strong attempts to build new situations/ideas/foundations but there are severely negative forces that will insure most of these do not become stable, at least not this week.

Those who do wish to accomplish their goals this week may find a serious need to sacrifice other goals in order to achieve their new ones (this may be painful) and those who DO appear to come out on top need to be very careful.  There will be energies encouraging the celebration of the ego and prideful responses, that can bring the envy and jealousy of others – remember that Pride often comes Before a Fall.

Finally the Runic energy is pretty much that of a powder keg that just needs a small nudge to go off and affect the “homeland” (anything from personal homes to Nation States) physically, mentally or emotionally (often all three).

The Jera Energy especially says this is a time when cycles of events can suddenly flip over and things have the potential for radical change (again in both personal lives as well as Current Events).

All in all a week to “hang on to your hats,” expect a lot of resistance to long-term planning (not a good week to start a new business venture) and a time to watch out if you do achieve something (don’t take it for granted or get too big a head over it).

Practice situational awareness and realize the world around you may change on a dime; hat isn’t all bad, sometimes change can be extremely positive but when it happens quickly it is almost always disruptive.

With that I’ll wish all my readers the best and hope you enjoyed this first installment of the new Cards of the Week blog.

With a week with this many potentials I will try to check back in if events start to go really crazy later on in the week. 

We shall just have to see how things go forward – take care – Melodi

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