Card of the Day – Monday – December 30, 2013

Tree Knight of Pentaclesehwaz2

Today’s energy is very interesting, the first card is The Tree – often this is about the roots of a problem or it can represent the world tree or the even the family tree; especially in a personal reading.

The Knight of Kitty Pentacles is a focused, no-nonsense barn kitty, a young male seriously stalking prey and getting on with his job – in a reading he usually suggests hard work, stubborn will, attention to a goal, but he may also be unimaginative, cautious or even obsessive if he isn’t careful.

The Ehwaz rune is the other partnership rune, but this time it is the partnership of anything, not just humans; the rune itself is thought to be two horses touching noses and often the partnership in question is unequal or that of controller and controled.  For example a horse and rider are a partnership, but the human (in theory) controls the horse, if the horse bolts and the rider is no longer in control than chaos can ensue; both horse and rider can potentially become badly injured if this happens.

I think this rather unusual combination of cards and runes, suggests that a main focus for today (and the rest of the week) is going to be on just getting through the week and getting sorted what has to be done.  There are a lot of deep-rooted problems and issues that are likely to come up, but with the end of the year at hand, and in the face of multiple issues and threats; there is simply going to be a lot of energy out there towards people just hunkering down and getting on with their jobs or their plans, determined not to let anyone or anything disturb them.

They know the world is unequal and they know they are not totally in control of things, but right at the moment the situation is, if not balanced at last not wildly out of sync either.

This is a good time to concentrate on finishing things off that need completion; things like paperwork, taxes, job projects, etc especially activities that shore up and help strengthen you personal and family tree.

Be aware of the partnerships in your life, both the equal and the unequal ones and be realistic about what you can and can not do about them; just don’t become compulsive, stubborn or too resistant to change during this time period.

This is NOT a good time to start new projects, goals or ideas or at last wait to start actively working on them seriously for a day or two until the energy shifts – this is a great day for doing what always works, but not such a great day for the new and exciting.