Card of the Day – Monday – April 7, 2014

Today I am returning to card of the day after some time away during the illness and eventual passing of my Mother – I want to thank everyone whose waited patiently for this blog to return.  Psychic readings, even ones like this that are somewhat general and simplified need to be done when the reader is in touch with the universe and difficult life events, like the death of a parent, tend to be unbalancing no matter how long you have been practicing.  The best thing to do in these cases tends to be for the psychic to take a break, rest and get their own balance back before reading for others.  I have been doing professional readings for two weeks now with no problems, so I feel I can now add this blog back in the mix, though I may do shorter readings for awhile (as I did when my Mom first became ill) and gradually expand back to the normal flow of things.

Thanks to everyone that send me notes and sympathy on my Mom’s passing, I miss her but I know she is free of pain and happier where she is than she probably was for awhile during her last days here on this plane.

OK – that said, let’s take our first quick peak into this weeks most likely future energies…

Scales Knight of Wands Elhaz

The combination of The Scales card, the Knight of Wands and Elhaz (or Algiz) brings me instantly to the situation in the Ukraine, along with a couple of other “hot-spots” in the region that are likely to be the focus of the world’s attention and headlines over the next few days.  Of course, you don’t need to be a psychic to see this is possible but I think this news is likely to dominate this week; although these same energies are likely to be a play in the stock market and financial news as well.

Briefly the Scales represent Judgement, Decision Time, Karma, Legal Decisions or pretty much The Next Shoe Dropping; I did a small reading over the weekend for a forum I am on about the stock market and the Justice Rune (Tiwaz) came up in the same position.  Which is one reason I suspect that this may be “D” (as in Decision) week for Vlad Putin in terms of moving his army forward or not (and NATO/The EU/The US etc to decide how, if in any way, to respond if he does; but also “D” or Drop week for the Stock market.  The Weekend reading suggested the Ice rune (Isa) might find things stuck of frozen if attempts to shore things up in the financial world fail to provide a “pick me up” with even a selling-hold happening in one of the markets, or simply things locking up and not moving much for a few days.

But the Knight of Wands, I really think is Vlad Putin of Russia in the reading; while he’s a bit long in the tooth, the image of a young Tom Cat going “out on a limb” happily taking risks he knows he can probably survive and feeling cocky with recent achievements fits what I suspect is his current emotional (and political) situation to a T (pun intended).  Our “young” tomcat looks like he’s taking a huge risk but his happy tail lashing and smug expression show he knows (or believes) things to be otherwise.

In terms of the financial world, the other place I feel these energies are strong; thing of the dashing young “Wolves” of “Bankster Street” who think they still in control, that enjoy taking risks as long as they think they are immune from falling off any broken branches themselves.   This card could even represent the entire industry to a degree, because in the card’s good aspects it is all about the fierce joy we can experience from reaching out to new goals, on the negative side it is all about thinking we are in no danger at all from the risks we are taking when in reality our “victories” are likely to all end in tears. [When I went back to edit, I discovered I had written “The Knight of Wants” so look towards some possibly rather desperate news in terms of “austerity” or finances/food/commodities/agriculture etc]

The final information is Elhaz – Elk (Moose in North America) this rune usually means PROTECTION, and I think there is going to be a great need for Protection – but remember that both sides in the Ukrainian conflict claim to be providing protection for one group or another.  My guess is that if Vlad does make his move, the excuse will continue to be that he is moving in militarily (or via political take over) to protect the Ethnic Russians, to protect the supplies of gas in the pipelines, to protect a way of life, etc, etc and of course Western Ukraine will response with exactly the same message again the real kicker being who (if anyone) will provide them “Protection” or back up.  That’s the Judgement that will occur this week or very soon thereafter (as the cards are not always as good on Earthly time as they are on predicting trends).

This rune also suggests that once things start moving, if they do – then nothing is going to stop either a political/military move and/or a financial/stock-market/currency etc move until it is down right ready to stop or falls right off a cliff.  That’s because Moose are huge animals, in nature there is no predator that can take on a healthy, adult moose.  If and individual or a herd begins to stampede, nothing will stop them until they are darn good and ready to stop or the leader takes them off the mountain side and crashing into the valley below.  Early humans learned this and used fire as a major hunting technique for many of the largest herd animals of their day, deliberately setting fires to herd them in the direction of the cliff  which the animals would follow their leader right over to be destroyed by the rocks below.  Even those animals who could see what was up ahead were without the ability to change anything because of the humans guarding the route holding their flaming torches to drive the heard forward.

On the contrary, if the Moose decides to STOP; it isn’t going anywhere in the natural world and even a human needs something very powerful (like a gun) to force it to move (sometimes by killing it).

However, this of course is also why the power of the moose is so protective, because as a GUARDIAN, very little can get past it when it choose to provide protections for anyone standing behind or below it.

On a personal level these cards suggest a fairly care-free period when people should try not to take new relationships too seriously, enjoy what comes that is good in life but understand that a lot of things are going on beyond their control (the Scales) and the Tom Cat card is a great card for Spring Romance (just keep you eyes open until the weather settles a bit).  Above all remember the Protection aspects of Elhaz, which is also sometimes shown as a human figure with their hands raised towards heaven, asking for protection and guidance, which I think, is a lovely image to close with.

So, that’s all for today, I managed a longer reading than I expected but there’s a lot to catch up on, I hope to be back tomorrow but if not; understand that this reading seems to hold the energies for the week to a large degree; with the rest of the week’s cards likely to be more filling in of the details.  Remember, watch the Eastern geopolitical situation and economics this week – that seems to be the primary focus of the reading so far.






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