Card of the Day – Special Edition Oct 29-Nov 1, 2013

Tower Voyage Prison Hagalaz2 ehwaz2

Hi everyone, welcome to a special edition of Card of the Day – yesterday was a holiday here in Ireland and I had to use it to catch up on things and I’ll be away from home tomorrow through Friday because I’m involved in a festival of Fire, so I decided to a reading for the next few days.  If I get back in time, I’ll try for a weekend reading this Saturday but if not, hopefully all will be well on Monday – my new PC is working well and seems to have solved a lot of the “internet outage” problems I was having.

Anyway, I noticed that the reading for the rest of the week contains the Prison card, just like my Cat’s Eye Audio Show reading for this week did; thought that reading seemed more about a forced decision, possibly about War, Peace and Partnerships.

This reading, for part of the same time period suggests that Defenses (the Castle Card) and Travel (or The Voyage/Moving Forward) may be come imprisoned in some fashion.

The rune Hagalaz or hail stone literally fell out of the rune back and fell to the floor just like a hail stone (what the rune means) and this rune is almost always about sudden strike or happening that seems to come out of nowhere (or perhaps a stormy sky).  In a current events reading it can be anything from  a real storm that strikes suddenly to a military “strike” that comes out of the blue and shatters an existing alliance or situation.  It can also happen in terms of symbolic conflicts like politics, diplomacy, corporate mergers etc. The Ehwaz (horses/partnerships) rune suggests something like this – the weekly reading had the rune Manaaz (again) which means human partnerships (often equal ones) the Ehwaz rune is more either unequal partnership (like horse and rider) or partnership “under the Yoke” like two horses yoked together to pull a wagon.  One simply can’t make any serious moves without the other.

All of this I think plays into the “forced” decision I saw in the weekly reading, it looks like that decision is going to affect real or perceived defenses and possibly travel or the ability to move forward on some issue.  Things will end up being trapped, bound and unmoving – I had hope this would manifest during the first part of the week and then be over and moving again by the end but today’s reading suggests that if anything, things seem to just get worse towards the en of the time period.

The difference is we now know that something/someone/some-situation/Some-Action is likely to “strike” the situation head on, perhaps making the trap/prison worse or (more likely) breaking things wide open.  Where the ship (or ships of State) go after that I have no idea but it looks like that some formerly equal partnerships between People/Tribes/Nations may now become unequal or at least have their fates Yoked together in some fashion.

My sense is that part of this reading is about the US/NSA spying (in the name of defense and security) being forced to go forward in a different way because they are trapped by the reactions of other nations.

But I don’t think this is all the energy and since the situation is already known, it is unlikely that is the whole of the hail-stone rune.

On a personal level, this is still a week when things just are not likely to move forward very well for most people, it is a good time to concentrate on personal defenses and boundaries in your life, a time perhaps to for some travel and journeys but realize that you may get stuck or have some real travel issues both on the material and spiritual planes.

There may be sudden and unexpected disruptions in your life causing issues with travel and/or the way your life is heading; these will probably not be predictable and come from unexpected places.

And there is just going to be a tendency to feel like things are trapped, unmoving and that may be especially true about relationships and partnerships with other people.

The good news is that no energy lasts forever and hopefully by next week things will start moving again, allowing the ships to get back on course and allow everyone to escape that trapped feeling, at least for a while.

We’ll see, back in a few days,