Card of the Day – Extended Weekend Edition – June 5-8, 2014

yesQueen of SwordsBerkano2

I probably won’t be able to read tomorrow – so I decided to do an extended weekend reading now, with an eye towards doing a quick update if anything really intense happens in the Current Event’s world over the next four days.

However, I have to say that this reading is one of the most POSITIVE longer term readings I have done in a while – which suggests that at least for individuals this could be a great weekend period and that there is substantial energy out there for some Current Events to either be resolved or at least dealt with, if people are willing to face the truth about situations and deal with them.

The Yes Card is followed by The Queen of Kitty Swords, unlike a lot of sword cards, this kitty cuts thing down to basics in a good way – she tends to be honest, forthright, astute, witty and above all EXPERIENCED.  She knows she can sum up a situation quickly and that she is able to dive right down to the heart of the problem without messing around with side issues.  She is also capable of seeing humor in situations that others may not find all that funny and hence miss her point or take her a bit too seriously.  In a reading she suggests that honestly and being direct are the best way forward, while there are times that being careful and guarded is a good idea, this is not one of them.  It is only by honest and direct confrontation of the issues that situations can be resolved (or put on the road to resolution).

The Yes Card pretty much “gives permission” for this sort of outlook, and is the total opposite of Monday’s Hidden and rather under-ground approach to things.

The Berkano rune is also very female and extremely powerful it is: Birch Tree/Birth/Mother Goddess/Mother etc, so a very strong female and nurturing spirit that also directs the way forward in an honest but also gentler manner.  Father energies when they occur, tend to be direct in a sort of martial or directed way; Mother energies are less likely to be about control and more about guidance.  Not that a Mother (or Mother energy) can’t get mad, upset or controlling but combined with the Queen of Swords card I find that unlikely.

However, the Queen of Swords will go to war when she has too and like any female (or Mother) when she is pushed or pulled in that direction her ways of waging it tend to be different from more common types of Father/Male battlefield tactics.  While female energy is big on compromise, if a Mother sees a direct threat to her offspring she will not hesitate to attack and if she can, utterly destroy that threat.  That is the other side of the honesty, take no prisoners, sword held by the Queen or Queen Mother in this case.

Because the Berkano rune is also about Birth and new beginnings, we can hope that this weekend will be a period when the chance of actual do-overs, calming down and a return to honest negotiation takes place both in the public and private spheres.  But if that does not happen, it is equally possible the Queen Mother could bring her sword ready and sharply edged to take a swing at what she views as threats as we roll into next week.

On an international level, we can simply hope that leaders and others working on various world issues work with the positive aspects of these energies (and female leaders may play an unusually large role in something over the next few days) and on a personal level we can all try to make sure to use the energy towards honest and humor to deal with situations that have been festering but in a nurturing, creative and positive way.  Use the sort to cut away what is bothering everyone but avoid using it to hack your way into or out of things without wisdom or forethought.

But over all, this weekend looks to be a highly positive one (at least for individuals) who move with the flow of the universe in that open, direct, yes, birthing energy and are open to experience something new and interesting coming up on the event horizon, probably early next week.


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