Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Nov 22-24, 2013

TreeThe Hanged KittyDaguz2

Greetings Readers!  We have been having lots of plumbing construction going on in the house and yard the past 48 hours so I have had very limited time for the computer until now and I’m still sorting out my talk for tomorrow at the conference.  So I missed  yesterday and today will be a short weekend reading, but I didn’t want to go any longer with no updating at all.

Interestingly enough I am still not sure what forces, nations or situation came close to potential conflict earlier in the week, I can only guess that either something happened that did not get the focus of public attention (yet) or I simply miss-read things a bit (it happens).  But moving on towards this weekend it looks like the World Tree (foundation) or some Well “Rooted” agency, person, nation etc may be called upon to make a personal sacrifice this weekend in order for things to move forward towards a  new era (or literally a  new dawn/Daguz).

Now this Sacrifice may not be too terrible, the Main Coon Kitty on the card is happy and content with his place by the fire, he’s turned upside down, representing a problem that may need to be looked at in a new or different way.  He may have to “sacrifice” his current (or in this case former) position in order to see things in a new light (or a new dawn) but if does not do this than things can not move forward.  This Kitty also trades a wild and free life, for the contentment of a loving home and warm fire to sleep beside, he is utterly safe, hence he can roll over and expose his belly for petting or just to enjoy the warmth.

This card suggests that either something needs to be looked at in a totally different way in order for things to move forward and/or something (or someone) will have to be sacrificed (let go of) to achieve this goal.

The Daguz rune is “the sun at dawn” and like all sun runes it also has hints of all sorts of solar, electrical and nuclear power; so look for news that concerns the sun – if the sun were to “flip” poles this weekend (something it is getting ready to do) it would fit the energy perfectly.

From a personal point of view this is a good weekend to review things in your life that are strong and working for you, but also thinking about ways you may wish to move forward, perhaps making difficult decisions about some things that may need to be let go of so that new plans can move forward.