Card of the Day – Wednesday – January 8, 2014


OK for some reason I had a really hard time getting to read today and now I think I know why; today is a highly unusual energy day but one of those things that can get flagged if you are using what are essentially two decks, one of which may be smaller but has similar cards to many in the standard Tarot.

Just like last week when we had Sun the Card one day and Sowilo the Sun rune on another day (and I think part of that was the sudden solar flares and activity we are seeing now) this week we have a combination on the same day of Death and Death.  In fact we have Death-Death-Tiwaz with Tiwaz being the rune for Justice/laws/settlements etc and this is the SECOND DAY IN A ROW FOR TIWAZ too.

I don’t think there is anything at all for individuals to worry about, in both my psy card deck and the Cat’s Eye Tarot, Death is most often a manifestation of transformation and change in your life.  It may be the final ending of something personal, which isn’t always a bad thing; for example graduation from college or changing jobs for a promotion are both good types of endings; so is a wanted move to a new home, getting married or having a baby.  You are no longer single or no longer childless, you are now married person or a parent.

The Tiwaz rune for individuals, suggests like yesterday that this is a great day for members of the law profession, police officers, military folks and security guards (or even service animals).  But it also is a good day to be careful and try to avoid minor infractions that could get you in trouble, this is not the day for driving over the speed limit or being “creative” on your tax return.  When the same energy shows up twice it is good to pay attention, also the previous two days were Uruz/Uruz (Ancient cattle/Strength/Control/Out of Control) which shows some rather powerful energies are tending to stay in force over a number of days at a time right now.

Where this reading gets dicey to me, is not individuals because if we are alive, we are experiencing change and it just means that today may bring a lot bigger (and perhaps more sudden) changes than we might really be expecting or ready for.

But it feels somewhat darker and edgier, when it comes to international or Current Events; in the over-all world situation I am not sure if this is about something as obvious as:

The Death of Justice

or perhaps it is about the Death of a person, the ending of some important law (or set of laws) and/or their sudden change.

My mind is drawn to several things but they are all speculation, a change in the US legal system; a surprise ruling by the courts in the EU, the US or other Industrial country…the image on the Cat’s Eye card is a kitty staring out into a frozen landscape covered in ice and snow; so there are even hints of the Great Cold that much of North America and some of Europe is experiencing right now.  Death coming in one of its most traditional forms, that of a severe and frozen Winter – perhaps today will reveal a higher death toll than expected or perhaps there are problems yet to come?

This reading feels intense to me, but I honestly am not sure exactly what it portends or if it is only about today or more like the start of a pattern that may go on for a few days or weeks?

With cards like this, the death of someone important or famous, perhaps in the legal field (or affected by some legal case or something) would fit the energy as would the sudden ending of something unexpectedly by legal means (a corporation closed down, an industry getting a negative ruling, a CEO or Political Leader arrested) etc.

While there is nothing overtly financial in this reading, there could be something in the world of banking and finance that suddenly changes or dies and/or something like the “Death Cross” or other arcane moves in the stock market.

Thankfully there are many kinds of “death” in these readings and most of them are not about actually transitioning to another plane, and even this is about an execution or even a conflict/war that erupts over some idea of justice or clan/tribal dispute it doesn’t mean that everyone will be affected this way.

This does however, feel like a rather dangerous day internationally for all forms of conflict, especially those that see themselves as having a “just cause” (real or imaginary) and including everything from diplomacy to terrorism.

I think it a good idea to use extra security both in terms of individuals and your private homes, cars etc as well as public buildings, airports etc.

Remember, energy readings just mean things are more likely to happen on certain days but they do not mean that something WILL happen, only that it is more LIKELY to happen during a certain time period.

Now is such a day for Deaths and Sudden Changes that are influenced by the stern forces of Tiwaz, which often means by-the-book (whose ever book is being used) justice with limited or no mercy that a modern person would understand.

Keep warm, keep safe and be open to changes today (and obey traffic rules)…