Card of the Day – Monday – January 6, 2014

yesKnight of WandsUruz2

Today is a day when things may feel exiting, energetic and otherwise positive, but you should look underneath the surface with maturity to make sure the reasons for the happiness is real and not something superficial.

The Yes card gives permission or suggests that “Yes” something is happening; but the Knight of Kitty Wands is a self-centered, young and happy tom cat who has climbed up into a tree and is happy to be charming and adored.  He appears to be self-reliant and not in need of any rescue, he is adorable but knows it and is unwilling to settle on any one source of love or affection for very long.

The Uruz rune is ancient cattle, suggesting both strength but also a tendency to stampede head-long into things without thinking.

Together all these energies make for day (and to a lesser degree a week) when it may be easy to lose you head and go rushing along following someone (or something) that looks exciting, polished, charming and happy.

Those falling in love or forming new relationships (even business partnerships) of any kind this week so be careful of this energy – it does not mean your relationship or business association is a bad idea; but it does mean this is a time period when it is likely to be tempting to look at partnership through rose-colored glasses.

Instead, this is a time to ignore your very first impression, but to sit down carefully and cautiously to review the situation with a mature mind; if after doing so things still look good, then by all means go forward.  Just remember to keep looking every so often for a reality check, and make sure that you are still safe on the ground and not out on a limb with Mr. Young (and Restless) Tomcat.

Use the strength of the Wild Cattle to stand firm, while resisting the temptation that all cattle have to follow a herd and run wildly off; stopping only when the herd does or if they go off on a cliff.

This is a day to enjoy the freedom that the Yes energy brings and the joy of the Youthful Tom kitty, but just stay away from the group and keep your own perspective about things, especially when faced with important life decisions and relationships this week.

In Current Events the same advice applies – be ready for people, ideas and situations that look to be positive, charming or exciting that actually turn out to be potential chances for events to run off the cliff.  These could include peace treaties/negotiations that go wonky; sports or games that suddenly become serious; play activities of all sorts that suddenly turn dangerous; partnerships between nations/people who go from charming to stressful rather quickly (or have hidden agenda’s exposed); and as always in this year of the “One True Leader” or “One True Solution” either a handsome person who seems to promise and answer or an idea (or process) that seems to bring “the solution” to some world problem or another.

So, stay grounded, stay aware and enjoy the good energy by moving forward but with your eyes open this week!


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