Card of the Day – Thursday – May 8, 2014

SagePage of PentaclesIngwaz2

Wow, finally some GOOD NEWS for a change or at least the potential for good news if the people who matter in various world events choose to take these energies and use them during the next 24 to 48 hours.  This time period, looks the most promising, so far this week, for making positive and wise choices that could even change the course of things; that doesn’t mean they will happen but the potential is certainly there.

The first card is The Sage/Wisdom/Older Men and Women/Older Leaders etc – this card often comes up as “Wisdom” but it is more that than, it is about looking at the knowledge of the past (the books) but also writing down new information for the future (the Sage is writing in the book).  I am drawn to the aspect of this card which calls for “older-wiser heads to prevail” in terms of a positive image and “unwilling to change or learn from mistakes” as the negative aspect of this energy today.

So we have the two conflicting images that age and experience can bring people working themselves out today on the world stage; one is the mature use of caution and memory vs. the hide-bound sticking to conservative traditions and viewpoints even if they no longer serve their intended purpose and are now preventing needed change.

The Page of Kitty Pentacles is a rather play for an innocent card, but one with potential “Teeth” as well.  The Young Kitty on the card is playfully looking at a mouse in his barn, he raises a paw as if to bat it, but his expression tells us that while he wants to be a hunter when he grows up, he knows he really isn’t there yet.  He is a POTENTIAL PREDATOR, but he isn’t there yet. Even the mice seem to be aware of this, and they play happily at his feet, even knowing that someday this same kitty to spell their doom (and they become the Kitty’s lunch).

This card is all about being practical (knowing what you can and what you can’t actually do in a given situation), trust, security and potential wealth/reward.  It combines extremely well with the Sage/Wisdom/Wise/Conservative views of the Sage card only in the case of the Page it is the cleverness of youth tempered with practical observation that restrains the young one from taking on more than he can handle yet.

But in both cards, there is a strong suggestion that the wise person will walk carefully today and know the limits of their abilities no matter how attractive a situation may look, in terms of diving in and getting started.

In terms of world politics, today is the best day in a while for parties who disagree to stop back from the brink and think about just what they are doing, what do they really want and are they even capable of going there yet?

Ingwaz, the run suggests that today is NOT the day for actually taking risks or decisions but instead planting the seeds for those that will come (or have to be made) later; Ingwaz means – Seed/The God Ing/Freyr the God of Peace and Good Harvests.  So today the seeds of Peace of at least a wiser way of handling conflict can be planted and put into place, if caution and wisdom are used.

Even if this doesn’t happen in the outer world of current events, this wise, and self-disciplined (self-directed) pulling back from the edge and taking time to encourage new ways forward is a good energy to use in your individual life.  Today is a fine day for reading, studying, teachers, students, helping professions, children, sports, farming, gardening and prudent investing.  It is a wonderful day for reading a book, making realistic career or life goals and taking the first practical steps in moving those goals forward into reality.

Yesterday reality tended to create a rock that dreams washed up on, but today reflection on that reality can help us recharge and move forward with dreams more tempered to the actual situation and therefore much more likely to go from seed to full harvest in the future.

Over time, energies will try to balance and re-balance like this over and over again, they don’t always do it quite this quickly but when they do it becomes easier to see why there are days when life just seems to be going nowhere fast and other days where things just sort of slide into place.  Today isn’t going to be a super-easy day, but many people are likely to find it a lot more positive in spirit than they have felt, during the first part of the week.  Those who ignore wisdom or refuse to modify their goals with some practical common sense, may not enjoy things nearly as much today as those who do.

Finally today is one of those rare days when both the wisdom of the old and the curiosity of the young can both be celebrated and enjoyed in equal measures, and both hold the seeds of the future in their lined hands and batting paws.