Card of the Day – Thursday – May 15, 2014

Death Temperance Kenaz2

The last two days I was unable to read (I suspect for the next couple of months making all five days during the week is not practical but I will try) in any event, Tuesday I felt no real change from the rather quieting and calmer energy that we had on Monday, but yesterday I started to sense a change, so I wanted to make sure I checked today.

Today’s cards show the energies signaling the final ending of one cycle, and the start of another period of building tensions after our brief respite into the world of calm, they also suggest that today (the next 24 to 48 hours) and possibly even going into the weekend may be time in current events for final endings, terminations, sudden stops, great changes, and even actual deaths.  Usually the Death card is not about actual deaths of people or animals but it can be when it is in a Current Events reading because of course, sometimes thing happen and people die.

The second card is Temperance/Balance/Harmony – one way of reading this could also be “The Death/End of Temperance/Balance/Harmony” or in other-words we enter yet another period where extremes are more popular than the middle ground and people are more likely to “go out on a limb” further than they intended too.   Again, my mind is drawn to the ongoing and increasingly violent civil war in the Ukraine but also other places like Africa or even the areas of public opinion, especially in the US and Europe.

There may be some big, final and total change/ending/transformation of some particular world (or local) situation that causes people to react with extremes (rather than in a balanced way) as we move towards the weekend, and it may be something that will still be building up (or lead to another building up) of issues after it occurs.

That’s because the Kenaz rune is the Boil or the Torch and we have seen this one before in terms of “The Torch the Lights the Fire” or “The boil that raises to a head.”  I sometimes call this the sideways volcano rune because it looks like a volcano laying sideways and has the potential for explosive eruptions.

On the other hand, this energy doesn’t have to result in a Death to Temperance but could be used and visualized as The Transformation of Temperance building up to a State of improved Balance as opposed to a disrupted one where the poor kitties fall off their ledge and into the sea.  The Kitties are safe as long as the stay perfectly balanced as they sleep together, balance and temperance is the key here, lose it to an expanding volcano of emotions, even in the face of a sudden change and well – you and the kitties could experience a great fall (as could any world situation that takes that path).

To sum up this short but important peak at coming energy attractions, the end of this week is a time when you need to be prepared for things to change suddenly and probably permanently, if this occurs in your own life, make a choice to react with thoughtful reason and balance rather than just exploding.  Be on the look-out for other building tensions and situations that may be heating up just below the surface and possible masked by the more obvious event.

I suspect these energies are going to be playing out both in the personal and the outer-world for the next 2 to 5 days, though I will do my best to make sure and try for at least a quick check in tomorrow to see how they are flowing into the weekend.

This is obviously one of the those periods I think of as a time of re-balancing energies, or a time when one cycle is ending and other is starting; usually that happens when energy has been flowing one way and now tries to change and flow in another.  For a few days you get a back and forth effect, until the energies head off in the new direction for a while.  This being the time of the Full Moon passing into a waning moon, it is also a transition in the physical world as well and I think is intensifying this particular change of energy time period.







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