Cards for this Week – September 23 – 28, 2014

Hi everyone, well hopefully my couple of months of health issues are now passed and I wanted to get back to reading again; I thought I’d start with doing over-all cards for the week and then when I have time, I can do individual cards on some days.  Eventually I hope to get back to “Card of the Day,” but for right now I think this is a nice compromise that along with the readings on the radio show, should help my readers get some information on the energies that lie ahead for all of us.

Libido Tower yesQueen of Cups The SunKenaz2 Laguz2

OK the most important thing I see standing out in this reading is a heavy concentration of the elements of fire and water – we have water in the Laguz rune, the water-fall on the libido card and the Queen of Cups (water/emotions); but we also have fire in the Kenaz rune (torch/boil/uprising), The Sun (fire of the sun itself) the fire of sex/reproduction (libido card) and the fire of defense/war/protection (The Castle Tower).

It may be a bit unusual to see two of the main elemental forces so strongly during one time period but given the current situation of world events, it is not that surprising either.

To break things down a bit, our first (and primary card) is The Libido which is about sexuality and reproduction, but also about distraction, display and combat.  Notice that the peacocks are so busy displaying and mock fighting each other they don’t notice the snake in the grass that could kill them both.  This card is also full of life, color, power and energy but also tells us that distractions (such as the sex drive) or even staged arguments can distract us from hidden dangers until it is too late.  I think this card is very important right now and suggest that whatever is on the news, be sure to pay attention to the stories that are NOT being covered (or hard to find).

The Tower in this deck is the Protective and Defensive Castle on a hill; it shows a need or a tendency towards defense (especially in warfare) as well as personal and psychic protection.  I am getting  a “Yes, we need a defense against distraction/hidden dangers” from the first three cards; as well as being a great week for personal romance in terms of “Sexuality/Relationship-building a strong foundation-Yes” on the positive side of things.

The Queen of Kitty Cups is all about emotions, deep feelings, perceptions and reading what people really mean (aka body language) as opposed to just what they say.   This kitty seems to be a mind reader because she is so good at picking these things up – I think this card suggests a deep need right now to understand the hidden emotions behind may be happening both in current and personal events.  She may also represent and actual female (or emotional) leader who is very perceptive and/or using emotions to manipulate others.  Like all cards, this has a negative as well as a positive side; though largely it is positive it does also tap into some really deep, emotional energies that are driving things right now.

The Sun Kitty is confident, energetic, strong and independent; again this may be mostly an energy which would include all things solar (including the sun itself such as sun spots/flares etc) or sun like (nuclear energy/weapons/lightning/explosions etc) but it could also be a human being.  A strong person, I almost get the image of a Lion for some reason, perhaps the tom cat on the kitty card really feels that is his true nature; someone who feels powerful, at ease and uncontrolled (the kitty is free to roam in his garden and is not restrained to the house alone).

Finally we have the Kenaz rune; which is ancient fire torch or boil coming to the surface.  It can light up things in a physical, mental or spiritual situation that “sparks” something to go “off.”  This could be anything from a lighting a comforting camp-fire to blowing up of an atomic bomb (again either physically or symbolically). It can also bring something to light that was formally hidden in the dark, very similar to the Laguz rune except it brings things into focus by lighting them rather than bringing to a watery surfacing (and is usually faster than laguz as well).

The rune is Laguz which means lake, water or hidden depths; which suggests a time period when things that have been hidden until now bubble up to the surface and become known.  Things like secrets, hidden agendas or even hidden problems come to mind; I am also getting a strong sense that there is a very “explosive” potential when the Kenaz/Sun Fire/Libido Fires meet the Laguz/Cups energy and melt into a steam reaction of some sort.

This might be symbolic as in the sense of two clashing ideas coming together (probably due to something hidden that becomes known) or it could be something physical like an actual industrial action or problem with water and fire in the natural or man-made world.  Potentials are there for floods, fires, explosions, investigations, scandals, etc as well as issues/stories about reproduction, strong men, psychic/occult/new age information or even scientific breakthroughs involving fire or water (possibly energy production?).

It really looks like this is a week when something that has been hidden will suddenly “come to light” and things will “come to a boil” and “rise up from the depths” to Yes cause some serious issues.

As always, these energies can be used in a positive way, because as individuals we can choose for example to use the joy of the Libido card and the Wisdom of the Queen of Cups to add depths to our romantic relationships and say the Sun and Kenaz energies to help bring us strength and light as we go about our daily lives.

Finally the Yes energy should give this period an over-all sense of “positive flow” an “active” energy time period when things should seem to move quickly and not be as bogged down as they have been in the recent past.  In current event terms, this may mean things moving a bit too fast for comfort, but for individuals it probably just indicates a week of water and fire that hopefully will move quickly and with the positive elements of both.

That’s an over-view from here, remember the cards and runes are reading energies so they may manifest in other ways as well; they point out the trends, but actions determine how they play out.

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