Card of the Day – Wednesday – November 20, 2013

TowerNine of WandsAnsuz2

Today’s cards are the Castle Tower (defense) The Nine of Kitty Wands (Defense especially of territory) and Ansuz (Mouth/Communication/Odin)

Once again even using very divergent decks, the cards are pretty much in agreement that the next 24 to 48 hours are going to be about protection and defense, at least in the world of Current Events.

The Castle Tower is not the Tower of Destruction of the regular tarot deck, but rather the strong a protective fortress on a hill, a place to seek refuge in times of conflict, a protected place and more importantly a defensible place.

The story if the Nine of Orange Tabby Cats is similar but in a cat context; here a female house-kitty sits as the larger figure, she is on HER window in HER house; in the background a neighborhood stray tom is trying to claim some of her territory by sitting on HER front porch!

What does she do and how does she handle the territory issues, does she attack? Does she leave and go back into the house? Does she make a truce (as cats understand it) by simply laying down and “allowing” the newcomer entry into her space provided he leaves her alone? If so, how does she communicate her intentions? Well, cats like people have ways, if she’s a very submissive cat, she is likely to just slink away back into her house leaving Mr. Tom with both the porch and the window if he likes.  If she’s a very dominant and territorial female (they are rare but they exist) she is going to back up, raise her fur and hiss a warning that she is about to strike.  If she a more diplomatic female with no young kittens to worry about, she may very well simple look away from the new-comer, hunch down and then proceed to either sleep or pretend the sleep in her current position.  The tom cat would be well advised to simple enjoy his own spot for now, because coming any closer may scare the female in to fighting back; ignoring her and staying quiet is likely to keep him on her good side.

Once diplomacy over cat territory is agreed, things may slowly proceed to where both cats will willingly and even happily share space together, perhaps the female’s owner may even come out one day to see them sleeping together in a loving kitty ball.  But if the male moves to fast, or the female has a reason for fear; then a real cat fight can take place, sometimes with serious injuries on either side.

The final part of this reading is the rune Ansuz which is usually seen as communication and often associated with the Norse God Odin; Odin is known for communication but also for war and battles, he is considered crafty (a good god for spies as well as warriors) and able to send some very mixed messages when he feels like it.  He is also, like a tom cat, very good at seducing willing females, provided he approaches them at the right time or in a way that they are willing to accept him.

These three cards together suggests to me that sometime in the next 24 to 48 hours a territorial dispute somewhere is very likely to heat up, possibly over a mix-up in communications or in someone not liking a “message” they feel the other side is sending.  The message may be real, like the female cat (called a queen by the way) issues a royal warning to the tom cat to go away or suffer the consequences or it may be miss-understood, the Queen seeing a threat and retreating to her warm sofa when the tom cat may not be interested in anything more than walking across her porch as a short cut to his morning hunting grounds.

The important thing is that intentional or not, it is vital that correct communications be restored and quickly because otherwise the defenses being put in place on both sides do have the potential to get out of hand and go offensive if either side feels there is an urgent threat.

Watch “hot spots” over the next several days like India and Pakistan; North and South Korea; Japan and China; Russia and the US; Middle Eastern Neighbors of various combinations; and other groups like Republicans and Democrats; Big Oil and Consumers; US Insurance companies and the Administration; Big corporations and consumers etc., etc…

However, even though I’m listing the last few things that are conflicts but not usually violent ones, this really “feels” to me like there could be an actual possible battle situation brewing.  That does not mean it will happen, both cards have suggestions that good communications and diplomacy might keep things on a simple defensive posture but if communications are garbled or distorted, actual armed conflict is a strong possibility somewhere towards the end of this week.

Meanwhile, for individuals, the rest of this week is a time when you should be very clear on your own personal boundaries but also make your communications clear and understandable if you need to spell these out to people.  Be clear as to what you simply will and will not accept in your relationships or in terms of your home and working life; decide what you are willing to share and what you are not willing to share with others.

This is not permission to be selfish, rather it is a directive towards a bit of self-exploration and self-knowledge so that when (and it is likely to be when) someone pushes your personal barriers this week it will not take you by surprise and you will already have some idea of how you will choose to react.

If the other person seems to miss-understand you, either try to repeat your message in a slightly altered way or simply retreat from the situation if that is possible, only as a last resort will you want to actively fight back and if you do, try to make sure that yours is the more defensible position.  Otherwise you may lose more than you might gain from simply withdrawing and allowing a short-term “victory” for the invader (who still can’t get into your castle, even if he may sit on your lawn for a while).

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