Card of the Day – Tuesday – April 8, 2014

Father Message Knight of Cups Daguz2

Today’s reading sees two cards stuck together, the Message card lurking under the Father card until I went to lay them out – usually the Message card flags a card before or after it as “this is the Message” and I think this is what it is doing here.

The Father card suggests a leader, someone showing the way, teaching his son to use a bow and arrow perhaps for hunting, perhaps to defend the tribe or even to use in offensive warfare; we don’t know because the card doesn’t say.  In a current events reading this card can represent a strong leader or father type figure, someone in authority (male or a very strong women), an adviser, a teacher, a director etc.  With the Message card at play, it suggests that today is a day when leaders, bosses, those in charge and those trying to guide them may all have their hands full.

Because of the weapons in the card, this card can also sometimes suggest actual preparation for war or war in its symbolic forms like diplomacy or even general conflict.

Finally, as my husband the Rune Master has observed in the past when this card comes up – a nickname for the old Russian Tsar was “Little Father” so when we fit this with yesterday’s reading, this card suggests that Vlad Putin is still a major player in the news today (no big surprise there) and that he may be directing what is going on inside of Eastern Ukraine (as many have speculated).  He may also be our Young Tom Cat again, this time presenting as the Knight of Cups.  Or the Knight of Cups may be another individual or group of individuals who seem charming and delightful but also tend to be emotionally disruptive and sensitive; this Kitty feels he needs to be in control before he can interact with others and is prone to huge emotional highs and lows.  While I can see bits of Putin’s personality in this, I have never envisioned him as a charming person who reactions emotionally to things (though of course I don’t know him personally);

My thoughts are more drawn to the US President here: A charming man, one who does like to receive attention but only on his own terms and known for having some difficultly making decisions (or seeming to at any rate).

Of course, the Knight of Cups may not be a person at all, but could be an alliance or group of people who take on these qualities – could be Ukraine itself or this card could be flagging the financial issues that are dogging the energies this week.

A financial situation where smiling faced folks fight desperately to continue to maintain control of a situation while becoming increasingly unable to keep events (or populations) from reacting in an emotional manner.

As always, these energies spread out to other events everyone and that includes the Daguz rune, which stands for “The Sun at Dawn,” “A New Dawn,” or a “New Start..” again the possibly situation in the Ukraine where people swept away by emotions and desiring a new start comes to mind (at least in the East) but I think this rune is more than this.

Keep a close eye on all things nuclear, electrical and solar (including the sun itself) today, there is likely to be news in these areas.  Some of it may even be positive like a new discovery or breakthrough; but also I just have a feeling that nuclear weapons or other issues are likely to show up somewhere.

However the good news is that Daguz helps mitigate some of the sterner Father energy, especially for individuals and suggests this is a great time to start new projects or to revise old ones; the playfulness of the Knight of Cups, also helps dampen down the Father card in a good way, invoking the good side of the benevolent guiding father-figure who plays with his children and helps them learn to cope with life’s emotional ups and downs.

So, as often happens, a pretty good day for individuals; especially for teachers, employers, leaders or anyone in a position of authority as well as children and people with a child-like view towards life.  Not such a great day for Current Events, but perhaps not quite as tense as yesterday, at least for the short-term; people may be feeling like the see a “New Day” coming but not see that it is likely being directed “from above” yet.

An interesting week, a time to pay serious attention to far away new, because it may yet prove to be very important later.