Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – April 25 to 27, 2014

ScalesSix of PentaclesFehu1

Having had a rather crazy week when blog updates simple did not occur, I wanted to make sure I at least got a look into what is coming up for the weekend and the energies going into the next week – what we get is very interesting and continues to fit the pattern we were seeing last week.

The Scales card suggests a Tipping Point, A Decision, that something is either out-of-balance or needs to be balanced or sometimes legal matters (the Scales of Justice).

The Six of Kitty Pentacles is a group of barn cats waiting for the farmer to come and milk the cow, knowing that they will get their daily treat afterwards; this card also indicates balance, often a re-balancing and distribution of resources; it is not about extreme wealth or poverty but about having or not having enough of something: resources, knowledge or power.  This can also be about production and consumption…

Sowilo is The Sun, who in the Norse Cosmology is female so we have the Mother Sun as one of the aspects of this reading; this rune is also lightning and energy of all types (including nuclear and other power sources); the sun is also probably the most important “natural” resource that we have, which is freely distributed to all living creatures in the form of sunlight and while lightning is freely available in nature; this is not always the case in its more humanly generated forms such as electrical power or laser technology.

To me, this whole reading points to the world (or a situation) coming to a “tipping point” or judgement over resources during this period; I keep focusing on the Ukraine (or Eastern Europe/Russia) as a major flash point but this psychic energy is likely to manifest in more than one place with a huge struggle going on both in public and private over natural and man-made resources; wealth, commodities, and even forms of knowledge like patents or intelligence information (aka spying on all levels).

There may also be a judgement or tipping point about resources and their distribution in general; expect more stories this weekend about the extremely wealthy vs the average person; giant corporations vs. small business; droughts, floods and other disasters and their effects upon power and food supplies.  There are even hints of Japan and China in this reading, both in terms of nuclear power but also in terms of basic commodities like food, clothing and shelter (and the conflicts likely to be simmering below the surface concerning them).

With a reading like this, it is even possible that either an open conflict or a radical resolution of this issue in some part of the world (or situation) is possible; especially given the over-all wild/strong energies of this time period.

Whatever the issue, this is a time period to look for the concept of “having something” or “not having something” as the basis for a lot of the conflicts, issues and debates going on for the next few days; that includes personal life as well as Current Events.  This is a time period when there is likely to be pressure and extra stress caused by limited money, food, property, power (electrical and personal) etc which can lead to a tendency to “strike out” (lightning) at others who may have nothing to do with the situation.

Try to avoid striking out and instead try to work with the other Barn Cats to achieve the balance necessary to get the resources (milk) that you need to get by during this time; ideally while this is not a time for extreme prosperity it also need not be a time for depression or want either; rather BALANCE is the key word this weekend.

Balance will give you Strength (another aspect of the sun rune) to achieve the resources that you need to obtain (the milk) and share with others (the cats) without killing the producer (the cow) or the processor (the Milk Maid).