Special Update – December 22, 2013

We have been off-line most of this week due to a tree taking down our phone lines in a major storm and we are predicted to have storms that may be even stronger this coming week, both Christmas Eve and this coming Friday.

Therefore the Card of the Day blog may or may not happen this week – if I can get on tomorrow (I wasn’t able to most of today again) I may do a week’s projected holiday-week reading and leave it at that.

The Radio Show for this week was already planned to be a repeat of Kveldulfr’s Yule Interview, hopefully there will be a fun look at possible 2014 predictions the following week, but if we are knocked off-line and I can’t send in another show, I already have plans in place just to leave up the Yule interview for a second week and then post the 2014 predictions show the first week of the New Year all going well.

I am sorry about just going “poof” but we live in a very rural area and no one in my household (or my neighbors) realized we would be without phone and internet service that long.  Many places in Ireland also lost power but thankfully we did not, but obviously that could also happen at any time.

So far though, we are otherwise fine here at the house – so while I’m on line let me wish everyone a Happy Winter Solstice Season, how ever you choose to celebrate it!