Card of the Day – Thursday – November 28, 2013

NowThe HierophantHagalaz2

Today’s combination of Now Card, The Hierophant  Card and the Hagalaz (Hail Stone rune) are a bit unnerving for a reading that falls on a day which is both the US Holiday of Thanksgiving but also part of the Jewish Festival of Hanukkah.  This is because my first thoughts on seeing this combination seemed to point towards strike either at or by religion and/or religious people.  This could also be about a “strike” or something that “hits/affects” the established order of things, which could be good or bad depending on just what is targeted and what occurs in the aftermath.

But to break things down a bit:

The Now Card – A card indicating that something is happening NOW, being the first card in the reading this makes it strong, there are also harvest elements on the card, the idea of “now is the time for harvesting what was already planted” is very strong in this card.

The Hierophant is the older, wiser kitty who directs and insures that everyone in the household, cats and humans alike, follow their proper roles within the community of “The Colony.” That is, those who comprise the people, cats, dogs and others who may dwell within his territory and sphere of influence.  When this cat speaks, everyone listens and they respond in general with respect and compliance; though I suspect that sometimes the human puts the kitty in the cat carrier to go to the vet anyway, in his own mind this cat is the Center of All Things Proper and In Their Place, especially in terms of the social roles within the group.

When this card shows up in a reading, it suggests a time period when people may need to access some aspects of their group identifications, is this a role I wish to take on or is it one better left behind and exchanged for something else?  What are my loyalties and how should I best express them?

This card can also be about the laws, guides and unofficial rules that guide behavior in any given society and/or a person/place/tribe/national ideal etc that represents them.  For example while wearing pajamas to the Opera is not illegal, it would not be considered proper behavior by the unwritten rules and traditions of society unless it was a special circumstance like a special performance for hospital patients.

If it were just the cards Now and The Hierophant, I would say that this reading was mostly just flagging all the energies around the Traditions of Both Thanksgiving in the US and more world-wide by Hanukkah – both of which are holidays that celebrate both traditions and ancestors with the whole idea of “Tradition” being a very important part of the Hierophant Kitty’s energy.  And yes, I did sort of imagine Tevia from Fiddler on the Roof while I was writing this lol!

But when you add the Hagalaz/Hail Stone rune it turns things a bit more intense than simply flagging that a lot of people are being traditional and family centric today; it suggests that something (and we don’t know what) is likely to HIT LIKE A HAIL STONE, the word SHATTER is often used with this rune.  It usually means a SUDDEN STRIKE from somewhere that COMES OUT OF THE BLUE, just like a hail stone crashing into a windshield.

This isn’t all bad, Hagalaz can strike in the form of sudden enlightenment or a “strike” of genius when trying to find solutions to a problem but that is not really what I am sensing here.

Instead, in addition to the obvious indications of Bad Weather (hail storm/snow/sleet/rain etc) which we already know to be an issue, at least in the US; I really feel like the next 24 to 72 hours (the whole weekend really) is a dicey time period when something could strike at either at religion in some way or by religion (or religion used as an excuse).  The most intense feeling I get is a possibility of violence, but there could be other ways that this manifests as well; and it may be more than just religion.

Another way to look at this reading is:

NOW, something is about to Strike The Established Order of Things….

That something could be people, that something could be natural forces (especially weather but also earthquake/volcano/ice etc) but whatever it is, if it happens it will be soon.  But even if the initial event is “natural” it is likely to send shock waves though the “established order” of society and the culture of human beings; and if it is human inspired this situation could lead to a realignment of nations in terms of friendships, treaties and power blocks.

This feels like it could be related to last week’s cards that showed the potential for a surprise “hot spot” to heat up which did not occur the day it was forecast but did occur a few days later when China suddenly declared they owned disputed Islands with Japan and then suggested they would shoot down American or Japanese planes in the area.  The US has already flown warplanes in the disputed airspace with no reaction but the situation has heated up almost over night as predicted here.

It will not surprise me at all if this “hail strike” in some way involves this situation, although I think it is more likely to be something centered either in the Middle East or involve Middle Eastern players in some way (even if, perhaps, it turns out that they are being used as fronts for, or a side-show to, a more serious threat to the established patterns in several places).

If this weekend passes without any obvious “hail stone” striking, we can probably breathe a sigh of relief that we passed through such a window without a major international or current events crises of some sort.  I think that is also possible, but I would suggest staying on alert and paying attention to the news for the next four or five days, because this feels like it could get serious.

Hopefully I will be taking another look at this energy tomorrow and for the following week as well, when I do the radio show spread for next week.

But meanwhile, just because things might go South in the Current Events world, this does not mean you shouldn’t enjoy a holiday or a normal day (if your in Ireland like me) just realize that there is a high chance that things may suddenly come “out of the blue” to “strike” and “surprise” you.  Some of them will be minor and others will be a bit shattering but their major impacts maybe more on family and social traditions than actual material disasters.

So a very good time to avoid deep political discussions over the family dinner (holiday or not) and be ready to experience some nasty weather,  if you have to travel, especially the sort of weather that can come on suddenly like a snowstorm, ice storm, flooding or high winds.

Otherwise, have a great day and a fabulous personal weekend, and we’ll see how things look come tomorrow…


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