Card of the Day – Tuesday – February 4, 2014

Peace Nine of Wands Gebo2

Another short but very interesting reading, I had expected economic cards today but instead got cards that suggest the topics of Peace, Territory, Confrontation and Exchange (or gifts) may be in store for the 24 to 48 hours.

The Peace card for Current Events usually means peace (or quiet) or the lack of it but it can mean something that isn’t moving (like yesterday’s Ice Rune) in this case I think it is a bit of both; however the nine of wands is all about protecting territory or attempting to obtain it by force or stand-off.  One of the Kitty’s is on his home turf while another kitty attempts to invade and take over his space.  The Gebo rune usually means gift or wedding and can also be an exchange intended to bring about a resolution over disputed territory – in traditional Germanic society women might be exchanged in marriage along with other “gifts” in order to end or prevent a war, especially a territorial one.

I would keep my eyes open for the next 24 to 48 hours on places that have stand-offs going on over land or other types of property; especially Japan and China; Russia and the Islamic Republics and/or Ukraine, the Middle East and sections of Africa.  I would not be surprised to see something offered by a major player in one of these stand offs (say Putin or China) offering to try to exchange something in order to stop a potential conflict or end an ongoing one.

This is likely to spill over into the realm of banking and business as well,  and could affect the property markets or some sort of deals being attempted in dark-back rooms to try to prevent a further decline in the stock market or the over-all economic pictures in several Western countries.

What I don’t see in this reading is a breakout of outright fighting or hostility, at least not today but if neither kitty backs down soon that could happen; the peace card would tend to delay things though and even suggests that some things may continue to be stuck that really need to get moving.

For individuals a day when avoiding confrontation and backing down from dangerous situations may be a good idea, sometimes you have a “to give a little” to get what you want and this is likely to be one of those days.  However, this is a great day for weddings, gift exchanges, birthdays or writing a will; reading a will could be more dangerous unless everyone is happy with the outcome.