Card of the Day – Wednesday – December 18, 2013

LibidoKing of WandsPerdo2


Today’s reading is bright, highly positive and rather short – given that we have a lot of wind and rain here in Ireland and I want to make sure this one gets out after missing yesterday.

Today’s cards are The Libido (Sexuality, Display, Life Force) and the King of Kitty Wands (Creativity, Charisma) and the rune is Pethro (Fate, Gambling, Uncertain outcome).

Taken together they suggest a day when most people will be in a better mood than the past couple of weeks, probably partly due to the Holiday Season and partly due to just a serious change in the energies.

It is also a good day for romance and fun, so a great evening for a dinner-date and movie afterwards.

The King of Kitty Wands is an Older Tom Cat who is content to rest in the sunshine and remember his adventurous youth; other cats really like him, they enjoy his company and his stories of the old days.  He is a very Charismatic leader who inspires his follows by his great sense of dignity, charm and creativity rather than force.

He’s the sort of leader that cats (or people) want to follow because he brings out the best in everyone as opposed to trying to crush them, he himself is content and hopes that everyone else will have a similar outcome in life.

The Pethro rune suggests that things may be a bit “dicey” in some ways, or that Fate may be playing some sort of “roll” today – on the good side – this is often seen as the rune of Loki the Trickster who can be difficult to deal with but can be a delight at parties when he is accepted and treated with respect.

While the dice cup suggests that the “Party” may not last all that long, we should all enjoy it while it is here; a lovely interlude between the changing and morphing energies that sometimes rises up to great us when we least expect it.

Current events wise this is a day to expect stories about beloved (or interesting) leaders, especially in the creative arts or in romance or world leaders who are creative and dignified in their public lives (see the current President of Ireland for an example of this); also those sorts of happy-ending but sad stories beloved of news outlets this time of year (the lost kitten that is found, the child with cancer who gets a million likes on face book, the family that makes it home for the holidays against all odds) that sort of thing.

The only down side in this reading that I see other than the dice cup itself is the distraction aspect of the Libido Card where the two peacocks are unaware of danger because they are so busy display fighting in mock combat for the pea hen.

While there is a sense of thing in this reading, I think it is also the case that sometimes people really need distraction from cares and worries; so as long as we are careful to keep a small part of ourselves on the ball, it should be perfectly all right to enjoy the positive joys of the moment.

Just be aware that whenever the dice cup rune is around, things can turn suddenly, the turn may not even be unwelcome but it is likely to be a surprise.