Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2013

BirthMoonThe LoversRaido

Well this weekend’s cards suggest a possible change of pace coming, or at least the start or “birth” of a new issue or situation on the horizon.  First we have the Birth card itself, which could be about a famous baby but is more likely to concern this new situation, idea or even political entity that is being “born.”

The Moon Card shows that there are hidden things about this situation that are only now coming to the surface and that whatever is being born, it may have existed in dreams or the collective unconscious for a very long time.  But for some reason it is now that things are coming together to cause it to manifest in reality.  The Moon card can also indicate actual objects or things in outer space such as the maybe yes, maybe no; comet Ison or perhaps something to do with the Moon itself.  Given the other cards, a private or new effort to put colonists on the Moon (or even a nearby planet) would not surprise me but we’ll get back to that in a moment.

The Lovers card is a pair of Norwegian Forest Cats (we used to breed these lovely kitties) who are by nature loving, people oriented and prefer to live in groups or prides of cats.  All cats are somewhat social, despite their reputation as loners but “Wegies” as their human fans call them, are down right unhappy without other cats for company.  They are also unusual in that they will work together to hunt cooperatively like lions, to bring down a kill; watching to Forest Cats combine forces to bring down a house fly is quite a sight to behold!

Now in addition to being perfect as lovers, mates and friends on this card; here the tom is also looking at the window as if weighing the pros and cons of staying inside with his mate or striking out on his own towards a bit more freedom (or at least going out to catch a bird).   This reflects some of the Norwegian Forest cat’s background as a not quite domestic cat, but rather what happens when domestic cats go feral in the Northern Forests for about 1,000 years as well as becoming the only mildly domesticated barn cats of Norway and Sweden.  So while these cats do love people and make great house pets, they are a step closer to wild cats than most breeds or types of domestic cat.

That wildness and need to make their own choices reflects the other meaning of the lovers card, because in addition to Union/Love/Marriage it also can signify the need to study and evaluate how things are going in the community and an individuals relationship to it.  Making a choice between going along with community standards and choices or making your own judgments.  In a personal reading this card can also be about the need to evaluate and consider personal relationships as well, like the cat deciding between staying with his mate or seeking his freedom (for an afternoon or forever).

This goes very well with Yesterday’s Reading where The Hierophant Kitty was a figure who upholds tradition and the formal standards of the community; today we have an energy that calls for looking and thinking about those traditions, customs, standards, ideals etc; and making personal choices about which ones to keep and which ones to reject or modify into new forms (birth of the new patterns).

Finally the rune Raido (or riding/travel) suggests that this birth and process is happening and on the move now; again given yesterday’s reading some of these changes may involve religion or mystical insights (that can be the Moon Card as well) or they may happen as a result of the “Hail stone” or sudden strike of something that was flagged in yesterday’s reading.  If that Hail stone was not the comet Ison’s ball of ice melting into the sun, but something that hasn’t quite “hit” home yet, then these two readings would indicate that the hail hasn’t quite hit the earth/situation yet but that when it down a lot of people will be left reconsidering the positions about things they have been led to believe or have simply accepted as a part of “how things are” until now.

Like the now,  ongoing situation with Japan-China-US, feuding about some nearby Islands that we can see is pretty obviously the suddenly warming “hot-spot” seen last week in the cards; the hail-storm may take a few days to actually manifest into reality in an obvious way.  But because it tends to be the energy of a sudden “hit” or “strike” I think it will be pretty clear what it is, once it occurs and if nothing obvious has happened within a week or so, I’d say we can call it a “miss” and relax a bit, unless we keep seeing it repeated in the cards in which case it may be part of a longer pattern.

The Raido rune also can suggest further problems or issues with travel, especially towards the end of the weekend; that should be no surprise in the US but it may go further than that.

Finally, there could be news about new forms or advances in travel, including space-travel which is why I mentioned the stories about the Moon earlier in the blog.

That would be a very great outcome of these cards and would fit the energy perfectly.

For individuals, this is a weekend when new ideas, dreams and decisions about relationships may all come into focus; a time when journeys of all sorts are likely to be important both spiritual and physical.

May all your travels take you to where you truly wish to be…

Have a great weekend!