Card of the Day – Tuesday – May 6, 2014

Cave DestructionNine of Wands Wujo2

Well, the holiday weekend is over in Ireland (and the UK) so it is time to get back to work and get Card of the Day back on its feet – since there was no reading yesterday, today Tuesday is also the reading that tends to set out the primary energies for the rest of the week, and I am sorry to say it is not looking like a very happy time, at least in terms of news and world events.  Individuals may do somewhat better, but more on that later in the blog.

Our kick off card is The CAVE – the cave is a grey card with a human figure hunched into a ball with their face down on the floor and turned away from the light, this card usually indicates: Depression, Sadness, withdrawal, hiding, lack of interest, apathy etc.  It can also be a protective card in the sense of hiding in one’s personal cave, taking shelter or taking time away from personal relationships to recharge and meditate.  But above all, it is a card of hiding or withdrawing from something or someone(s).

The next card, I almost didn’t read, I kept feeling that I needed the card underneath the cave card but I tried to ignore it, I like to keep things to three images most days, but I just kept feeling the “pull” from the deck so I picked it up to see what it was and then knew it just had to be included and probably why.

The Destruction card suggests that the emotional (and perhaps physical)withdrawal on the part of many people this week will likely be in the face of some very worrying, destructive or otherwise tragic things that they may experience personally or at a distance via the Internet or TV.  On its own, this card can have positive aspects such as the creative destruction of things we need to get rid of (like Spring cleaning that back closet and throwing out the junk to clear the air and then deep cleaning it for the coming year)

However, I do not think in this case the Destruction is Creative (except as individuals choose to direct it on a personal level) I think in this mostly Current Events/Energy reading for the world this week, I think this is about real destruction and the potential for real life disasters.  For various reasons I’ll get into in a moment, once again I feel my mental eye directed to the Ukraine – BUT, this energy (as always) is going to affect a bit of everyone and everything and this is so strong in these cards that this is a week when a lot of unfortunate and unhappy events may take place in the world.  My guess is given the next card, the Nine of Wands, that a lot of it will involve the interactions of human beings but that does not rule out the potential for “natural” disasters such as earthquakes, landslides etc; especially anything weather related as “hiding in the cave” is the prudent response to a tornado or nasty storm system.

I want to go over the last two energies before making any more speculations – The Nine of Wands card write-up in the Cat’s Eye Tarot book says “In a Reading: The Nine of Wands indicates the presence of Negative Energy..” There is a lot more there but that statement on its own, is another reason that I see little Creative about this Destruction card.  Basically the Nine of Kitty Wands shows two cats one on her home territory and a newcomer who is trying to enter it.  Both cats are wary of each other or as the booklet says again “Neither cat appears prepared to give ground. Negotiating Territorial Rights in order to share space without conflict is as important for cats as it is for people.   This situation has to be resolved.”

So we now have a card that is all about disputed territory, negative energy, where there is a strong need for mutual respect and flexibility but little sign of any – gee where in the world does that sound like?  Again, I can’t say for certain it is only Russia Vs. Ukraine/The West it may be a good deal more complicated than that.  And other areas of the world where tribal relationships (or families) tend to be the basis of governments are all likely to be seriously affected because the final rune is:

Wunjo – Wunjo is usually translated as Joy, but it is a good deal more complicated than that – it has alternative meanings of Clan Banner (the sign of the family or clan) and BATTLE FLAG!

Remember that people in the ancient Germanic and Viking worlds did not see things quite the same way as modern Westerners, anyone who has seen the mini-series The Vikings (or read anything about the Norse at all) knows that “Joy” was found in the clan/family life but there was also “The JOY OF BATTLE” aka Battle Flag; which involved both defensive and offensive raiding and warfare.  There are also strong feelings of what me modern folk might think of as “nationalism” in this rune because the “clan” is also the tribe/extended family/group that these people identified with; most people’s first allegiance was not to say Iceland but to the extended family (or tribe) of Eric the Red or another local leader.

Again, this pretty much describes what is happening in the Ukraine/Russian/Crimean/Neighboring countries areas as we speak, as the imposed (and relatively modern) “central governments” lose control, the more tribal, local, “clans” if you were; replace them as people fall back to what seems to be safe and familiar.

Some people are going to find safety and security within the “Joy” of their family (or at least trusted companions to hide out with) others are likely to flee into the caves and the hills (literally or figuratively) and hope for safety; others are likely to take “joy” in the battles over territory and resist negotiations.  It is probably too late to prevent all of the coming Destruction but a return to respect for others and attempts to find some common ground might go a long way towards lessening the effects of it.

I think this is a week that the news is going to leave a lot of people wanting to hide in their “caves” or at least try not to deal with the international news situation as much as possible because there is likely to be little good to be found there.  Look for some media to respond by ignoring certain stories or putting them on the back “pages” of websites and the internet – real information will be there, but it may be necessarily to poke ones head out of the cave opening occasionally to see it.

As for individuals, I have already hinted that while this is not a week of “good aspects” that does not mean that everyone has to just sit down and be miserable or unhappy either – you can personally choose to view this time as one for spiritual and personal withdrawal for a purpose, taking some time for yourself to recharge and regroup.  You can use Destruction in the Creative ways I described earlier to clean, cleanse and otherwise get rid of physical, mental or spiritual issues that you have been putting off deal with for some time.  The Nine of Wands cards has the very good aspect of suggesting this is time when having respect for others and using your negotiation skills can go a long way towards solving problems that also have been building or threaten to disrupt your personal peace, so this is a good time to mind-fully and respectfully confront others who may be invading your personal space or having issues with personal boundaries.

Finally the Wunjo/Joy rune can be just that, and while the Cave Card suggests a time for withdrawal from public interaction the Wunjo rune suggests this is a time when Protection and Joy can be found in the connections we have with family and very close friends (our “Clan”).  So while this may not be a good week to take great risks or start new projects, it is a very good week to play with your children, spend time with your partner or enjoy a home cooked meal with your best friends.

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