April 15, 2014 – Special Stonehenge/Blood Moon Reading

Hi everyone, welcome to this special Card of the Day blog post – there was no card yesterday but late last night my time, at the request of an internet friend on one of my forums; I did a very special reading that I decided to modify and share with everyone.

What “D” asked me to do originally was if possible, to go to Stonehenge and “read the runes” sometime between midnight and four am on April 15, 2014; now I explained to D. that even if I were in the UK (and originally I had planned to be but in fact I am home in Ireland) this would not be possible because Stonehenge is an English Heritage site with regular closing and opening hours – without a special permit you simply can’t walk in at midnight and sit down to start prognosticating or even gaze at the moonlit stones.

I told him what I could do, is since on another level, the one we hopefully arrive at during states of dreams or serious meditation, space and time are not the same; I could do a reading between those hours while “visualizing” that I was in fact at Stonehenge and ask to read as if I the place being bathed by those particular energies (which Stonehenge and nearby Avery do have).  He agreed this would be a fine experiment, though he still didn’t give me any clue as to what I was looking for.  Except that we both like to speculate on Current Events and geopolitical topics though he tends to do it from a more mundane headline-based approach than reading runes or cards.

I also decided to add cards to the runes in this reading because they tend to give a bit more definition than just the runes alone; there are only 24 runes, but there are 40 cards – the runes are brilliant for very “cosmic” and over-arching concepts (which makes them very good for a reading like this) but the cards tend to point a bit more down to earth and specific issues.  Together, I thought they might be interesting and it seems they have combined with the audio reading that also went up, interestingly enough – one HOUR EARLY at midnight, while I was doing the reading.  Normally my audio shows go up at 1am my time but my producer asked if he could put it up early this week because he had an appointment later in the evening in his time zone, I did not even make the connection until later – but the way the energies connected, I would say that the runes and cards of both readings fit a very similar pattern.  I will post the You Tube link to the audio reading at the bottom of this reading so readers can take a listen, it is only about 35 minutes long, but I think well worth the comparison.

Anyway, so to set the stage for this reading; I did a mental visualization of Stonehenge but soon found myself swept away back from Stonehenge towards Avery which is a relate (and larger) stone circle complex with a village built into the middle of it.  You can actually go and touch or sit with you back against a stone at Avery, something you can’t do most of the time at Stonehenge; I have done this on quite a few occasions which may be why I was drawn there first. Then I felt myself swept back up what archeologists call “The Processional Way” and ancient pathway now believed to have part of the religious complex that includes Stonehenge and was probably used in ancient times to walk from one site to the other.  Again, I myself have walked part of this path way, at least as far as the Long Barrow that dominates the landscape, past the huge man-made hill; the path itself continues onto to Stonehenge which is where I found myself getting back to, this time under the glimmer of a full (but not yet, red) moon.

Seating myself (in my mental visualization) near the center of the circle and looking out; I proceeded to draw three sets of cards are runes:

One time for the Foundation of the Situation or Issues that the cards/runes wanted to bring up.

One time for the Current Situation/Issues or Energies

One for the most likely Future Progress of these energies given the current energy pathways (and choices of human beings etc).


Cards and Runes for the Foundation of the situation/issue/energies

Liberation WorkFriendship Elhaz Eiwaz2 ehwaz2


The foundation of this situation (whatever it is) is founded in Liberation, Freedom or something penned in that is breaking out. This card also appears in the reading I did for the next four weeks as something or someone breaking loose (in that case it is something strange and new or a strange thing) in this case it seems to involve either Work/Employment/spiritual work and/or friendship (as in the work or working together in Friendship).

Friendship is a card about friendship, and is generally a good card; when reading for Current events you have to take it in context and I’m not totally sure what it means here although a positive reading of all these cards and rune given that I was meditating on Stone Hinge and had a mental “vision” of Avery and the Entire processional way in the Moon light (which I have walked as far as Kenneth Long Barrow) would be:

The Foundation of this reading is the Freeing of energies for the work of friendship between humans and the other world. This is a partnership that while not an equal one (men are not “equal” to divine beings) is generally a protective one.

Of course this can also mean that energies are being freed that allow the work of less positive friendships to also emerge, but at least the beginning set here feels positive.

The Algiz/Eiwaz/Ehwaz combination is very powerful, with two of the more mysterious and powerful runes starting off the triad.

Algiz is literally elk or moose – but is usually translated as “Protection” the Moose is probably the biggest natural creature left in the North lands and there is no predator other than man who proses a threat to a health, adult moose. Therefore the ancestors saw protection as its aspect, however, if a Moose decides it is going somewhere, it is going somewhere and it doesn’t stop for anyone or anything until it is darn good and ready (or it falls off a cliff or smashes into a car on a Swedish road). Some people see this rune as a human being holding up their hands in prayer or supplications to the Universe and/or the “Shaman rune” again the figure with upraised arms seeking connection with the other-world and bring the information or contact back into this one.

