Card of the Day – April 10, 2014

VoyageAce of CupsJera2

Today’s reading is all about moving forward and emotions, it is largely positive (for a nice change) especially for individuals and potentially for Current Events if these emotions are channeled wisely.  Since individual aspects are so positive I will reverse the usual order and do those first as I like to be the barer of good news when it shows up.

The first card is The Voyage and it suggests either an actual trip or life’s journey, individuals are likely to encounter this in one or the other form during this time period and are likely to find that physical, spiritual or even mental traveling may be a bit more playful than usual.  With the Ace of Kitty cups showing a playful kitty paw batting at a colorful fish who rising up to see what is happening.  The cat isn’t really hunting, he’s just attracted to the movement and in a good mood.  But of course, it could all end in tears if the playing gets a bit too rough and fish with water-glass end up crashing to the floor leaving the kitty soaking wet and the fish in an even worse situation.

The really positive thing about this though is that individuals can choose to be playful but mindful of what they are playing with as they do so.  That way, everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves without getting hurt; another thing to remember in this Season of Spring (in the Northern part of the world) is that flirtation and the seeds of romance are likely to be in the air; play the game this week but not too seriously as the seeds you plant now are more likely to ripen later.

That’s because we have the Jera or Harvest rune, which also tends to represent Summer/Winter or the turning of the two-season Germanic Year; it isn’t that the Norse didn’t know about four seasons, just that in the Far North lands, there are really the two most obvious ones with only a brief period of transition.  So I am both sensing that this emotional but playful period is likely to be temporary but that also it is a good time for putting things in motion that one is emotionally attached to or ideas you have been “playing around with” for a while.

However this is also a time period when actions that were previously taken may rise up to meet you (both good and bad) because this is also the closest that the runes can come to a sort of “Karma” card in terms of what was done in the past, may come up to meet you now and also echo into the future.

In current events we have a similar energy of course, this is a time period when headlines may suddenly turn a bit more playful and lighthearted as may place approach school or Spring/Fall vacations and the world’s press tries for the distractions of lighter stories.  Except a number of stories about boats, travel, ships (of all kinds, including those of the air), exotic locations, spiritual journeys and pathways etc; as well as perhaps some major stories in the field of sports.  I don’t follow sports much so what exactly I can’t say but it I am feeling a “match” there so it might be worth paying attention.

With the Jera rune however, I am strongly feeling too things:

One is that the powerful emotions towards “moving the journey forward” and “playing around” could turn rather grim if either the movement of something (perhaps real ships/military etc) gets a bit too serious or the playing (of cat and fish; or perhaps cat and mouse) somewhere in the world goes emotionally overboard and “tips” the Jera rune over into a new (and probably unwelcome direction).  As has been my tendency this week, there is a pull towards Russia “playing” with the fishbowl (Ukraine/Nato/EU/US) but I think this time it is more than that.  This energy is feeling pretty strong today, hopefully things will stay at the play level and not tip over into the realms of shattered glass, dead fish and wet kitty with a hurt paw from the flying glass.

This feels like a sort of brief thing, so if we make it through the next 48 to 72 hours without the fish bowl going over, it may be OK for a while yet; but playing kitties of all sorts need to be careful today, because what they are playing with is alive and easily hurt.

Two, the Jera Rune is also talking about the real harvests, commodities, food, water, resources etc; this started to show up in early readings and I’ve mentioned keeping an eye out on the prices of hard goods (especially food, heating fuel, gasoline, water, power etc) that people need to survive as well as supply systems and chains etc (including Cargo Ships, which could be echoed in the voyage card, shipping lanes etc).  I am feeling there may be problems or at least a situation building with the harvests in some areas of the US and possibly some other places in the West that usually can cope with this sort of thing, but this time there may be some real issues at least by the Fall harvest if not before.  In any case areas with a Spring harvest (in the North) are likely to see some issues, especially in the supply chain or perhaps transportation.  It is hard for me to put an exact finger on but watch the news for this because it feels like an important situation that starts slow but probably speeds up later and is likely to come back around (the way Jera tends to do) later in the year.

OK that’s about it for today, great day for individuals, just don’t take budding romances too seriously just yet and remember it isn’t nice to play with the hearts of others – threat even a light flirtation as you would wish to be treated and have a great day!