Card of the Day – Tuesday – November 19, 2013

Fortune The Magician Ingwaz2

Interesting repetition in the cards during this time period (and yes I am shuffling, a lot) but a rune we haven’t seen in a while to go with them.

For the Weekend, Fortune was also the first card in the reading, along with The Beast (raw emotions) and I was expecting some arguments, conflicts or even battles over money/finance/fortunes etc.  There was also some hint of the “fortunes” of someone or something, using “Fortune” in its older sense of future, fate or luck.

We had the Black Cat Magician last Thursday (along with liberation and the Jera/Harvest rune) this was noted as being the same day that the US President tried to “magically fix” the Health Care program in the US with what turned out to be a largely impractical and possibly illegal set of “Suggestions” for Insurance Companies to just go back put their old plans and customers back into place.  As I had predicted earlier that day, last Thursday was a day for “Magical thinking” at its best, that is what psychologists call it when a person decides that something will change to the way they want it to happen simply because they wish it to change, “like magic” the person believes it will even in the face of obvious reality to the contrary.

Today, we once again have Fortune (Old Money/Inherited Wealth/Economics/Fate) this time paired WITH the Black Cat Magician; now the Magician is about a lot more than just magical thinking.  When done correctly, the Magician actually can change reality using the powers of his trained and controlled mental processes and tools of his trade.  But a good Magician also knows that a major part of his job is simply to sit back and watch and wait for the most favorable moment to try to alter the world around him.  He does not waste time on distractions unless they serve his purposes, such as diverting the awareness of those around him while he is performing a trick on stage.

Beneath his paw and above his head, our the symbols of the Cat Tarot; showing the Magician has learned mastery over each world and is ready to make changes when required in this one.  He is a true walker between the worlds, being neither an exclusively indoor pet, nor completely wild feral cat either.  Instead, he goes where he chooses to be and to interact with whom he chooses to interact.  He is a cat apart, not especially social but not really antisocial either; he’s just not willing to give up his personal power and control to anyone.

In a reading like this, he very likely signifies the “Magic” (including technological) behind the scenes that working on the world of Fortunes; including the stock market, electronic money transfers, electronic money (Bitcoin, Pay pal etc), Big-Banking, Inheritance laws, tax-shelters, insider trading, corporate enterprises etc,. etc.  There is very little about even the most arcane financial instrument that The Magician is not familiar with or doesn’t know how to use to assist his own ends.

Finally we have Ing/Frey or Seed – this is really interesting not only because we haven’t seen the rune in a while but because last week when we got the Magician Card we got the rune Jera or HARVEST .  You can’t really have a harvest without a seed, so this rune suggest that today is a time period when the Magician (s) can begin to plant the “seeds” for the next move in the Game of Fortunes.

Think of the world, especially the world of money/economics/finance etc as a board game and while one cycle may have run its course, the seeds for the next cycle are being counted out today and put forward as gaming pieces.

Today may or may not be a day when we actually SEE the transformative power of the Magician at work, but be assured he is there; lifting a paw here, casting a spell there and generally messing around with things (planting the seeds)  in hopes of owning or influencing the ultimate outcome.

So today is another day to expect a lot of manipulations, distractions, magical thinking etc but also a time to expect to see some serious attempts towards taking control on certain issues.

There is also the energy out there for some “Magician” to bring forward an invention that “like magic” could revolutionize the world; the seed of that change could happen now or perhaps the discover is about seeds/plants/agriculture.

For individuals, this is a good day to practice self-control when it comes to money and budgeting; planting seeds towards saving for the things you will really want early next year.