Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – April 18 – 20, 2014


SkillsThe TowerBerkano2

I have been pretty psychically “wiped out” all week from the midnight/Eclipse reading I did on Monday but I wanted to check in to see what the cards and runes had to say about this weekend, since many astrologers are targeting early next week as a time of possible change and disruption.  What I’ve got here pretty much confirms just that and even pegs the same time period for it to start.

The Skills card indicates that the skills needed to deal with this situation (or more likely situations) do exist but they are going to be really focused on over the coming weekend, a lot more than you would expect during what is a holiday period for much of the Western World; I get almost the idea of archery practice or getting ready for just about anyway.  So a good weekend personally to make sure things in your life are in order and that your “up to snuff” as much as you can be in terms of mundane activities like paying off bills and filling the pantry.

The Falling Kitty or Tower card (Tower of Destruction) in many decks shows a calico kitty who has just fallen off the balcony of her home, no matter why she is falling, the die is cast and she is now in mid-flight and her world will change!  She may land on her feet and meow to come back inside, she may decide to wander off and have an adventure, she could fall and break something and hope that help comes in time or she could face the ultimate change and lose her current life.  We don’t know at this point, we only know that change is now in motion and all the skills in the world are not going to stop it, until gravity has done its work.

The Berkano/Birth rune suggests this time period (the weekend) is the true and serious birth period for this radical time of change; that something that happens now is likely to signal the start of the “fall” and that also implies it will not be over just because Monday rolls around; however we may get hints of what is coming by watching the energies and the news this weekend.

On a personal note, be ready for times of serous change and sudden disruption in your personal life, again the best defense is a good offense, with the Skills card showing the way forward is to be as prepared as you can be emotionally, materially and spiritual for change and then recognize when it comes that you can’t stop it, you can only try to circle around and land on your own personal feet.

A weekend (or time period) where just about anything can happen, and what does happen is probably the unexpected.

Monday and Tuesdays have been flagged as “special” days by some astrologers so I will try to make sure to do another check in then, even if it is also a brief one.

Take care and enjoy what you can of the weekend!