Card of the Day – Thursday – October 24, 2013

Wheel Thurs2

Well, I come back from an unintended blog free week, due to both my computers going on the blink at once, to find today’s card is one of the more “intense” cards in the deck: the Wheel.

The Wheel is pretty much the same as a standard Tarot Deck and means The Wheel of Fate, The Wheel of Fortune, Karma, Cycles, The Turning of History etc.

The Rune Thurisaz (sometimes called Thorn) usually suggests a situation where something is being stuck or is about to be pricked, hurt, exploded etc; pretty much like having a thorn-bush catch you coming out of the garden (as happened to me about two hours ago); at first you may not feel it until you pull on it and then “och” then you really know the thorn is there there, but the harder you pull the more likely you are to simply drive it in even further.  In face, the only way to get out of the situation is to slow down, stop and remove the painful object before moving on ahead.  So I get almost the image of a moving wheel that is jammed for a few minutes with a very large thorn or even stick stuck in it.

This rune is also often translated Giant or Thurse; which can be a really big problem or it could also suggest a natural disaster or at least the influence of great, natural forces in the world for the next 24 to 48 hours.

That’s because many of the Norse “Giants” seem to have been the Ancient and Powerful aspects of the world around them; not all, some Giants and giantesses intermarried or gave birth to the Germanic Gods; some are friendly to mankind, others indifferent and yet others down right hostile.  Typical sorts of “giants” that might manifest in the world would be volcanoes, named storms, glaciers, caves, powerful earthquakes, large bodies of water, meteor strikes etc; giants are more than those things, but some of the things things are giants or possibly the side effects of giants.

Of course in its role of “giant forces” the Wheel Could be about to turn do to man-created aspects as well as the forces of nature; there may be one or several situations that have been bubbling and rising to a point, just waiting for a thorn or giant to prick them, bringing pain and an unhappy reaction.

There are even some sexual overtones traditionally associated with this rune, with one poem suggesting that certain parts of a male giant might be …er…uncomfortable for women; so again there might also be some stories about painful sexuality or problems all mixed in here.

So pretty much the next 24 to 48 hours are probably a turning point for something and/or someone(s) and whatever is going to happen is pretty fated and would be very hard (if not impossible to change) at this point.  That wheel is just going to keep turning until the torn reaches its intended mark, then the reaction will begin causing the wheel to turn even faster.

On a more specific note, except stories about situations becoming unstuck; people coming unhinged or being goaded into doing things they would not usually do; cycles of history being noted; natural disasters (especially ones like volcanoes or earthquakes that can be “set off” by something; sudden bursting of bubbles in the financial world (and/or the realizing and talk about those bubbles getting ready to burst or just needing to be pricked); also in governments and other dicey situations like war zones.

For individuals this is a time period to expect changes and try to flow with them; some may be very sudden, though in retrospect they will have been issues that were brewing for a while, but just needed the correct set of circumstances to bring them into the open.

Some of these situations are likely to be positive in the long run, but probably briefly painful for the moment when the thorn meets the flesh – on the other hand, getting things out to air often has to happen before progress can be made and the wheel turn forward.

Over all, a rather intense time period (possibly going through the weekend) for general Current Events but hopefully not as serious for the individual; but do be ready for changes because more likely than not you will be seeing some.