Card of the Day – Thursday -January 30, 2014

Liberation Message The Magician Ansuz2

Short blog again today as sprained wrist is making typing very difficult – but once again we got four cards as the first two cards just insisted on being together – with Liberation being amplified by the “The is the Message” Card.

So we have something breaking out after yesterday’s being in prison and my hunch is that is either money suddenly breaking out in some fashion and/or the “magicians” (propaganda machines, news outlets, official spokespersons, CEO’s, Economics etc) trying to communicate the message that “everything will be fine” or “we have the wisdom and magic to deal with this.”

Ansuz is the rune of Wisdom, Communication, magic and the God Odin/Wotan; He is not only a god of communications and wisdom, but observations, battles, secrecy and even commerce (one of his names is Cargo God) and Viking merchants as well as warriors asked him for favors.

Another way to look at this reading is “The liberation of the Magicians” or even the “The Liberation of Magic” both of which can be very good things or very bad things depending on who the magicians are or what the magic is.

This energy is likely to express itself in other areas than just the economy today; look for stories of things breaking out, new “magical” wonders, wise words and “run-away” anything (from economic things like inflation/deflation to sheep breaking out and blocking a major road).  Also a good day for the “freeing” up of secrets, especially those about things that may seem magical both truly metaphysical and technologies that can seem like magic; look for breakthroughs in science, medicine, technology today and going into the weekend.

I could say a lot more as this is a very profound and deep-set of cards and runes but my wrist just won’t let me, so pay attention today is a day of important communications, especially about things that may have been trapped and are now released – these things may be personal as well as being issues in the larger world.