Eiwaz – is probably the most complicated rune of the entire 24, it symbolizes the world tree, the tree that is Norse Cosmology connects all the words together and/or is the connection, between the world of men and the world of the Gods/other world. Like the previous rune, it is sometimes seen as a human figure contacting the other world, this time kneeling down as if in prayer or again meditation.

Ehwaz also came up in my reading for the next month on this week’s Cat’s Eye on the Future show – this rune is horses and usually means a partnership but not always an equal one – there are hints of being “yoke together” in this rune – there is another rune that looks almost the same and it is about human and more equal partnerships, but this one usually suggests that one partner is in control of the other. Like all runes this is not always a bad thing, but an interesting repeat given my audio reading.

So again, taking this together with my other reading, the energies that are unleashed at least effect and channel both work and partnerships in some very profound ways. Some of this is probably a good thing but it could also lead to some unbalanced situations, especially where the “partners” start out unequal in the first place.

The horse images are interesting too, just given all the horses that have shown up in the pictures from the Nevada ranch situation; also the couple in the Liberation card are fleeing a horse. In a modern sense a horse can be any means of land transport like a car, train bus. But I am feeling a stronger “pull” to that image of horses “yoked together” perhaps pulling a chariot down that processional way towards Stonehenge?



The Current Situation/Issues or Energies

Cave No Stranger Birth Sowilo2 Manaaz2

The current cards are somewhat darker and more negative and also again reflect that monthly reading I did to a degree. The first card we have is the Cave (which is also the card of the past weekend) which suggests depression, hiding out, being overwhelmed, and a strong need for protection – also a crying out for that Algiz/Elhaz/Moose rune.

The No card suggests something is either being said “no” to as in “no” Cave or “no” Stranger but it can also be simply a rather negative/no energy. Since the Stranger itself was very strong in the audio reading, I don’t the meaning is directly “no Stranger” or “nothing strange” but it could be “No stranger/strange thing is Born” or perhaps that the birth of this strange thing/idea/individual/situation will not stop (no) the cave energy – in other words it does not solve the problem.

In the Audio Reading I suggested that the Stranger Energy was so strong that it was very likely to upset the apple cart in some way and whatever it was (or whom) we would probably all know it when it occurred as it will be various obviously something new or at least totally unexpected that is unleashed.

Interestingly enough the runes for the audio reading were the horse rune (ehwaz), Nauthiz (need fire/desperation) and Berkano – Birch Tree/Birth which is almost exactly the same as the Birth Card.

So in the audio reading we have also have the birth image but in rune form rather than card form and we have a fire rune – one that usually means desperation and need.

In this reading the runes are Sowilo – The Sun/strength/Lightning/Electricity and Manaaz – Partnership/human partnership so now we have basically the power and strength of the sun (which can include anything from the sun itself to all things nuclear to strong and powerful forces) and we have now replaced the rune of yoke/ partnership, not always human with the usually more equal (but not always) partnership of men (humans). Think of horses drawing a carriage under a human driver and/or pulling a plow.

I am honestly not sure exactly what this means, but it totally convinces me that my reading about something or someone strange or new coming on to the world/current event stage is likely and while it may not relieve the desire to hide (or perhaps The Depression, the cave card can be about that too) it does give birth or somehow change the landscape of what is going on. The Sowilo/Manaaz combination suggests that what is given birth too could be a strong alliance or human partnership. It is impossible to say if this is a positive or negative one but it may be somewhat unexpected or it may simply result after the unexpected event occurs.

It could possibly involve nuclear or solar power/electricity or more ancient powers associated with sun worship and/or even in this context a revival or hints of National Socialism and/or special forces military because the S S used the Sowilo rune doubled as their symbol.  This does not probably indicate real (or actual) Nazi’s from the 1930’s and 1940’s but rather a possible Karmic echo of something from that time period or people acting in a similar fashion and/or something to do with power/sun/electricity etc that is associated with them in some way.  It can also hint at bad weather or electrical/solar storms, being associated with lightning as well as the sun.

Remember the runes/cards are not mutually exclusive and can affect more than one situation at a time, in fact they almost always do, in this case since I am “reading blind” in terms of subject matter, I am guessing there probably is something major that likely to be the cause of both the Cave (Depression/Withdraw) and The Stranger (new person/situation/idea) that will be obvious when it happens; but as I said in the Audio reading at this point I am just not sure what it is; but when it shows up we are all pretty much likely to know. Either that or I am miss-reading something and that too should be pretty obvious in the next three to four weeks.  Of course the Birth Card (and rune in the audio reading) could indicate issues with birth/fertility/babies/generation of plants and animals etc too; so the strange situation could be something along those lines as well, something that affects them either in a real or a spiritual way.

Physical things that could happen that would apply to this sort of energy could be issues with the electrical grid, a solar outburst that affects the planet, sun related issues, a huge stock market or financial crash/collapse/currency issue (see below for that one) an unusual treaty between countries or line up of individuals you would not expect to see together etc.  The No and Birth energies both will tend to tear at each other somewhat the first being a denial of something “NO” and the other being the Birth or Start of something – this may be part of what causes a lot of tension during this period.  Something trying to break out and come into being that is desperately being denied by the Stranger or perhaps just something those in the cave (which could be most people) do not wish to look at or wish to see happen.



