Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Jan 10-12, 2014

First before I do this weekend’s reading, I wanted to do some follow-up on at least part of the death/death card, sun card and “traffic” energies we’ve had over the last few days (I was unable to read yesterday, but I’m talking about late last week until Tuesday). First, the sun energy we experienced is pretty obvious in that we suddenly have large solar flares and even auroras and solar storms over the last few days as far South as Ireland. Hopefully that is all this energy was about, though we should keep paying attention because solar can also mean lighting, power grids, even nuclear stuff which could all be affected by “solar” energy.

But the really interesting follow-up I have is on the Death/Death/Tiwaz/Tiwaz traffic image I kept coming up with, I said at least twice to be careful to avoid breaking traffic laws (or speed limits) on a Tiwaz (justice) day and I found the “Double-D” Day (like the movie What Dreams May Come) to be very strange and a bit scary but I didn’t really have any overwhelming sense of doom like I did right before the Oklahoma City bombing or the Challenger Accident (or even the readings here prior to hurricane Sandy).

Now I am seeing headlines on Drudge like “Road to White House Closed” and all sorts of references to what amounts to “The Traffic Jam Scandal” I think at least part (and hopefully all) of this energy may have been the weird mix around the Governor of New Jersey being accused (or his aides accused anyway) of throwing a tantrum over not getting political support from a fellow politician and then deciding to “interfere with traffic” on an important bridge in the other guy’s territory. In the process it is alleged that the emergency transport of a sick women was delayed and she died as a result (again alleged – I have not had time to follow this closely).

The resulting outcry and growing reaction to this story is filling the US media with stories about the “Death” of the Governor’s Hopes for the Republican US Presidential nomination and that may even be true at this point.

So we have a suddenly rather energy sun, combining with an unwise and childish move by a politician (or his campaign staff) that results in the “death” of his higher political ambitions (or at least kills them off for now).

And it if over Traffic (or the breaking of traffic laws, since this is obstruction) on a bridge, and hit the press during a double Tiwaz period!

So the upshot of all this is that the energies are totally working out, but the specifics were nearly impossible to predict because the second story was so weird – it was pretty easy to predict (correctly) that the Sun might start acting up; though thankfully not doing anything really serious yet; but the weird Traffic-Justice-Double/Death combination all makes perfect sense now, but was a total puzzle when it first came up.

I am writing this out now as an example showing that while card readings can be very helpful in getting an idea of the sorts of things that might happen; it can be very difficult without a hunch, vision or dream to get serious and exact details. Some psychics are better at this than others, or better in certain situations than others. I can often make educated guesses plus hunches when it comes to current events; but I really tend to get “impressions” during personal readings. Other psychics can tell you exactly what will happen in a certain situation, but may have a harder time getting the over-all picture (I’m good at over-all pictures, sometimes vague on specifics). We all have different talents and gifts, which is why I like to see people working together rather than a lot of competition in this field; sort of like putting a group picture puzzle together.

Now, I’m going to move on to a quick look at this weekend’ card, but it will be interesting to watch the news and if the Governor’s misfortunes totally fill up this energy or if there is more to come along the solar/Tiwaz/Death meme in the news over the next week or so.

TreeFive of PentaclesFehu2

Well the weekend reading seems to continue the trend of repeated energies but this time it is The Tree, which was also Monday’s card but this time rather than justice both the rune and the Five of Kitty Coins points to economic woes as coming into a much sharper focus over the weekend.

Gone from this reading seems to be the distractions of political comedy and even solar light shows; these may not have ended but the world focus is likely to shift back to economic matters, at least for the next several days.

The Tree, as on Monday in a card that tends to represent either the World Tree itself (which I think it does here in this reading) a group of related things (like a family tree or The “Root” of an issue, which may also be at play here.

The Five of Cat’s Eye Pentacles shows a young, neglected cat in a back alley; her battered ears and drooping eye are evidence of her neglect and she appears to be about to rip open a trash bag in hopes of finding food for herself and the small kitten beneath her.  We don’t know if the kitten is her own from a very early litter or perhaps a younger sibling, but she is obviously depending on the older cat for comfort, food and protection.  There is an empty food bowl showing that some human knows about the cats in the alley and is trying to do something to help, it may not be enough but the effort is there.

This card is all about the need for material resources, a lack of support, neglect etc but also about accepting charity and not allowing material poverty to stop psychic or mental growth.

The Fehu rune is translated literally as Domestic Cattle (so we actually have cattle 3 times this week!) though the usual meaning is Wealth, Money or sometimes Sex/Fertility.  That’s because in the ancient Germanic world, Cattle were a major form of wealth; this rune is also often associated with the Goddess Freya (love, fertility, battle) actual gold and even amber.

My husband has been known to say (and I’ve said it here a million times but it has been awhile) that the entire Ring Cycle by Wagner can be summed up as one, eight-hour explanation of the Fehu Rune: Conflicts over Gold/Money and Sex.

Fehu doesn’t have to be about conflicts over money but it very often is and I think that and perhaps gold itself is being touched on with this reading.

So in the realm of Current Events this weekend look for serious, systemic (or perhaps earth-shaking/affecting) issues with macro economics, especially over topics like growing poverty, unemployment, actual hunger, desperate people, the role of charity, the role of governments in giving out aid, welfare, etc.  Look for issues or stories about the price of good, currency valuations, inflation/deflation, unequal/equal distribution of wealth etc.

There may also be some underlying energy towards trying to take on this problem “by the roots” and “shake the tree” either to try to solve the crises and/or simply try to get things to continue to bumble on for a bit longer yet before they totally fall to pieces.

The Fehu rune also suggest possible conflicts with those in need or perhaps those seeking to aid them; and there is also the simple age-old battle between those that have (gold/wealth/food etc) and those that have not (gold/wealth/food) etc and also perhaps those who feel they are losing the foothold of what they once thought they had?

On a personal note, this is a good weekend to examine your finances right down to the very bottom of your spending list, to be willing to accept offered help if you actually need it and/or to offer help to others if you are in a position to do so, and a good weekend for dating, relationships and positive personal interaction but whatever you do – don’t argue about money!

This is the time for personal shoring up and examination but NOT the time to get into a row with your spouse over it, just make your observations, tick your boxes, realistically look at what needs to be done and have the Big Talk early next week when the energy for conflict will hopefully have calmed down a bit.

And remember if you are personally really in great need, do not be ashamed to accept offered help, that is part of what the Five of Pentacles is all about; perhaps next time it will be you able to offer help instead.