Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Jan 3-5, 2014

Sun Six of CupsUruz2

Strength, the Sun and protective innocence, seem to be the energy themes for this weekend; along with a repeat of the Sun in His male aspect via the cards.  Repeating energies like this solar one suggest that the energy is still riding high, which combined with the strength of the Uruz (Ancient Cattle) rune indicate a time period when the light is likely shine strongly everywhere and all things associated with the sun are likely to be topics and targets for the next several days.

These include the sun itself: stories about the sun, solar flares, sun spots etc. along with Strength, Electricity, Lightning and all things nuclear from bombs to healing cancer treatments.  Stories of droughts, heat-waves and sun-related weather are likely to be in the new during this period including stories about sun-cycles affecting weather and climate.

The Six of Kitty cups is a delightful card with two tiny kittens playing a few inches from Mommy and exploring their new wide world – the black and white kitten puts his paw over his sister in play and protection; they are totally innocent and playful, they have not yet learned about territories, social dominance or deceptive behavior they are just happy and loving little babies.

This card in a reading suggests a need to lighten up and remember to play, to not become too cynical or hardened but rather take time to remember childhood and that not all of life is a treadmill.  This goes well with yesterday’s cards, and continues to provide really good positive energy and strength for individual people; riding coat tails on the exciting anticipation that always seems to accompany a New Year period.

Uruz, or ancient cattle, is the rune for strength but with a bit of wildness attached, once cattle start to stampede they don’t stop until the wish too or are driving off a cliff.  One caution in this reading is not to let the happy sunshine/warm glow of the New Year energy combine with the innocent need for play to let your finances or other obligations run wildly ahead of you.

Enjoy things, take time for children and remembering your own needs for self-care and playfulness but just don’t let things get out of hand.

On a current-events level, I would say there is also a strong pull towards people needed play and distraction to keep them innocent of the things they sun may be trying to show them; also that there is an energy in which a good thing may get out of control, which may also end up in the news.  There is also a chance the sun may itself become “strong” and “playful” bouncing around a bit after its recent flip-over and giving out some interesting flares, phenomenon and Northern/Southern Lights.

Over-all a pretty good energy period provided the Sun doesn’t get out of whack or the fun become a bit too wild…