Card of the Day – Thursday – January 2, 2014

Home Six of WandsSowilo2

Hi every, and a happy 2014 to all! This reading shows a largely positive energy shift, especially for individuals – with the end of the holidays being a great time for folks to take pride and joy in their homes and family life, as we all celebrate the return (or the height) of the sun in various ways, depending on where we live in the world.

The cards today are the Home, the rune Sowilo is the sun herself (the sun being female in the Germanic world view) and the Six of Wands is a handsome, young tom cat who strides into a room with pride delighted that none of the other cat’s challenge him.  He does however, fail to see that the cat in the background isn’t very happy with the situation and here we have the problem with too much of a good thing.  Totally concentrating on how great your feeling or how well things are going can result in envy, jealousy or other problems with other people who may become unhappy with your position.  The warning being that humility should always accompany success and positive achievement.

Now for the current events portion of our reading, I did individuals first because it was so positive for most people and I am not one to let a positive reading pass by when it comes up – still this, while it has positive aspects for current events is not quite as straight forward as I think it is for individuals and families glowing in a sort of post-solstice feeling of if nothing else, the forward energy of a new year dawning.

I think that there are hints here of issues with homes, the property market and perhaps another bubble being either ignored or even made worse by those in the money-power structure whose hubris seems to know no bounds.  I can almost see young to middle age men and women in “Suits” gloating as they watch their positions (or those of their financial institutions) seem to improve (for now) at the expense of others; something the general public is already starting to resent and this backlash seems set to continue.  Riding high, they don’t see the black and white tom cat in the background – this may be rivals of their own kind waiting to leap into the fray if the positions of those above and beside them look shaky or it could be a threat from another direction.

But Pride going before a fall, is all over this aspect of the reading; I am not quite sure yet if something in the financial market is about to crash – probably something that seems secure but really isn’t (and even fools those directly involved) or if public envy and rage is likely to set off protests or even legal actions of some sort – but look for stories about this growing in the next few weeks, especially as things “hit home” to the public and/or their homes are affected in some way.

The we have the sun, I think the sun will have an influence on this exposure as it is known to shine the harsh light of day onto situations; other information is also likely to become “out there” especially the NSA spying and other things that governments would like to keep hidden.  In politics as well, there is this “Pride Comes before a Fall” sense in the air; again as the reality of what has been promised early in 2014 hits “home” again with the public as opposed to what really is going on, expect some nasty public reactions.

In the US this is likely to be from both the attempts at medical care reforms and from other issues like unemployment, tax changes and changes made to benefits programs etc.  In other countries, many changes usually occur around the New Year and again that same “reality hitting home” combined with “envy” of those who do well by them vs. those that do not is likely to be a major meme for the near future.  I think finances and money issues (or how people feel they are doing vs how other people are doing) is going to be very high on the list of issues here.

We also need to remember that whenever the sun rune (or card) shows up, but especially the rune stave – there are possible issues with all things solar and related to solar – so watch for stories about solar flares, solar power, electricity, power (and power cuts), lightning and storms and all things nuclear (from power to bombs or uses in medicine).

So over-all a great day for individuals, please enjoy this energy and have a quiet return to work or end of your vacation today; but be wary of what may be hidden in the feel-good stories (and weight loss adverts) filling the media right now as they may be a big distraction for some real stories, some of which likely involve Pride and Power on an epic scale, that isn’t being tempered by wisdom or experience.

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