Card of the Day – Tuesday – Oct 15, 2013

Sage Othala2

Late and quickie post today – plumbers are gone and water has been restored to our house and the Internet is improving again so hopefully more on time tomorrow.

Anyway, today we have The Sage Card (Wisdom/Older persons/Study) and the Othala rune (homeland, inherited lands, inherited wealth, birthright).

The Sage card indicates that great wisdom or perhaps those with “gray heads” are deciding/studying/need wisdom about the Homeland.  Which does a really good job of explaining what is going on right now in the United States in terms of the budget/default crises that is going on there.

Othala is also one of the runes of the week, so this rune focus on Homeland/Inheritance is really being spotlighted as a major energy.

Current Events wise I think this reading is mostly about the US but also extends out to other areas and places where wisdom, study and wise decisions need to be made about Homelands, the security of Homes, Birthrights, Inherited Property, Currencies etc.

While this may be another one of those days when you want to ask the cards, “can you tell us something we don’t already know” (because we know these issues are in focus right now) what the cards are actually doing is confirming that this is a real issue and it isn’t something to treat lightly.

With the other readings so far this week, it looks like Wisdom is seriously needed over emotional reactions of things are going to be worked out.

This is a time period when the potential for “wise heads” to prevail is there – that doesn’t mean they will but if a break through happens, the next 24 hours could be critical.

For individuals a good day for studying, reading, being watchful and any activities that seriously support the home/homeland/future.