Card of the Day – Tuesdsay – Nov 12, 2013

Liar Eight of Swords Eiwaz2

Oh my today’s reading is interesting! The first card is the Liar card which suggests that someone or a situation is false, deceptive or even an outright lie and the Eight of Swords, well there are 78 cards in the Cat’s Eye Tarot (I just looked it up to make sure) and I was shuffling the deck a lot and this card just jumped out into my hand.  Regular readers will note this is also YESTERDAY’s Cats eye card; making it not only the first Card of the week (which often sets the tone for the week) and the First Cat’s Eye Tarot Card to be used on this blog.

I’ve noted before the daily repetition even with the 40 card Psy Card Deck is unusual and usually suggests a stuck or unchanging energy, so how much more for a deck with 78 cards in it!

Now yesterday the first card was the Skills and I suggested that combined with the Unhappy Siamese Cat who feels her life is now out of control due to the erecting of the baby gate in HER doorway (not to mention a new human kitten on Mommy’s lap!) was fooling herself.  She in fact had the skills any time she wanted to just leap over the gate placing that particular problem perfectly within her control if she would just stop meowing and bother to take a serious look at it.  The Baby on the other hand, was NOT within  her control, that wasn’t going to change and meowing about it wasn’t going to help either – in both cases her own feelings of confusion and despair were exactly the things that were keeping her from having any control of her situation at all.

I’ve done more reading about the more general attributes of the eight of swords and it is often about feeling held captive (my Viking deck shows a tied up war captive), bound, unable to move forward etc.  But the cat deck I’m using adds the element of self-inflicted bondage, along with some external controls as well.

Now today we combine this energy with the LIAR card and I see almost the same message as yesterday even stronger – yesterday I suggested that the skills were out there to tackle some of the major problems facing the world current event wise – in Japan, the Middle East, the Philippians etc – yes there was a lot that was not within human control and that human skills probably could not cope with; but it was not true that nothing could be done either.  I suggested pretty strongly that there was going to have to be an effort made to push beyond the natural tendency to react as if something is too big a problem (or too massive a situation) to be faced (especially something like the aftermath of the hurricane) and just get on with using skills to deal with what can be sorted and understand that which can’t.  But not to just sit there meowing and feeling trapped by overwhelming emotions either.

The other energy we had yesterday (again setting up for the week) was the Pethro or Dice Cup rune – which is similar to the Wheel of Fortune Card in a tarot deck.  It is about fate, luck, cycles and suggests that things that happen (or don’t happen this week) may have an extra “kick” to them in terms of the future.

This reading has that too, but not quite as obviously – because today’s energy says outright that there is a LIAR or LYING energy about the Captivity or Control of the Eight of Swords.  The Eight of Swords is a bit like the Prison Card in my Psy Card deck – there is enough space between the bars for the prisoner to walk out on his own, but he doesn’t even look up to see it.

Then we add-on the Yew Tree/World Tree rune Eiwaz at the end, the rune of the connections between heaven and earth as well as the World Tree – and we get another hint of the importance of events going on (and how they are handled) during this time period.  This is not the same energy as the Dice Cup which tells us this is a fated an dicey time, but more an energy that tells us WHAT will be affected and that is all nine worlds of the Norse Cosmology.

The good news is, it is a lie that nothing can be done, though it may also be a lie that everything is bound and controlled.  We recently had quite a lot of liberation/escape energy and it is possible that some of that stuff is still out there, seemingly kept in place but really only halted by a temporary barrier (like tha baby gate).

There is also simply going to be a lot of “false” energy out there today – so like all days with the liar card – this is a day to watch for deception, mis-direction, false claims, false advertising, etc., etc both in personal and public life.  A good day for breaking scandals in the media and a bad day to buy property or a used car unless you really, really have to.

But remember, it’s a lie also that your trapped and can do nothing to control your circumstances – some of them may not be controllable but others most certainly are.  Like yesterday, continue to use your head as well as your emotions to determine careful what you can and can not affect – this really matters right now and decisions made this week, may echo for quite a while in your life.