Card of the Day – Thursday – December 12, 2013

Sage Eight of Swords Laguz2

First an update on yesterday’s reading – while there were no obvious events that could be tagged as involving the Sun, sudden-loss and grieving plus a hair stone or sudden strike; there was announcement by NASA that fits the reading perfectly as seen in this headline from the International Business Post:


Rest in Peace Comet ISON, NASA Says It Has Burned To Death

Various articles and Obituaries for Comet ISON reveal that the “cause of Death” was most like the Sun itself and since Comets are essentially a giant ice-ball  or Hagalaz; I think we have a major unfolding of yesterday’s energies in a nut shell.

As always, it did affect other situations too, I received some private e-mails about personal situations that also reflected this energy but my hope is that the Current Events energy was mostly manifested by ISON’s unfortunate demise and this is not a case of the information showing up just a bit too soon in the cards; that has also happened before so I won’t totally breathe easily for a few days yet, but if we are lucky this is all that was being flagged.

Meanwhile, back to today and while I have only been reading with the Cat’s Eye deck for a few weeks now (and there are the usual 78 cards of the Tarot) we are already seeing repeating cards – I believe this is the 3rd time for this card but I know it is at least the second.  This suggests to me that the self-pitying sense of despair and sense of feeling trapped by larger forces (even when we could actually do something about the situation if we just quit emoting and took some actions) is a really, really serious message right now.

The Sage Card, combined with the Unhappy Kitty on the Eight of Swords card, pretty much says flat-out that people/tribes/nations need to use wisdom and study before deciding that a situation really is beyond their control and that their efforts can not solve the problem.  The frustrated Kitty has two situations that are causing her grief, one is the introduction of a tiny human into the household to complete with her for affection.  While it is true that she can’t do much about this (except maybe turn the baby’s pacifier into a toy and enjoy herself with it) the baby gate she is meowing about is a whole different issue.  She is perfectly capable of leaping that gate any time she pleases to get into the other room, but instead she is just getting mad and complaining to her humans about it.

Combined with Wisdom, this really comes right and almost sounds like that 12 Step rule, something about accepting what you can’t change, but changing what  you can and the wisdom to know the difference?

Taken with some of the past readings, this suggests to me that the public mood is become so disturbed, unhappy and feeling out of control; that people may no longer be able to actually move forward and experience what the CAN control.  It is much easier to simply sit there frozen in anger and unhappiness than it is to really study the issues and figure out a way over the baby gate.

If people DO turn around and start looking to leap over the gate, they may find there is a lot of hidden information, ideas, situations that underline the problems; things that are just below the surface but that most people just don’t see.

That is the Laguz, lake rune and unlike the frozen Hagalaz of yesterday, this is the water rune of soft, flowing and often deep water.  It literally translates lake, but can also be any body of water moving or still – a river, lake or even the Ocean.  But the concept of DEEP water, often goes with this rune and I really feel like that is the meaning here.

A lot of what is causing people/tribes/nations to feel that things are out of their control is the result of deeply hidden, drowned situations and decisions that will only slowly come up to the surface if people are looking for them.

That is where the study and wisdom come in, but first there has to be a decision to stop starting at the pacifier (dummy on this side of the water) and look at the problem of the baby gate, which can be solved.  Until that happens, the knowledge is just likely to sit there hidden under the water, while unhappiness and feelings of powerlessness continues.

In you own life, don’t let this happen; focus on what you CAN CONTROL and leave the other issues for another day when the energy for tacking the seemingly impossible if stronger (and there will be days like that, this just isn’t one of them).  But realizing that there ARE things YOU CAN CONTROL, is the first step towards leaping forward and over the obstacles.