Card of the Day – Wednesday – December 4, 2013

DestructionQueen of PentaclesUruz2

Oh my, what an interesting combination we have again today – veering off slightly from yesterday’s direct links to employment issues to today’s possible Destruction or at least the threat of destruction to the more nurturing energy of the Mother.

The Destruction Card has been talked about many times before in this blog, basically it is the same energy you find in the Tower of Destruction in a Standard tarot deck – something/someone/someone(s) is under threat of destruction or may experience some form of destruction today.  Threats do not mean that it will occur, but being the first card in the reading it suggests they need to be taken seriously.

Now the Queen of Pentacles in this deck is the ultimate Momma Barn Cat, we had one of these we called her “Mommy Maudie” because just like the book for this deck describes, she mothered all the cats in the barn cat colony and taught each new wave of kittens to hunt as if they were her own.  She maintained order in a loving but firm way, nipping kittens whose behavior was not appropriate and was even known to “whack” the King “no-longer-a Tom” Cat when he got out of line in her line of sight.

She reacted to the last batch of rescue kittens presented to her with a resigned “Oh gee, I thought I was finished with this Momma Cat thing, oh well come on gang get behind and watch how to slink”…my husband said it was like watching an aged martial arts Shensi and his young students in a direct line behind him, imitating (or trying to imitate) his every move.

Anyway, the Maudie Cat/Queen of Pentacles Card not only represents the good, nurturing Mother but in other decks this card can indicate things like charity, liberty, grace, wealth, prosperity or even a wealthy person who is charitable and helpful.  It can have downsides like false prosperity, suspicion, lack of trust etc. but I’m really not feeling this here in this reading.

I think what is under threat of Destruction are the POSITIVE aspects of this card – and again that could be connected to previous readings that suggested a “destruction of wealth” but also I am seeing a potential “destruction of compassion and/or charity.”  There is also here, the same meme we keep seeing repeating over and over again, it dies down for a while and then comes back: that is the Threat to The Mother – which can mean mothers in general but also Mother Earth.

I think this reading contains elements of threats to both the human world of finance/wealth/money etc and the potential threats to the non-human natural world as symbolized by Mother Earth herself (including both natural forces like weather but also issues of fertility in wildlife etc).

The Uruz rune is Ancient Cattle – wild, untamed, strong and easy to stampede; there is a stampede like quality to the reading for some reason; as if some situation, event or idea is about to start off a bit slow but then suddenly take off and stampede itself right into the limelight and become impossible to stop until it chooses to stop.

On a positive note, if I’m not correct and this is about the negative aspects of the Queen of Pentacles (none of which are listed for the cat deck though) the reading could turn POSITIVE in one of those classic “standing things on its head” the way predictions like to do – because then you get a stampede towards the elimination of false-prosperity, false-charity, vicious and untrusting people or even fears of failure.

However, I really suspect there is a threat to Mothers/Mother Earth/CHARITY out there – I am reminded of a book I don’t often quote because it is not my personal faith but yet has had a powerful influence on Western Civilization and like most people in the West I grew up exposed to it – when I saw this reading my first thought was back to my childhood Sunday school class and hearing the words from the New Testament, Matthew 24:12

“and the love of many shall wax cold.” – attributed to Jesus around 30 AD

I got this image of newspaper’s carrying stories about welfare cuts, charities closing and a great deal of suffering in the more prosperous areas of the planet where previously such opinions were tempered with some sense of compassion.

I am not really sure, and we’ll just have to see what the cards say over the next several weeks on this – but I get the inner feeling of a combination of public fear and backlash – probably fed by articles suggesting that huge numbers of people are “free loading” off the system and social trends that may mirror the revival of the Victorian Idea of the “Deserving and Undeserving poor” along with a hardening on the parts of banks, governments and the “Elite” (whomever they are exactly) towards actually spending the time and effort required to protect both themselves and the increasingly large segment of the unemployed, underemployed and suffering members of the general population.

In the context of a grim, cold Winter in the Northern parts of the planet; combined with yesterday’s indications of restlessness within even the employed sector of that population and you have the potential for severe social unrest and even Destruction over time.  I think it may take a while before this new “hardening” really impacts things that deeply and to that extent but it will happen; I believe this trend has already been in motion for a few months now but this reading suggests it may get stronger rather quickly.

Look for articles about “welfare cheats,” cuts to jobs programs, heating vouchers, food kitchens, homelessness (especially about places “cracking down”), charities, “deadbeats,” “cutting the Dole,” and look for op-ed (editorial) pieces that suggests things like a return to orphanages, work houses, allowing failure, accepting homelessness as natural etc

This won’t be the only thing going on, there will also be a lot of hints in the banking/economic sectors and their (probably) further cutting of spending for the arts, charity, education etc and more concentration on the profits (or just staying afloat).

There could even be a stock market “stampede” in one direction or the other (probably down, but a threat which ever way it goes) with a reading like this.

This reading isn’t about “being kind to the poor,” rather it suggests a massive energy/cultural shift from the ideal of charity to the idea that since there will always be poor people and suffering, lets just ignore it and take care of number one; starting out as a directed trend from those within the highest levels of government and industry and being directed down into the general population.

There is likely to be a counter trend on the part of some groups to become even more active and giving (sometimes with major agendas) as the energy tries to even things out.

Also look for trends that celebrate being rich, famous, elegant, dressing up, being ostentatious etc (this happened in the 1930’s in the US too).

This isn’t the first time in history this has happened, this sort of “going cold” tends to run in cycles and becomes very popular when hard times wear on for a while and the average person becomes very scared for themselves and their own family.  And there is some truth that we do have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others; however, this is the time of year to remember that wonderful indictment of another time a society swung wildly in the cold direction; Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol

The cards, and the “energies” are always striving for balance in every area of life and of course it is never perfectly achieved anywhere because human beings are just not made that way, but it doesn’t top the energies from trying.  To me this reading suggests that such a swing is ongoing,  that is away from charity and going towards a celebration of selfishness. While that is understandable, it is not a good thing for the Mother Cat or her new kittens as they enter into adulthood, no mater what their social station in the barn yard.

However like any stampede it too will have its limits, either when the wild-cattle simple decide enough is enough and stop to chew some grass or because they run right off a cliff.

I’m not sure what will happen in this case, but the Destruction card is not a happy portent either, perhaps the Ghost of Christmas Past will show up to remind us what happens to societies that lose their sense of compassion?  And the other question is, what happens if the Western World just continues on this path and then waits for it to happen?  Stay tuned this may be the first time the cards have really flagged this issue, but I don’t think it likely to be the last…

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