Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – April 11-13, 2014

CaveAce of WandsKenaz2

This weekend is likely to be a time when those hiding from reality are likely to find things building up to a time where testing and/or the release of energies is going to prove to be needed.  The Cave Card is sometimes the cave of Depression, but other times simply signifies a time to withdraw and rest from the world.  As the primary energy for this weekend, it suggests that many individuals; as well as Peoples/Tribes/Nations are going to want to hunker down in their caves and refuse to recognize that new energy is building and that someone or something is posing a challenge (or is about to pose one).

Now the most obvious manifestation of this energy on the World Scene, I think continues to be the Russian Cat’s Paw (once again, we have the fourth image this week of a young cat feeling cocky or tempting fate, this time issuing a challenge to battle with a waking snake).  The Kenaz rune which tends to be fire-torch or boil, suggests that tension is building and could even spill over and/or a tipping point is likely to be reached soon.  I sometimes call this the side-ways volcano rune because it looks like a sideways mountain and because of the resemblance between a rising boil and a volcano.  I suspect that there is going to be a lot of denial about possible Russian intentions until the very last-minute – at this point it is difficult to see in this situation who is the cat and who is the snake but once the paw goes out, retreat becomes nearly, if not actually, impossible.

The image of a cat carefully sneaking a paw towards the snake who is quiet until it suddenly snaps and strikes out, is very strong here; the cat may leap back, the cat may be struck by the snake and die if the snake has poison, or the cat may leap up the snake to grab and break its neck.  If the cat leaps back, both the cat and the snake may walk away to continue on warily but safely, or one (or both) can wind up dead.  A very, dicey card one that starts out rather lightly with a cat playing around but with the chance of becoming deadly serious, very quickly.

Of course this over-all energy, is simply going to affect life in general and other world events; but look for an over-all sense of folks trying to continue yesterday’s more playful energies to the point of will-full ignorance, rather than face a challenge or disruption head on.  That goes for heading out the door from work early rather than risk a confrontation with the boss as much as it does refusing to recognize that half a dozen world hot-spots could be on the brink of conflict at the moment.

I am also drawn to the dry landscape on the Ace of Wands card, and directly to the US State of Nevada where a stand-off is taking place between a life-long rancher and the US government; it is a complex dispute over land-rights, fees and fines; but now rumors are circulating that this area may have potential lucrative fields for the fracking of oil and gas beneath the surface.  If the cards are echoing this situation suggests that again, the world is likely to try to hide from the issue and/or the family is likely to stay hold-up for now as tensions and issues continue to build.  The Court cases and other challenges have been set forth, now the cat’s-paw (the government pawing the snake) is pushing the situation to the “boiling point,” torches have fire and fire can spread.  While I have no idea exactly how this individual situation is likely to end (probably badly but I hope not) I see the potential here for a torch that sets a fire for the future; one that could burn right up to the mouth of the cave in the future, though it is not likely to this weekend.

Again, this energy is likely to push any number of topics and situations to the breaking point, while at the same time pushing on people to ignore them as long as they possibly can; sometimes hiding from a situation is exactly the correct way forward but the second card and the rune both caution against this path over the coming weekend.  Because things will continue to move, with you or without your awareness and like the snake could come back to bite you in the end.

Finally, the Kenaz rune suggests to me that all is not going to be over and done with in the next three days but rather this pattern of hiding vs challenge is likely to continue for a few more days; however, that cat vs. snake do suggest a strike or attack of some sort either in the physical or symbolic realms. 

For individuals this is likely to be a weekend when a tendency to keep close to home and hide under the covers is going to be a very strong temptation, to a limited degree it might even be a good idea especially if you see this as s time for an intentional fall back for rest and thinking (rather than just mindlessly hiding) but be mentally prepared for sudden and perhaps chaotic events that may disrupt the peace of your weekend; don’t ignore situations that are heating up at home or outside it because they will likely snap when you least expect them and are less prepared.