Card of the Day – Monday – Nov 11, 2013

Today I am delighted to announce that in addition to the usual PysCards and runes – we will be adding new cards from the Cat’s Eye Tarot Deck by Debra M. Givin D.N.V. (cat doctor) with her express permission to do so!  I will be adding links to Debra’s website over the next few days and links for purchasing the cards.

Unlike my other oracular decks, this deck really is a standard Tarot deck but using a world view that is unique to cats!  Since I often find cats easier to understand than people myself, I thought this was a great way to get used to a “standard” 64 card tarot deck but in a somewhat more entertaining and interesting way for both me and my readers.

Don’t worry fans of the old cards and runes, they are not going away; I’m just adding an additional tool for gathering more information – now on to today’s reading!

Skills Eight of SwordsPerdo2

The first card today is the Skills, in an individual reading this is usually about having the skills you need to do something or need to obtain the skills you need to do something.  This can involve practice, study, observation, learning etc or the use of skills by performing a task like writing a book or going on a date.

In a current events reading, it suggests that Skills are needed to accomplish something, or get it done; a situation that needs “skillful handling” is likely to be in the news as are stories about sports and other areas where real “skills” tend to be shown off and applauded.  My hunch is that this card today (and this week) is about diplomatic and technical skills.  The Diplomacy in the Middle East and the Technical stuff in Japan, as well as meeting the needs caused by the massive Hurricane in the Philippines.

The Eight of Swords card is interesting in this context – this card shows a confused and unhappy Siamese cat, her world has been upended, there is a new being in her house and a baby gate in his way. She doesn’t know what is going on, he’s not in control of the situation and he doesn’t like that gate and isn’t sure what to do about it either.  She also isn’t sure about the funny looking, hairless kitten that seems to have taken her place on Mommy’s lap, she isn’t in control of these situations and he really hates this.

She can’t stop feeling confused and hurt, but if she just thought about it for a few moments she might realize that she does have the personal skills to just leap over the gate.  But her own depression and confusion may be keeping her from realizing this.

This card is all about forcing yourself to take you own control of your own actions, no matter how out-of-control the situation around you seems to be our your emotions are responding to them.

It is about figuring out a way to cope anyway, dealing with what you can control and ignoring emotions that are negative and unhelpful when dealing with the situation.  It isn’t that emotions themselves are bad, is that they are getting in the way of solving the problem.

Combine this card with The Skills and we have a situation that for individuals tells us not to let our emotions get in the way of using our own skills that we do have to solve problems that we actually can solve – depression making it easy for us to believe they is no solution to anything when really there are aspects of the problem we can control.  The kitty isn’t going to make the human kitten go away, but she can leap the gate and get into the next room if she chooses to do so (or she can just sit there and meow).

On an international scale this suggests that in all the major situations we have going on right now, perhaps especially in the Philippians, that help should not be delayed by the automatic human reaction that the situation is simply to vast to deal with,  but instead to over come those emotions and get on with using the skills required to just start picking up the pieces as it is possible to do so.

This also holds true for the work that is to be attempted this week in Fukushima as well as the stalled nuclear talks with Iran and other issues in the Middle East.  If there turn out to be other major issues this week (and this reading doesn’t really flag WHAT the problems are) the same advice would hold – this is not a time to react with negative emotions and despair but with the head and serious plans.

Again, emotions are important as is going by “gut feelings” but there is a time and a place for everything and both these cards suggest that this week is one when examining your gut feelings with your head (as well as your heart) is a good idea before making practical plans and then getting a move on doing what you can (and ignoring/accepting what you can’t).

Finally, the Pethro/Dice Cup/Fate rune suggests that this is a week when a lot of really fated, heavy, things are likely to go rolling by; both for individuals and in terms of current events.  Skills, emotions, decisions made this week are likely to have serious implications for the future, another reason to use your head when making them.

Also, many people (including me) associate this rune sometimes with Loki the Norse Trickster God and thanks to some rather fun movies, most people know that a week with Loki involved it in is seldom dull and often full of surprises.

You have been warned…lol!


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