Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – February 7-9, 2014

Scales The Magician Wujo2

This weekend is a time period where things could go awesome and magically well or awesome and magically bad; this is a time period when things are being held in the balance (The Scales) and that wonder-workers (the Magicians) will seek to engineer in their own desired directions.  This will also provide individuals to use their own “magical” influences to try to tip the scales in their favor, this is a strong time period also for judgements, laws and karma to come into play.

The Wunjo rune means both JOY and BATTLE FLAG/CLAN Banner so again the scales may tip towards great joy and happiness for some, but battles and conflict for others.  Obviously some of this reading on a current events level is probably about the Olympics where some are winners and some are losers and it is all brought into being by the “magic” of hard work and the technology of TV and the internet into living rooms world-wide.  People compete for their “Clan Banner” in a form of “battle” and “judgement” that is supposed to be in a friendly and non-violent manner.  I can not be certain but the Judgment/karma card could also portend something more serious (as has been rumored for months) taking place there (or in some way associated with the games) and that something may or may not happen partly depending on how the “Magicians” handle the possible situation.

As always, this energy also spreads out into other places, with this weekend being unusually focused on tipping points, balances, weights and measures, judgements (including legal cases) etc.  This is also a great weekend for magic, magical acts, stage magicians, people working in drama or other technologies so advanced they look like “magic.”  There may even be news stories about some new technology that will truly seem magical to the average person and I have a hunch there may be some new technology perhaps in the entertainment field (or communications) that may be about to go “live” that will be revealed o r at least hinted at this weekend.

There may be a tendency for “magical thinking” on the part of Peoples/Tribes/Nations that causes them (or their leaders) to make decisions based on how they think the world (or the situation is) rather than actual reality.  This could be dangerous during a time period when it will be very easy for people to make snap judgments in the face of conflicts that may be real, but may also be illusions.

For individuals this is a great time to practice personal magic (both technological and metaphysical), to review past decisions and decide what steps to take next and to enjoy time with extended family and friends.  But be careful because there is a lot of energy out there for making judgments, “magical thinking” (thinking something is true because we wish it to be, not because it is) and conflicts (battle flag) so be very sure to keep part of yourself well grounded in reality even as everything around you may be lighting the world with a sort of warm, fuzzy and magical glow.

So a mixed weekend coming up with joy for some but disruptions for others, focus on the positive and on staying in touch with the real world this weekend and it will be easier to navigate this time period.

And if there is news about anything strange, dramatic, powerful, upsetting or even explosive event this weekend (or going into next week) be very careful about making judgments about exactly what happened (is happening) until there is time for the magical distractions and waving flags to settle down and the reality of the actual situation begin to sink in.