Card of the Day – Wednesday – December 11, 2013

SunFive of CupsHagalaz2

Now this is an interesting and rather complex reading, so I’m going to break it down before making a few educated guesses as to how these energies might manifest in the next 24 to 48 hours…

The first card is The Sun – the Sun can represent the Sun itself, all things solar (including solar power, atomic energy, even electricity) also Summer Time, Harvests, Celebrations, or the Sun bringing something/information “to light”  It can also be a very bright or energetic individual or even a nickname like Sunny, occasionally it is about the Solar System or things in the sky, more on that later.

The Five Of Kitty cups is a sad card no matter how you spin it, though not one without hope or unseen positive results (in some cases) – the card shows a grief-stricken and despondent Mother Cat who watches as a young women carries her two kittens away in a cat carrier.  Anyone who thinks that Mother Cats do not grieve when their kittens leave home (or sometimes don’t make it) has never been around many Cat Mommas; even those who adjust pretty quickly tend to be pretty shaken, protective and unhappy when the time comes.  This is especially true of the kittens are young and Mom Cat is still very attached to them – she doesn’t know or understand her babies are going to a good and loving home, from her perspective her babies are now gone, a final ending similar to death and the grieving is similar.

I looked this card up in several places to make sure I had a handle on it and it is the card of grief, loss and and helplessness in the face of loss.  However, it is also about working through grief, pulling through to the other side and accepting that sometimes there is outcome we will just never know but may be positive, even if those affected are lost to us.

The rune is Hagalaz: Hail Stone, Sudden Strike, an unexpected and usually powerful something that “hits” out of nowhere or seems to fall from the sky (literally or figuratively).

Taken together, this reading suggests that there may be a sudden event or situation, sometime before the end of this week (most likely sooner rather than later) that causes a “sunny mood/person/situation” to suddenly be lost or come to grief in some way.  This even may be very sudden, unexpected and seem to appear out of nowhere – and since it is an energy, it may affect more issues than just one – though with Hagalaz it is often true that one or more large, sudden events gets noted.

To some degree this may also be simply the energy of the Season and I’m hopeful for that – in the North it is almost time for the Winter Solstice, the time when the Sun appears to be fading and people traditionally “mourned” for the light that was “lost.”  Even though there are all sorts of festivals to celebrate that it WILL come back, there is still a tendency for human beings to be depressed when the days are very short and the nights long, this loss of sunlight can even cause a form of depression called SADS; which a lot of people in the North are likely to be experiencing this week.

Hagalaz can manifest as actual weather – especially hail storms, snow storms etc; so this could be a weather related event that causes suffering and loss – perhaps something unusual like a plane crash or other weather related disaster that makes things worse.

In a long-term sense, this could be about a harsh Winter where we grieve the loss of the sun and experience the cold hail and ice, though usually Hagalaz is more of a sudden event, like a sudden storm rather than a longer term situation (but the start of a “deep freeze” is possible).

Other ways this energy could spill over might be the loss of a “Sunny” or well-known famous person, with more signs of public grieving, especially if this is unexpected or occurs in a sudden way.

There might be issues with solar or nuclear power, electric grids might be affected bringing people “to grief” and as there is still that recurring energy left over from the accident in Japan that continues to wash up from time to time though this really feels like something probably different and more unexpected in nature.

Some of this energy may still be spill over from Mr. Mandela’s passing, again it doesn’t matter what individually a person may think of him, the world is focused on his passing and he is being presented as a sort of “light gone out” although it certainly wasn’t sudden, which is why I think this is a lesser energy today than it was during the earlier part of the week.

I am really not exactly sure how this energy is going to manifest but at the very least I think individuals should be kind to themselves and understanding with the families as a lot of people may just seem rather depressed and out of sorts today.  Those in cold climates will find themselves missing the sun even more than usual and this is also a day when unlikely things can happen (good as well as bad) but they can happen with dramatic speed.

On any Hagalaz day, it is best to simply expect the unexpected and with the Five of Cups running around, accept that somethings that happen you will neither be able to affect nor understand the outcome, at least not for the present time period.

Hopefully this energy will pass over us in a milder form, and we will see changes by the end of the week – wear you psychic hard hat today and stay tuned…

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