Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – December 6 – 8, 2013

LibidoThe DevilPerdo2

Oh now this is an interesting reading and sort of blends well with the last reading I did on Wednesday about the growing tendency on the part of Western Culture to have less compassion (or even charity fatigue) as the hard times continue because it suggests that this meme that is encouraging those that can just indulge themselves in pleasure should focus on doing so, may be limited or entering rather dicey times.

That because today we have first the Libido Card, in its simple form it is about sexuality, life-force, fertility but it can also be about distraction, display and the ignorance of danger due to distractions.  The two Peacocks are getting ready for a display of ritualized combat to impress the Pea Hen and neither see’s the snake in the grass that could kill any of them with a sudden strike, but they are all too distracted by sexuality and display to notice.

The Kitty Devil is an overweight, unhappy, female kitty with an eating problem,  she is sneaking into the kitchen to eat again, not even aware that her fixation on food is not her real problem or that the momentary pleasure of eating is simply not going to make her feel better for very long.  Her behavior is self-destructive, but being a cat she doesn’t realize this, she only knows that she craves the relief that constant eating brings her.  I had a boy kitty like this once, he was very sweet but a very skitty kitty; his wires were somewhat crossed when it came to happiness – if you petted him and he got all happy he would leap down to his food bowl, grab a few bites and then leap back into your arms for more cuddling- rinse, repeat.

It isn’t just cats that can get their wires crossed when it comes to temptations and pleasures, but being cats we don’t expect them to understand the concepts of moderation or delayed gratification either.  Humans on the other hand, need to learn both in order to live mature and balanced adult lives.  In a reading, this card can suggest a self-made trap, one that to get out a person (tribe or nation) has to realize that there is more to live than simply indulging in pleasure (at least if you are a human); it can also mean it is time to look beyond limitations and towards what is possible to achieve.

It is interesting that in many ways The Devil Card is the negative reflection of the Libido card itself, in both cases going beyond sex to those basic animal pleasures and things that help us enjoy life in their proper place but that can become addictive or distracting if we simply let them run wide to run us, rather than choosing appropriate times to indulge them.  These are not things that are in any way evil in themselves, a huge dinner at Yule Time with the family or a wild-weekend of lust with your partner can provide energy and well-being when placed in the context of a full and active physical, spiritual and mental life.  But eating an eight coarse meal every day or spending all your free time doing nothing but trying to find the most exciting new sexual partner of the week, can lead to problems; the first can even be fatal to the body (the snake in the grass) and the second can deaden the emotions as the joy of sharing life force with another human starts to become more like a game of tennis than a joyful celebration (again the snake in the grass, only this time to your heart).

This is about the particulars of behavior, this is about a mind-set that puts basic pleasures and personal comforts as the uppermost goal for a person to achieve; with all other things like careers, skills, hobbies, etc based on the ability to achieve these pleasures directly or purchase various adult toys that are believed to help bring them about.

The reason this reading may be calling “time out” on this selfishness game of personal gratification masquerading as ultimate goal of “adult” accomplishment, is because of the dice-cup rune: Pethro.

Pethro is the rune of gambling, of the Dice Cup, of Fate and Fortune (or Fortunes upended) many people (including me) associate Loki with this rune in his role as trickster.  A true divine trickster often spends a good deal of his (or her) time showing other people just how stubborn,  shallow or selfish their behavior actually is, often in a very funny but also powerful way.  In the long run, while his barbs maybe painful at the time, if he is headed, his jokes can be the start of a personal shaking up that allows us to get out of ruts we may have created in our lives or in this case perhaps see the distractions we have been using to keep us from seeing the whole picture.

A great story along these lines is actually about one of Loki’s North American cohorts known as Coyote; Coyote in a number of Native Traditions is also a trickster – I wish I could remember the tribe of the man who told this story in the 1980’s but sadly I can’t; however like a lot of oral traditions I remember it and will now pass it on, if only in written form.

The story goes like this, One day Coyote was hungry and wanted to make some fry bread, he knew he should make a fire with wood, heat a stone to fry the bread on and mix up the meal with water to make the bread but he wasn’t quite clear on how the whole processed worked.  So he ended up taking pebbles and bits of kindling and mixed them in a bowl with the water and grain which created a rather add looking mix.

One of the other animals came by, one of the wiser ones (I don’t recall exactly who it was though) and he looked at Coyote and he looked at the bowl, and then he looked back at Coyote and said,

“You know Coyote, you will get fine results if you start over, use the wood to build the fire and heat a large stone to cook with and then mix your meal with your water to make your bead; yes fine results you will have!”

And Coyote looked at his dish, then looked up at his self-appointed adviser and said loudly,


Realty was not going to distract Coyote from the “facts” it seems he would rather stare at his inedible disaster of a meal and try to will it into shape, than take the time to logically retrace his steps and follow advice from a source he didn’t want to recognize (or heed).

This reading suggests that a lot of people my soon discover that it doesn’t matter if they are making “fine results” or “fry bread,” if the material/pleasure focused comforts they have are the only things they are focused on, because the energies out there may be about to throw everyone some interesting curve balls that will force them to look at the real value of what they are holding.

Meanwhile, for individuals, this is a great weekend to think about what you spend your time on and what role this sort of  distraction plays in your life; and if you don’t like the answers, then looking at sorting them out because energies may be coming soon that will force such changes like it or not; much better to make your own decisions on the matter.