Card of the Day – Wednesday – February 5, 2014

FortuneThree of CupsLaguz2

Today’s reading is another one of those that is so powerfully good for most individuals but a bit less certain for Current Events so I will do the implications for individuals first and then explain why I am not sure it is as good for the general world.

The first card is Fortune which can be seeking money, spiritual fortunes or even a life path; the Three of Kitty Cups is an old women feeding some happy and loving stray cats in her garden.  The cats are purring and seek her companionship as well as her food bowl – the card represents voluntary friendship and also the provision of resources.  It provides the idea of fast friendships with people (or cats) who may travel with you as you seek your fortune.

The Laguz rune means lake or water, and often hints and the hidden world or things that are buried deep beneath the surface, it can be about dreams, secrets, or strong running waters.

So for individuals this is a fantastic day to reach out for your dreams and seek out and appreciate your closest friends and family; a day when dreams (or ideas) may really come into being, especially those involving relationships, so a good day for romance as well.

However for Current Events as they stand at the moment, I would tend to read the Fortune card as the actual FORTUNES (as in money/economic resources) of both wealthy individuals and nations; which anyone who can read a head line at the moment knows may be in danger, especially if someone is invested in the stock market or other forms of investment wealth.

The Three of Cups provision of resources and voluntary friendships now takes on a bit of a darker side (all cards have them, even really good cards like this one) suggesting that the voluntary friendships over “Fortunes/Money/Economics/RESOURCES (including food)” may be targeted today (for both good and bad, but they are targeted) and something that is HIDDEN (or was hidden) until now is likely to well up and affect this.

My sense is that whatever has been hidden and is now surfacing (probably more economic hanky-panky of some-sort that has gone on behind the scenes) is likely to smack right across the face of the current economic upheavals that are already ongoing and make them worse (or at least bring them into a sharper focus).  My sense is that “the food bowls” of the world may be partly at stake here as our the currently voluntary friendships and understandings between nations and national power blocks concerning money/currencies/trade etc.

This also feels like an ongoing process with the information sort of “trickling out” to the public as it “wells up” from the bottom of the lake – of course Laguz also reflects water itself including flooding which is happening on a vast scale at least in Europe and may disrupt regular production of food and other forms of “fortunes” as it continues to inundate agricultural lands, destroy power lines and businesses, create homelessness and runs up multimillion Euro repair bills for various governments.  The water-weather in the form of snow and other storms is impacting North America and other places as well, so I expect this will continue at least for the next 24 to 48 hours if not longer.

So enjoy the personal connections and joy in friendship over the next couple of days but keep your eye on what is happening in the outer world as your food bowl may feel the impact down the road.