Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Nov 8-10, 2013

Libido Stars Inquirer Wujo2 Isa2

Things are slightly moving better on the home-front so time for a quick check in with this weekend’s cards and runes.

The first thing I’m going to do is reverse the usual reading order because the outlook for individuals is mostly positive and that is a wonderful thing to see after such a prolong period of mostly negative or at least stuck readings.

The Isa rune (Ice) at the end tells us that all the stuck/frozen energy isn’t over, but the Libido card and the Joy Rune suggests that some of what has been liberated earlier in the week is highly positive in many ways.

The Libido card is sexuality, life force and everything that gives life color and joy, which combined with the Stars (making connections, reaching for the stars) suggests patterns coming together for individual “Inquirers” that could make this a fun, relaxed and even sexy weekend.

The Isa Rune suggest that some activities and situations will either remain frozen or perhaps begin to “ice-over” by the time Monday rolls around, but for the most part the energy for having a great is active out there.

Now on a Current Events level, this is a littler harder to read; the Libido Card can also be about human fertility (and has come up before as a possible issue) as well as ritual combat over sex or display.  Note the two Peacocks are so busy strutting about they don’t see the snake in the grass as a danger to them; taken that way the Stars card could be connections that are either being made or perhaps ignored during the period.  Those connections most likely reflect either things to do with life-force/fertility/human well-being or possibly conflict (especially distracting conflicts that may be keeping people from MAKING connections in the first place).

The Joy rune can also be the Clan Banner or Battle Flag, again the idea of display combat keeps coming to mind – people watching jousting in the Middle Ages or Football today (or some other made-up form of combat) while not making an important connection to something that really matters.

The Ice rune could be a real ice storm in some place, but is also likely about some things/activities/situations etc being Frozen, locked, unmoving – the total opposite of the liberation/freeing energy we saw before.  As the last rune in the reading, this suggests to me that things may continue freely on through most of the weekend when they hit a brick wall or glacier.

Look for an ice theme in many areas towards the end of this time period, everything from actual frozen weather in the North to a freeze up in things like diplomatic encounters or even international finance.

Enjoy the first part of this weekend, but stay alert for the ice towards the end…