Cards of the Week – Special August 11, 2014 Update

Scales Moon Death

First, I have decided to start updating this blog usually once a week due to time constraints that keep preventing me from reading once a day, but I will also post updates – this week’s cards are most likely to be delayed due to bad weather here in Ireland until tomorrow, but I wanted to post a quick update on the situation in Russia that I got when reading on a private forum. 

My question was:

What are the energies around Russia entering the Ukraine (entering the war with troops) in the next 48 to 72 hours? Cards; The Scales, The Moon and DEATH

The Scales: A judgement, Things weighted in the balance, A tipping point

The Moon: The Unseen, Things coming out of the Deep (or the Sea), The Unconscious Mind, hidden secrets revealed, a revelation, creativity, MADNESS

Death: A sudden Change, A final ending of someone/something, Transformation of a situation, Death as in Actual Death

OK gang, that’s not an exact answer but the judgement card suggests that while this may have yet to be decided (decisions cards often suggest things can go one way or the other, especially the Scales) it isn’t looking good.  It is likelier than not that Russia may make such a decision based on something hidden coming to light or perhaps an act of madness.  The Death Card would be both the transformation of the situation and the likely result of this decision.  

My hunch is that while I was reading specifically about Russia choosing (or not) to intervene in the Ukraine directly with military force in the 48 to 72 hours; that these energies are also impacting other conflicts and places including the situation in Iraq and in Gaza especially.  These feels like a very “charged” time period, I will try to look into this in more detail by tomorrow – weather permitting. 


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