Card of the Day – Monday – May 12, 2014

Union Home Page of Pentacles Jera2

Well here we are with Monday’s Card reading, the one that often sets the tone for the week and I am delighted to report that on a personal level, for individuals and families this is likely to be a better week than the last one.  I’m going to go ahead and do that part of the reading first, as I often do when the news is positive because (as usual again) it gets more complicated when we extend it to the world of International Current-Events and Geo-Politics.

The Union Card and the Home card were stuck together as one and this is a really good thing for the average family as the Union card is the coming together of two perfect streams, and is the lovers/Relation ship card in this Deck.  The Home card can be the physical home, the place of retreat and safety with the fire in the hearth and the cat on the mat – so you have the potential here for all sorts of good and positive energies, everything from weddings to just a simple focus on home and family as a safe and comforting place for much of the week.

Of course, all cards do have reverse energies, so it is a good idea to be careful of other people’s feelings and make sure the home IS a comforting and safe place for people be, this is also a good week for those seeking a “spiritual home” or “union” with the Divine through meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices.

The Page of Pentacles card returns from last week, showing this energy of a young cat experimenting and playing with the life skills he needs to have for later is still in full swing; the young kitty isn’t quite ready to do his adult job yet, but he’s getting there.  This card can be about opportunity for wealth, security and prosperity brought about by practical hard work and concentration on a goal.  In this reading, I think that the energies are better than then have been for a long-while for individual house-holds to improve their relationships and their home life by careful planning and hard work.  For awhile there, no matter what anyone did it seemed to be hitting against a brick wall, this week seems like a time when the tide could be starting to turn, especially for those still willing to keep trying.

The Harvest/Jera Rune really, really seals that as the main message for the individual and personal readings this week; this card is about seasons, harvests, cycles etc or what you are likely to get as the outcome of a lot of careful and studied plans, work, gardening, watering, planting etc (both in a spiritual and a physical sense).  It also shows that the “wheel is turning” and that is reflected in this mostly changed energy pattern towards energies that were largely taking things apart last week, to things that appear to be building up in this one.

Now for the international/current events summary – as always ALL the same energies available to individuals are also there for the major players in any human-based international even but it can be harder for groups of people to make choices than for individuals at times.  Groups of people (or even groups of leaders of people) often have multiple agendas and issues pulling them in several directions at the same time and that is what I am seeing here.

This week, the cards are pointing at ISSUES that are likely to come up and how People/Tribes/Nations/Leaders choose to respond to those issues is going to set the stage for the next cycle of coming attractions on the world stage.

Things in focus this week will be Unions of all kinds; including monetary unions, trading blocks, Unions (as in labor) and even countries with Union in their title (or former title) like the United States of America or the (former) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  Issues of national and international union and the ideas of Homeland, Patriotism, local autonomy, Home rule etc are all like to continue to clash both in the Ukraine/Russian region but all over the place.  Look for unexpected break outs of “national” feelings, for some reason I am feeling a pull towards South America of all places and Brazil or nearby areas in particular.  It won’t surprise me at all if there is a rumbles of problems coming from neglected regions (the North East of Brazil as well as the Amazon Basin are showing up in my “inner map”) who may not be calling for outright independence but are using the current focus of the world (the next Olympics) as a time for bringing up their own issues.  I don’t think this is the only place this sort of thing is going to come up either, world-wide this is going to be a tendency on the part of people to want LOCAL unions of what they consider to be the Home and the Familiar rather than the far away and international.  The European Union and the UK are both likely to have rocky weeks with this sort of energy – look for stories both silly and serious on this theme in the US too.  Everything from local gad-flies who declare their garage to be the new “Independent State of My House” to serious secessionist movements taking the form of States wanting to break up into smaller ones as well as North American regions that start talking about taking more power back from the central government (State’s Right’s Issues).

The Page of Pentacles suggests that few of these movements towards local autonomy or independence are likely to go through to completion this week, even the ones that may ultimately make sense or come to pass; this card suggests that things are not ready yet.  It isn’t that humans are exactly playing as in having fun, but more practicing as is the young barn cat batting at his prey.  I also get the feeling this is another reason Russia wants to give the impression that they are withdrawing from the Eastern Ukraine at the moment or at least drawing back.  Like the cat’s-paw, it inches forward and bats something quickly and then retreats, until one day the Cat either takes his attention elsewhere and moves on or decides to suddenly strike with deadly force and the game is no longer play but reality.

Again, that’s one example of where this energy is playing out; I think there are going to be a lot of questions this week playing out on the topics of what brings more prosperity, Union with a larger political entity or keeping things closer to Home?  Questions of Harvests, resources, commodities, water, food, shelter, protection are all likely to be involved with this, especially with the Jera/Harvest rune.

Finally the Jera/Harvest/Cycle rune does really indicate that energies are rolling onward towards their next cycle and that these are the issues most likely to be at the top of the agenda this week – there is a lot of potentially positive energy that could be used to find some serious solutions to some of these issues, or things could just get played around with and nothing much accomplished.

We shall have to wait and see, but as I said a very good week for individuals, couples, romance, families and making future plans.