Fortune Destruction Tree Skills ehwaz2 Ingwaz2 Daguz2

This first set of cards is the most obvious and clear meaning in these three readings we have had, it suggests that if the current trend set forth in the foundational and current cards continues there will be the Destruction of Fortunes and/or Fortune/Destroyed.

While probably about money/finances/economies etc this can also be the “Destruction of Fortune” in the older sense of Fortuna or Luck. Having good luck was very important to the Norse/Germanic people and to “loose your luck” was very serious indeed.

The Destruction card also suggests that things fall apart, become chaotic, something are destroyed and come apart – the Tree, is the foundation of a situation/family/the putting down of roots/the world tree/the branches/etc etc..
So the Fortunes of Families may be a stake both those families that are rich and powerful but also the average person. This can even be seen as “The Fortunes of the World/World Tree” or something that strikes or threatens the fortunes of the very roots/foundations of the world/current world etc.

The Skills card provides some hope that things can be coped with if the will is there, like the “Work” Card it shows a bow and arrow – this could suggest targeted solutions, or the fact that there will be the information/skills/understanding/tools etc needed to put things back together and make things right, IF the bow is picked up and the arrows sent out correctly. Conversely the arrows could be missles flying off to do more damage and make things worse. The tools themselves are neutral, the hand that wields them makes the choice.

The runes are once again the Horse rune/yoked together/non-human or unequal partnership – while I don’t really think aliens are likely to come out of the sky and offer to “help” us, that sort of thing would fit the energy as would any larger-stronger force offering an alliance or partnership with a weaker one.

Ingwaz- seed, as in seed you plant in the ground or as in the seeds of a new situation, the planting of an idea or situation – this also contains aspects of agriculture, fruitfulness, fertility and again HORSES.  Horses were one of the God Ing’s (Freyr) main animals, in fact one of his symbols was a carefully preserved horses penis.  Taken together with the tree, this suggests that something involving the Destruction of Fortunes may also affect food/harvests/commodities etc in the real world; as well as the thoughts and plans in the mental and spiritual realms.

Daguz is the Sun at Dawn or “A New Day” “A New Start” “A new cycle” which if your going to have to have destruction and/or destruction of fortunes/world tree is pretty much exactly what you want to see.  However, like all sun runes, this one in particular has a lot of atomic aspects and so could involve either solar or nuclear aspects of anything including power, weapons, uses in medicine etc.  So while the “New Day” or “New Dawn” image is generally is a hopeful one, there is also a caution here and a suggestion of just how things could go pear shaped.  Because you have the set up here for a potential meltdown that can either be used for “Creative Destruction” on which to plant a new Tree using skills and hard work to bring forth the New Day – or the potential meltdown that brings a literal meltdown of some vary destructive energies indeed. Remember the boy and arrow are weapons; they can be used to provide food for the hungry, defense or make war on the neighbors; the issue is not with the tools themselves but how humans ultimately choose to use them.

While I am not am astrologer, I have spent the last couple of weeks pouring over various astrology and related blogs from this time period (the next few weeks, in some cases months, I am not really sure how far out this particular reading itself goes) and the general perception seemed to be a time of serious and transformative changes; which could not be avoided but could potentially be directed in a more positive manner but were pretty much fated to happen on a world-wide scale, human beings ready or not!  Individuals can use the creative potentials of this time for “creative destruction” (or transformation) but large blocks of Peoples/Tribes/Nations are likely to be less aware and more likely to be buffered about by the cosmological storms, even while being largely unaware of them.

As to the Actual “Blood Moon” issues themselves, well that is a topic of which I know little about and would have to say I consider it to be “above my pay grade” especially in terms of their being possible harbingers of doom (either man-made or natural); but what I can say is that it is becoming increasingly accepted in the scientific community that strong lunar eclipses, as well as periods around the time of the full moon; often produce very strong earthquakes.  The theory being that the moon is known to pull on the Sea, so having it pull on land is also highly like and for some reason eclipses may increase that pull.  So while there were not strong indications of Moon Energy or Earth changes in this reading itself, it is not impossible that any of the next four “blood moons” may indeed carry with the a certain amount of natural/earth based destruction in terms of earthquakes or volcanoes.  And of course the solar runes and seed runes could hint of problems with intense weather patterns, flooding, hurricanes, drought, winds, storms, irrigation etc.

However;  pretty much when the astrology, the cards, the runes and the visions/feelings/readings of other psychics all tend to indicate a rather wild and perhaps strange period of time; it is probably best for individuals to stay aware, awake and hang on to your hats because it is likely to be a bumpy ride.  The good news, high energy times and times of great change; provide the back-up power for individuals to choose to make changes they have been putting off or feeling pushed to make for a long time.

To do well during the coming weeks and months; do your best to make your transformation an aware and intentional one, change is going to come anyway, and you will like it better if you embrace it rather than trying to either deflect or ignore it.

That concludes our very special card of the Day Reading for April 14/15 2014 – take care and see ya soon

Link to audio reading here: