Card of the Day – Monday – December 16, 2013

TreeThe EmperorManaaz2

I really think that a strong theme today (and going into this week) is likely to be authority vs. freedom at least in world affairs (the realm of humans), this is because of this particular (and rather new) combination of The Tree, The Cattery Tom Emperor and Manaaz (human partnerships) all together.

The Tree card, is often about the Family Tree or the World Tree representing people and their connections – it can also be about the roots of the tree or the root of a matter or issue.  Sometimes it has also appeared to stand in for The Tree of Liberty, especially when I am reading for the United States or other Western countries.  I think there is some of both the ideas of The Roots of the Problem and the Tree of Liberty here – as well as perhaps the connections between families, Peoples, tribes and nations.

The Cat Emperor Card is actually one of my favorites for artwork in this entire deck, a magnificent, pedigreed, Persian full Tom cat, sits on his Throne-like Drawing Room Chair in front of a roaring fire.  A tiny kitty, is trying to climb up the chair and bat at his father’s tail, the kitten look just like Dad except for being orange and the proud father allows his baby-son the liberty of using his tale as a pounce toy.  He looks directly at the kitten though, with a look that is both love and discipline at the same time, as if to say “for now my dignity will allow this because you are mine and an infant, but later you will learn to behave differently around me.”

The role of the Emperor in a Reading is usually all about authority and power, but it is also authority under law or at least the semblance of regulation.  While the Cattery Tom does get to keep all of his working sexual parts in place, unlike most pet Tom cats these days; he is only allowed to use them under very strict and directed rules and times that are dictated by his human over-lords rather than his own desires.  Unlike the Feral Tom cat or the Tom who is King of his own barnyard; the Cattery Tom is simply not allowed to make kittens or even socialize with the Queens (females cats) unless they are spade and therefore not available for his primary urge in life, which is to breed.

He exchanges comfort, freedom from hunger and a long life by the fire for having his urges controlled and manipulated in this way – his cousins the Feral Tom and the Barn Yard King, have much more freedom but their reigns (and their lives) tend to be nasty, brutish and short.  Full of glory perhaps, but always looking around the corner at their competition, the new Tom Cat that will someday unseat him and take his throne.  To protect himself, a feral or intact barn cat tom will keep a few male “minions” or “thugs” (as I like to call ours) around him, beta toms who goal in life is to serve their leader in exchange for the occasional chance to breed with the females, usually after the leader has finished with his business (note all our boys are neutered but living outside they often still think like intact males).

In cat society this helps to expand the cat gene pool and ensures that not all tom cats are run off; if something happens and the King Cat is no longer around, usually his second “Minion” will take over – often growing classic studly cheeks and a broader chest, even if he is way past kitten hood; he may still have to fight off other territorial males but unlike them he will not tend to kill the kittens of queens that previously belonged to his buddy.  That’s because he believes they may be his – female cats have learned for millions of years that if you can convince a new tom cat that he made the kittens, he is less likely to be a danger to them.   In other words the familiar is often safer than the unknown, even if it may still be repressive and dictatorial.

This basic cat unit of Emperor cat and his feudal under-toms, carries over into the world of pet cats; where toms who have been neutered may play similar power games, with the exception that the King Cat and under-toms only rarely challenge for power the way full toms will, and when they do the fights are seldom as serious or threaten to be fatal.  In a home Cattery, like the one depicted on the card, it is common to have a Full Tom as THE Emperor but to provide him with neutered males to have as natural minions and betas; if he is left around the queens he will make unwanted kittens.  Kittens that are not wanted by the humans that is, the ultimate authority here; left to their own freedoms the tom and his queens would make several litters a year.

So, he still has a tom-cat Kingdom of a sort, it is just a rather one-sided one and again one not of his chooses but that imposed by the power and will of human beings.

This bit of cat structure review does have an actual point that I will get to in a minute, just as soon as I mention once again that the Manaaz rune is the rune of human partnerships, usually but not always equal ones.  It can be a very good rune, composed of two runes that mean joy but those joy runes can also be clan (family) or conflict (battle flag).  Sort of a really good observation of the ways humans tend to interact with each other in a nut shell.

My hunch is that in a current events ready for this week, the main energy of the week is likely to be this tug of war between liberty vs. freedom and disagreements over power and authority.

There are likely to be a lot of stories about government regulations, control of populations, spying, relationships between governments, relationships between families, relationships between friends etc.

At the heart of all of this is going to be that push-pull between individual freedoms and governmental or law-based/authority based controls and directives.

This is likely to affect individuals at work as well as in relationships, the Holidays are always a stressful time as the generations meet together for what is supposed to be a happy reunion but this year there may be energy putting pressure on people to revive family feuds as well as family pleasures.  These will probably be around power lines “You always loved him better than me!” or “I am you Mother, we will have the Dinner at MY HOUSE!” – there will of course be good manifestations of this energy too, especially on the family level.  The dotting father playing with his children, the grandmother who delights everyone even as she gently manipulates the teenagers into acting like adults for two hours, that sort of thing.

Power under authority is not totally wrong, without it we would have no organized society at all; but most people prefer to have public affairs spread out among elected officials and a number of different governing bodies rather than one chief Tom Cat these days (at least in the West) and they prefer to at least believe they have some say so in who these people are.

Also, the average person prefers to believe they have as much freedom as possible to organize their lives and their own personal family trees and partnerships in ways that seem good to them and without outside interference from anyone, including authorities.  Most people want the Tsars in our lives to “stay far away from us,” unless we experience some sort of calamity that calls for their assistance; such as a natural or personal disaster that a household can not cope with on their own.

I think there will be a lot of discussion this week, and going into the New Year about just what the role of Authority vs. Freedom (and regulations) ought to be, this blog is not advocating any particular system or solution, just suggesting this is going to be a big energy issue.

So be kind to families members who may seem to be on power trips, bosses that may be losing perspective and even partnerships who seem a bit out of balance – this is just likely to be a week for this sort of thing.  Try to get people focused on helpful leadership rather than the destructive sort and when you can’t do that, just try to stay out-of-the-way of some individuals (or agencies) until the energy changes, which it will, it always does.

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