Card of the Day – Thursday – November 14, 2013

LiberationThe MagicianJera2

Today’s PsyCard is Liberation or as I rather expected, a sudden release or breaking out of the more trapped energy we saw earlier in the week – Liberation suggests that something that has been held down or in check is now let go – this could be a person, situation or even an idea – I think the energies are also doing that classic back and forth they tend to do when things are really changing.  The last several weeks have seen a bit of a tug of war between liberation and imprisoned energies, though this feels like things may finally be moving towards release phase (at least for the moment).

The Magician Cat is a black kitty who is neither a domestic cat nor a feral but something in between; he enjoys a free life where he can scratch his claws in the forest or return to a warm fire and in-door food bowl.  He is the true walker-between the worlds and hence he is the physical representative in some ways of both Liberation and Captive energies which he is an expert at navigating between.  Below and above him are the symbols of all four suites of the cat tarot world: Fish, Lizard, Mouse and Bird, he has the conscious will, awareness, concentration and power to interact and involve himself with all of these areas, sometimes even controlling or mastering them for a short time.

He is pretty much the opposite of the Eight of Swords Kitty who binds herself with her own fears and is also bound by things she can not control; the Magician Cat is all about personal power and control.  However, like the Norse Giants, he can also become a force of Nature (like and earthquake or hurricane) that has no moral center (as either humans or cats understand this) and if he forgets where  his power comes from (both the natural world and his training) he may spiral out-of-control and become a danger to himself and others.

Much of the time though, he’s a powerful watcher behind the scenes, waiting for the right moment to bring his empowered will into magical actions that bend his world in the direction he wishes it to go.

Finally, the Jera Rune is the rune of harvests, cycles, history – or Summer and Winter (the Germanic Year) it suggests a time of turning, changing, repeating a cycle that is ready to move.

All of this comes together to suggest that over the last 36 hours or so (when I wasn’t able to read) there has been a mighty tug of war someplace and the energies that were being held in jail and were binding something have now been let loose, possibly by the intentional will of a “Magician” or Magicians; or possibly because of an unstoppable force of nature (or even the cycles of history) that have just ripped torn down that baby gate and possibly sent the baby (that was upsetting our “bound” Siamese Cat on Monday and Tuesday) to a visit at Grandma’s house and out of kitty’s universe for a few days.

This afternoon I was listening to the news reporting how “calm” things were in the EU at the moment, they were speaking of finance but it could have included other things as well and I felt a voice nudging me saying “for now…” this is also the feeling I’m getting from this reading and not just for the EU.  Right now the paw of the Magician is reaching towards his goals but not quite yet have reached down to grab one; however he is on the move and already things are changing and morphing even if some those changes are not obvious yet.

A great cycle of history (or perhaps economics, ideas, the seasons) is about to happen – expect bit weather changes North and South (as we go truly into Winter/Summer) do not be surprised by stories of things/people/events/ideas taking on a “life of their own” and/or “runny away.”  Watch for situations that were bound up (like Fukushima or the Iran nuclear talks) to suddenly break out in one way or another (sometimes the Magician is able to manage his spells and other times they may get away from him or have unintentional consequences).

In the US look for a release of pent-up anger or energy over a variety of issues, probably focusing on health care but likely blurring over into other issues and events as the bindings unravel and the manipulation starts.

Also be on the look at for REAL FORCES of NATURE such as mighty storms, volcanoes, earthquakes etc for the next two weeks or so; this is both because of the liberation/Magician energy but also because what happens energy and current event wise can sometimes spill over into the physical world and I get that sense here.

There is also the high likelihood of “Magical” new technologies or science discoveries being made right now, the ancient Magicians and alchemists being very close to master scientists and technicians today.

Remember well over this time period Arthur C. Clarke’s third law of prediction:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Don’t believe everything you see this week, remember the liar card is still going to be influencing things for a little while yet….

Meanwhile, as a personal day this is a fantastic day to start projects, explore new ideas, move on to a new situation, take control of things and otherwise enjoy freeing and magical activities that mark the changing of the Seasons.

But don’t go too far away from the news, there may be some surprises throwing a rock in all those “calm” waters soon…