Card of the Day – Wednesday – May 7, 2014

Moon Wheel of Fortune Raido

A somewhat wilder energy day than yesterday, today’s cards are all pretty intense (yesterdays’ were too) but these are somewhat different and suggest that fate is now turning in the direction that it intends to go (no stopping The Wheel) and the Raido rune (riding/travel/movement) hints that the wheel is now turning faster than before.

The Moon card is one of those really complex cards that you would expect with such an ancient image, in this deck The Moon is Female and she is all about Dreams, the Unconscious Mind, Deep Motivations, Intuition, Creativity but also Madness.

The Wheel of Fortune is about Destiny, Luck, Change and TIPPING Points; it can be something simple like which cat catches the bird today or it can be deep and profound, an epic turning point in a person’s life or the end of one historical era and the start of another.

The Raido rune, is all about travel, movements, riding, etc and while originally it meant riding on horse back, it is also about spiritual traveling such as shamanic journeys or lucid dreaming.  In a reading like this one, I get the sense of the Wheel of Fate/Fortune/Karma moving swiftly carried by the Dreams/Desires/Fears/Hopes/Perceptions and even Madness of many people.

As was the case in yesterday’s reading, Current Events wise, I think this reading is largely going to manifest today with the ongoing rush of the wheels in the Ukraine/Russian/West confrontation, but also is also likely to affect other situations personal and international that may be reaching any sort of tipping point.

This is going to be especially true of situations or events that were founded more on dreams than realistic thinking, The Moon is the card of the ultimate ideal or perfect dream of Utopian happy endings where as the Wheel of Fortune is what happens when reality runs right over the dreams and forces the dreams to interact with the world (or situation) as it actually is as opposed to how we might want it to be.

The Wheel of Fortune is also about actions taken in the past rolling around to catch up with us in the future, good actions are likely to bring forth good reactions but the opposite is also going to be true.

The two readings together, from yesterday and today, also show that even if people are feeling a desire to hide away and withdraw at the moment, the tides are continuing to wash in, especially under the surface of things, the water may not be visible right now but it is there.  It is better to pay attention to it and get ready to move to higher ground BEFORE it washes into the mouth of that cave!

Look for news stories today about travel (positive and negative), stories about policies and programs that may not be working out as projected, issues with communications (Raido also affects things like radar, radio, Internet etc), luck, lottery winners, horse races, fortune tellers, Karma, Dreaming, the Sea/Ocean/Water, and Insanity (or mental illness).  Another feature of the news may be terms like “tipping point,” “toppling over,” “rolling on ahead,” “the rubber meeting the road,” etc.  The travel/wheel/moving theme is likely to be very strong in the news today as is a sense of things that are hidden.  The Moon hides things and is all about secrets hidden in the depths of the Sea, so stories about hidden issues revealed (that may force the tipping point) or even under-water archeology are all possible in the next 24 to 48 hours.

That said, on a personal note, today’s cards can be much more positive than yesterday’s were; we have the Card for Dreams and Intuition to help us guide us forward and since we know the Wheel of Fortune is turning rapidly we can use some of that Intuition to mediate and find our own personal Luck (Fortune) and ride it forward.

This is also likely one of the best days this week for travel, both physical and spiritual, as the image of the Wagon and the Rider is very strong.  A great time period for communications and getting things settled after yesterday’s clearing of the air, there is the potential today for much personal positive moment forward.


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