Card of the Day – Monday – June 2, 2014

Tower Moon Isa2

OK, last week’s total weirdness over the blog names etc, now seems to thankfully be fixed so hopefully cards can occur on a more regular basis this week – if something else does go haywire remember the Monday Cards tend to set the tone for the week anyway and can be used as a guide for coming attractions.

Today two cards stuck together like glue, so I just decided to use the Psy Cards for today, to avoid having too many extra cards in one reading; it is interesting that the two cards stuck together were The Castle-Tower (Defense, Strength) and The Moon (Hidden, Dreams, Intuition, Madness).  The rune is even more interesting, last Monday we had Hagalaz (the Hail Stone) and I did a reading on Tuesday for a private forum that featured the Isa Rune (Ice) suggesting that both Hail and Ice were at play in the energies.  Hagalaz usually means a sudden strike or event, and while that energy was partly for last Monday alone, it also felt to me like it might be the first sign of some big event coming.  The Isa (Ice) rune showing up the next day, suggested the energies were somewhat stuck or frozen for now (as well as an indicator of possible wild weather in places) and it looks like those energies are still frozen.

When you have an Isa Week, it usually means that a lot of things that should move forward both personally and in terms of international events just get bogged down and kind of stuck.  It doesn’t mean that nothing at all happens, but what does occur will tend to move at a snail’s pace.

The Castle-Tower Card is all about being protected, defending oneself from outside threats, but also being secure, feeling powerful and very rooted to a place: The Castle on the Hill that is also a fortress, is a good way to look at this.

The Moon Card is very, very complex and represents the hidden world, this is likely to be a week for secrets, dreams, hunches, and hidden information that slowly comes to light.  It is also likely to be a week dominated by water both in its flowing form (Ocean/River/Stream) but also in the forms of Ice/Snow/Glaciers/The Poles etc.  I feel the potential for a storm at sea of some sort but “Sea” can be both physical or symbolic and I’m not sure exactly what is being hinted at here – but the combination of Ice flow/Water Flow is very strong right now. 

There could even be a need for defense against the sea/ice/storm/hidden issue that will come up – look for stories about actual weather/geological events or preparations/programs designed to deal with the same; there may also be stories about sea level rise especially in terms of ice or ice growing/melting etc.

But above all, these feels like a week where nothing much may seem to be moving on the surface, in fact some things may seem to be totally stuck in place; but underneath there is a lot of hidden/sunken/hazily understood things going on that make shake the very foundations of the castle tower when it finally comes to light.  The Moon Card is both psychic awareness/intuition and Madness, both of which can interweave with each other when people are not careful to ward and guard themselves carefully (the Tower can be psychic self-protection as well as physical real-world defenses). 

A week when we also might see news of strange religious cults or something like that in the news, again I can’t quite pin this one exactly because it almost feels like “religion as madness” or perhaps even religion miss-used in some way – I think we may just have to watch the news on this one and see if anything like this “surfaces” or not.

For individuals a good week to focus on personal and psychic self-defense, but not a good week to start new projects because they are likely to bog down before they start and ongoing projects are likely to be slow.  But it is a great week to explore the internal world of dreams and creativity; just wait until next week before drawing up serious plans.

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